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Want to write for us?

Unicornhunting.blog is intended to be a collaborative place. It discusses the lived experiences of people of all kinds, ages, shapes, sizes, gender identities, and personalities, in and around the kink, swing and LGBTQIA+ scene. It is non-commercial. I pay out a fee to host the site annually and it does not directly sell anything, take sponsorship, allow advertising or paid promotion. After covering the cost of running the site myself for a few years, I have, however, decided to allow some some affiliate links for good things. Please do click on them to help keep this site free.

If you would like to write for unicornhunting.blog, I’m happy to take submissions to share with the world, in the aim of inclusion, promoting understanding and representation, particularly as part of marginalized society. If you’d be interested in writing for unicornhunting.blog, here are some FAQs for you to bear in mind:

What do I need to write for unicornhunting.blog?

A WordPress profile, so I can add you as a writer. If you can’t do this, there are other possibilities, but it will be a bit more complicated.

What does it pay?

Unicornhunting.blog is non-commercial. You will not be paid. It is, however, an opportunity for you to showcase your talents as a writer or blogger, and contribute to promoting your/our cause. You benefit from the ability to include a backlink to your own site or social media.

What will it cost me?

Your soul.

Just kidding. There’s no cost to be a contributor. Unicornhunting.blog benefits from the extra content and extra traffic. If we work together we are all heard better than if we work alone. I think Dr. Seuss wrote a story about that.

What can I write about?

Unicornhunting.blog is primarily about sex, swinging, kink, and LGTBQIA+ issues within this scene. If you want to write for unicornhunting.blog, it should be written with this audience in mind, and be tied into the theme in some way.

e.g. writing about your cosmetics business would not be appropriate. However, writing about vajazzles or face masks for vaginas may well be.

Do I need to be in London to write for you?

Unicornhunting.blog is based on the London swing scene, as it is the largest and most diverse in the UK. It is, however, not necessary to make posts exclusively about/located here. You could write from anywhere. International perspective would be very interesting.

Can I advertise a product or a service?

Not directly. Flashing banners for cam girls, porn sites and ads look cheap. They have their place, but it’s not on unicornhunting.blog. The readers are here to read a story, gain insight and learn something new. Naturally, there are cross-overs into commercial events and services. You can, therefore, do the following:

-Place an advertisement image for a book or blog you have written yourself at the bottom of the piece, with a hyperlink to it.

Can I write about being an adult worker or adult performer?

Absolutely. Adult workers are very interesting people. Instead of writing as an advertorial, however, it would be preferable to do one of the following:

-be the subject of an interview

-write as an advisory expert within your industry (‘top tips for people interested in escorting’ or ”how to choose the best flogger’, etc.)

-I can’t include any links to adult dating sites/cam sites, etc. as the post will be blocked from promotion by the forces that be.

Can I copy across a blog I wrote elsewhere?

No; original content only, please. Although it may be really great writing, if it’s already online elsewhere it will look like Unicornhunting.blog is just copying content and it will lower its ratings online. Please substantially re-write it or write a new piece, reviewing how your attitudes, opinions or other information has changed and then refer back to your original with a hyperlink.

I want to write a bad review of a place/app/person, or I disagree with another blog writer’s opinion on something. Can I do that?

Why would you want to spend your time and effort promoting something you didn’t like? In addition to libel issues, you would be better placed to do one of the following:

-Write to the company directly with your complaints/concerns.

-Comment on the blog post you disagree with and start a conversation about why

-Write about somewhere that does it better than the one you dislike, pointing out their merits

-Take it to Reddit instead.

Can I review a party?

Yes, there is a format for this. Please message for more information. It is not acceptable to say you are writing for unicornhunting.blog to wangle free tickets.

Can I review a book/blog/film?

Absolutely. Please make sure it is closely linked to the topic of this blog, and make it clear what your particular perspective is (ie- ‘film review by a single young lesbian’, or ‘book review from a member of the ACE community’).

Any restrictions on content?


Avoid curse words. The post will get blocked a lot of places. Also, no full nudes in images or videos that would be considered pornography, for the same reason. I want to be able to promote your post on Unicornhunting.blog social media for you, and most of them have the delicate sensibilities of a puritanical 12-year-old. I know this from experience of having written content with the F word or showing naked male torsos.  Posts should be in English.  Either American English or UK English is fine.


Do use images, but use them sparingly. They should be centered on the page or they will display strangely on different devices.   Ensure images you use are ones you have the rights to.  If not, use ones from the free WordPress image directory or get explicit permission.  Many (but not all) Instagram accounts have great shots that they own and will collaborate in exchange for credit and a hyperlink to their page if you ask them.

Images should have alt text completed to describe the image shown to make it inclusive for those using screen readers.  Use of keywords in here is also recommended.

With regards to discussion or images of BDSM, I advise extreme caution.  Please look up the list of what is considered to be ‘obscene’ in the UK, where unicornhunting.blog is published.  I recommend no nudity, clear permission from the photographer and any persons depicted, and a caption beneath clarifying that acts shown are consensual and non-sexual in nature.  Even so, all but the very tamest images are likely to result in reduced ability to promote your post.  That’s just the way it is.  Be sure to credit the photographer in caption and hyperlink to them if they wish.

Formalities of writing

If you are quoting others or using a different text as a reference, they need to be cited.  A quick way to do this is to add a hyperlink to the site name.  Avoid using long chunks of text or quotation that appear elsewhere, it will reduce the SEO rating your post gets.

Writing style should be naturalistic. Please don’t attempt to do keyword stuffing in the hopes of getting more traffic- it will read awfully. Suitable keywords used a few times throughout the text, as appropriate, are fine.


Text should be well edited and proofread, in a standard, easy to read format without too many fonts and styles.  WordPress will have an automatic font size and style.  If you are dyslexic or have another condition that makes it difficult for you to compose your post to these standards, please message me and we will come up with an alternative solution.  It is not necessary for writing to be perfect formal English- a conversational writing style is fine.  It should, however, have been proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, both by an automatic spell checker (such as that in Word or Grammarly) and again by eye.

Hyperlinks should all be set to ‘open in a new window’ so the reader doesn’t lose their page on unicornhunting.


As a site designed to promote inclusion in society, blogs should not target groups, espouse hatred or contain otherwise inflammatory, libelous or illegal content (incest, bestiality, under 18s, etc).  It is your duty to check this, and you remain responsible for your own actions. 

Unicornhunting.blog does not have a legal team that is going to step up to protect you for such things- you are solely responsible for what you do or don’t say.  If you include statements, do your very best to have proof and evidence (preferably linked, for readers to check) of what you are saying.  Where this is not possible, where you give opinions or you give advice, please highlight in the text whether or not you are taking legal responsibility for people following this advice.  Unicornhunting.blog will not be.

Posts should be at least 600 words and ideally less than 2500. Don’t write really short posts.   

Posts should have the ‘post settings’ completed before publication, with 5 keywords under ‘categories and tags’ combined, which appear within the text and suit the topic.  A feature image should be selected that displays correctly on both the blog post and the link to it.  An excerpt should be copied directly from the blog text, that suits and summarises the topic.  Set the post to allow comments.  Set visibility to public.

Can I post erotica stories?  Poetry?

Who doesn’t love a bit of erotica?  It would be better to post this on your own site and compose a blog about how you have written it, your experience as an erotica writer, tips for those wanting to write erotica, etc. and a hyperlink to it contained on your own page.

I write for a commercial site/blog for an events company as an unpaid volunteer. Can I write about them and put a backlink?

No, because then you are working for their commercial interests, whether or not you are being paid. For example, if you are an owned submissive and your Mistress is a pro-domme, writing about her with a link to her site would not be appropriate. You could, instead, write about your own experience. Or could interview her. You could write pieces on the nature of consent, what every sub should know, etc. If in doubt, please ask.

Who has copyright?

You retain the copyright for your own work as its creator, however, by choosing to post it on Unicornhunting.blog you are giving the site permission to display it and to promote it on social media.  Obviously.  Otherwise, what’s even the point?

Are you going to use my work to compile another book?

I’ve already got plenty of material.  If you want to write a collaborative book with me, please message me about it and we will discuss.  I’ve no intention of stealing anyone else’s writing. It would be completely illegal and just plain daft.

Can I put ‘as featured in unicornhunting.blog’ on my own media?

Yes, if your piece is used.  Please feel free to add backlinks to your unicornhunting post from any and all of your own media.  I have no intention of sitting in judgment of the worth of anyone’s blog piece, however, I do need to check that certain points are up to standard, so blog authors will be added as ‘contributors’ initially, for final approval before the post is published.  Ongoing bloggers who adhere well to the guidelines and build a good relationship with unicornhunting.blog may be promoted to ‘Authors’ and have the ability to direct publish over time.  I reserve the right to not publish or to remove any posts that do not adhere to the criteria or spirit of the blog site.

Can I date Alice Hunter?

Wait and see if we match on Tinder.

Is this worthwhile for me to do?

Well, that really depends.  If you are currently running Wikipedia, possibly not.  If you are a relatively new writer or blogger and looking to improve your traffic, get your work read and your focus is related to sex, swinging or kink, then it may be a useful platform for you to try.  At the time of writing, the unicornhunting.blog Moz domain authority is 14, average page authority 17.  You can view the current rating, along that of your own page and others, here: seoreviewtools.com

I have found that backlinks I have featured in unicornhunting.blog get (based on a comparison to total visitors for that page) a click-through rate of about 1-20%, depending on how relevant it is and the way it is presented. In a popular post, this could be quite a lot of traffic. Conversely, posts I have written for other sites that backlink to here have had a much lower click-through rate than that which they got FROM here. What does this mean? unicornhunting readers like to click through on hyperlinks, I guess.

I have more questions?

Please ask them in the comments section below- if it’s something you need to know, others likely will too.

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