Events review: Friday night at Risqué as a single laday

Guest blog by Lena Hulderic   Look for the restaurant on your right and make yourself known at the host stand: you are attending... "Right this way, Madame" he gestured, and for a moment our eyes locked in knowing. I smiled. I couldn't help a sudden arousal as I glided above a sea of drunken debauchery, my… Continue reading Events review: Friday night at Risqué as a single laday

Happy February 14th: the Valentine’s Day Poem for Single Swingers

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I used to quite like someone Maybe that's you. Bruises are blue And corpses are green, A scatter of fractured hearts Litter the scene. Souls turn to black And tears run to red, A hundred more follies Climb into my bed. Minds break like glass And love turns to… Continue reading Happy February 14th: the Valentine’s Day Poem for Single Swingers

Single Girl Survival Kit: what you need for your first swinger party

Single women (or those who choose to play as singles), new to the scene, dipping their toe in for the first time, here is your guide. Whether it's a one-off experiment or the start of a long and lascivious journey into the underworld of the underground alternative sex scene, everyone starts somewhere. Wherever you are going, whatever you plan to do there, here is what you need:

Fairy Gold: Why Commercial ‘Elite sex parties’ are NEVER About Female Empowerment

I mentioned a while ago that I was thinking of writing a controversial post. It is more than just controversial: It is potentially dangerous. Documentary evidence of all points raised here has been sent to a few trusted locations, in event of my sudden disappearance. I kid you not. Big money is rarely in the hands of nice people.

4 people and champagne in a 5 star hotel suite

**update: I wasn't teasing you my darlings, standing someone up is the lowest form of cowardice! I've been delayed or cancelled (as with many of you I'm sure) due to drones at the airport! What on earth could I be getting up to on a Wednesday night? If you'd like to see, please watch UK… Continue reading 4 people and champagne in a 5 star hotel suite