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Unicornhunting.blog has been running since 2017, examining issues in the fascinating, just-below-the-surface world of swinging, kink, alternative sexualities, LGBTQIA+, sex-positive living, feminist ideology, empowerment, polyamory, establishing equality, truth, and exploration of the Id.

This is a community space where people can share their lived experiences and feelings, through the craft of the written word. It contains sections for:

  1. events reviews of swinger and kink style events where the writer had a good time, along with a breakdown of criteria about accessibility and inclusivity
  2. interviews with interesting characters, job roles and speciality skills from the scene
  3. tips for swinger men
  4. tips for swinger women
  5. tips for swinger couples
  6. LGBT themes, issues and experiences
  7. Guidance on how to set up and host your own party events
  8. BDSM and kink-positive pieces of advice and experiences
  9. Experiences of erotic writers and issues relevant to writers of adult content
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Unicornhunting.blog is edited by Alice Hunter, author of Unicorns and How to Hunt Them and contains many other guest bloggers with unique perspectives on stepping into the wild side: exploring the swing scene, kink world, and other LGBTQIA+ events and environments.

Starting as a semi-satirical how-to guide for couples looking to bag the spare F: Hunt unicorns, obtain a third for their MFF frolics, fun, and sexual exploits, the blog has developed into a community resource to share lived experiences beyond the conventional and vanilla, without commercial influence, sponsorship, advertising or need to curtail the ugly truth of certain situations in order to appease the dark gods of the media. For several years this site has been individually paid for by myself, however in order to keep it free some pages will have a small paid ad at the bottom now. I haven’t reviewed them or verified them, but please do click on them anyway to help keep the site free for all to access. I may include affiliate links where products have links anyway, however this will not cost you anything and no items or purveyors will be included in articles simply for the sake of revenue.

Recent Guest Bloggers on UnicornHunting.blog

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Lena Hulderic with Events Review: Friday Night at Risque

Alyssa Henley with Being Trans on the Sex-Positive Scene

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All images used on this page and elsewhere on the site are either free to use images, are property of the people and events featured and used with permission or are property of this website.  All images are modelled to demonstrate thoughts, feelings and situations, performed by consenting adult models for the purpose of image creation.  No persons were harmed or placed in peril for any of the photographs.

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  1. Hiya Alice, it was splendid to meetcha at the munch last night. What I like about this blog is you’ve cleansed out all the dangerdanger stuff that tends to scare viewers who are not already sold on the concepts. That clearly works.

    Let’s speak more in future, somewhere more conducive to conversation!

    Keep smilin’

    Xx Mike the Yank (mingthemerciless @ FL)