About this categories page

Why use categories? Choose your favourite category and have a read. Are you interested in learning about swinging? How to be better at it? As a man, a woman or maybe as a couple? Perhaps you’d like to learn about some niche kinks and fetishes, explore the secret world of BDSM and learn about what makes it so enjoyable. Are you interested in LQBTQIA+ living, representation and inclusion in the swinging an BDSM scenes? Maybe you are interested in reading some events reviews in London, the UK and beyond? Are you ready to learn how to start hosting your own parties and events? Do you want to read some interviews with interesting and unique characters on the BDSM and kink scene? Choose your category and dive a little deeper.

Categories are a funny thing aren’t they? We divide things up. We embrace them, act up to them or hate to be placed in them. Don’t stick me in a box! They are tribal identities for us, yet also restrictive prisons. Yet apparently having a category page is a helpful thing to do. So here it is. And apparently SEO thinks it’s a great idea for me to explain what that means to you at length. So here we are. All about categories. Choose your category. Yay categories.

You really don’t need to read this part. It’s not interesting. Go click on one of the categories above and start reading the real stuff. It’s been nearly 4 years of work, from me and others. And it’s free. Can’t say that about much these days. It’s not spammy. It doesn’t make you sign up with an email. Choose a category and away you go. Fun with categories. These are empty words. Up you go. Get started. Begin your quest. Live your dreams.

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