UK General Election 2024 Colouring Book – to deface & ruin

The UK General Election 2024

The UK General Election this week? Why? We love our little bubble of queerness, libertarianism and our quest to create utopia, yet we live in the midst of a context we cannot escape- the laws. The financial decisions. The government and how it sees fit to condemn, raise up or ignore the many, many factors that affect our lives, both in terms of our freedoms to be ourselves and our ability to survive when we head home and return to our vanilla lives (Work is the curse of the partying classes, to misquote someone famous.)

Cover for UK general election 2024 colouring book

A General Election Colouring Book

Therefore, diving into my satirical and anti-capitalist roots, I present you with a way to peaceably vent your frustrations and express your creative animus in this regard, with a doodle book for you to vandalise: all, of course, carefully crafted to abide by every existing law and regulation in the UK.

Peacefully protesting in the UK

Since the government in April 2024 decided the best way for us to protest and show our displeasure (without being arrested) would be to do so privately at home, I invite you, friends and countrymen, to download, for free, your 2024 UK General Election Colouring Book. I will also be endeavouring to get it onto Amazon for you for the minimum possible cost soon, for those who truly rage against the machine (the printer).

Now available here on Amazon

I’ll also be opening a post on my Facebook page @unicornhuntingpro for you to upload your most creative (yet FB standards, PG rated, safe to post) embellishments of these images.

Happy hunting!

Or get it free here as PDF: UK General Election 2024 Colouring Book

Issues with the tech?  DM me with your email on IG or FB and I’ll email you the PDF direct.

Images in the book, and on this page, were created by Midjourney Ai, Mimi Panda, Canva and other AI software for satirical use and your entertainment.  Images are not genuine images of any person, despite strong resemblance.

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