Alice Hunter is a writer for the London alternative sexuality scene, examining issues in swinging, kink, lgbtqia+ inclusion and the endless hunt for utopia.

For some more great perspectives and events that aren’t covered here, try the fabulous KinkyTiger


Who also reviews events for free and is a huge part of our community of free love, inclusion and guidance for those looking to build their best life outside the constraints of vanilla society.

The guidance on how to obtain MFF (and its underlying message) is now largely complete as a stand-alone work, which is available at Unicorns and How to Hunt Them: Your Guide to Scoring Threesomes Like a Pro for Kindle. The unicorn hunting blog is now going to open out wider to look at other subjects relating to swinging, poly, kink, love, sex and the social side of the alternative modern UK scene, including guest bloggers and sometimes controversial topics.

This is a non-commercial blog, with no paid for posts or reviews, no advertisers, and is not backed by any events companies or corporate interests.  After several years of paying for this site myself, there are now a small number of discrete ads running at the bottom of the pages.  Please click on them to help keep the site free.  I hope for it to remain a place where people may find and express the truth, according to their own lived experience.  We are under no obligation- not you, nor I, nor any one of us to come- to be constrained by who they tell us we are.  Long may there be a child in us all, shouting that the Emperor has no clothes on.

Unicorns and How to Hunt Them: Your Guide on How to Score Threesomes Like a Pro. The guidebook every new swinger needs

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