Man and two women lie down- the fabled triad. The Threesome. The captured unicorn.

Unicorn Hunting

Threesomes, swinging & kink: Utopia?

legs and red high heels

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OR Select your sexual interest has been running since 2017, examining issues in the fascinating, just-below-the-surface world of swinging, kink, alternative sexualities, LGBTQIA+, sex-positive living, feminist ideology, empowerment, polyamory, establishing equality, truth, and exploration of the Id.

Articles For Jo Divine Magazine: is edited by Alice Hunter, author of Unicorns and How to Hunt Them and contains many other guest bloggers with unique perspectives on stepping into the wild side: exploring the swing scene, kink world, and other LGBTQIA+ events and environments.

Starting as a semi-satirical how-to guide for couples looking to bag the spare F: Hunt unicorns, obtain a third for their MFF frolics, fun, and sexual exploits, the blog has developed into a community resource to share lived experiences beyond the conventional and vanilla, without commercial influence, sponsorship, advertising or need to curtail the ugly truth of certain situations in order to appease the dark gods of the media.

Recent Guest Bloggers on

Lola Vavoom with Secrets of London’s Favourite Pin-up

Rope Knot with Erotic hypnosis and BDSM

Karyn Zen with Romance: The dream you are supposed to have

Lena Hulderic with Events Review: Friday Night at Risque

Alyssa Henley with Being Trans on the Sex-Positive Scene

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Unicorns and How to Hunt Them ebook – UK

Unicorns and How to Hunt Them ebook – USA

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YouTube channel for Alice Hunter and Unicorn Hunting Blog

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  1. Hiya Alice, it was splendid to meetcha at the munch last night. What I like about this blog is you’ve cleansed out all the dangerdanger stuff that tends to scare viewers who are not already sold on the concepts. That clearly works.

    Let’s speak more in future, somewhere more conducive to conversation!

    Keep smilin’

    Xx Mike the Yank (mingthemerciless @ FL)


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