The swinging adventure begins for Mr and Mrs Playtime

Guest blog by PlaytimeK4C – swinging couple

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to start swinging as a couple? To go from monogamy to exploring a new sexual world together? The delicious couple PlaytimeK4C tell all in their first guest blog for Unicorn Hunting.

The adventure begins

So, having spoken to many online and additionally the very lovely owner of this blog, Alice Hunter – we’ve decided to take the plunge & write a blog entry about our journey towards swinging and “the lifestyle”. There may be more to follow from this; but let’s walk before we can run.

Because of our wish to keep our public and private life separate, we will be referred to as Mr Playtime and Mrs Playtime as appropriate.

woman in red lace lingerie style top

As a couple we have been together since 2006, married in 2009, and always enjoyed a happy and healthy sex life between us. Around 2018/2019 we began discussing fantasies between us and what we would like to do together. Mrs Playtime revealed that she would like to set up a naughty twitter account…

At the beginning of 2019 we took the decision together that this is exactly what we would do, and the @Playtime4KC twitter handle came into being! And as we are such cool kids, we decided to also set up an Instagram account with the same details and handle. We both had access to the accounts at all times so there could be no issues between us, or someone doing something the other didn’t know about.

mesh knickers in black modelled by a woman

Surprisingly to us, even with the content of sex, boobs, curves, lingerie, dad bods and more we became very popular very quickly among boys, girls, couples and beyond.

Building the swinger network

It came as a genuine shock that in the space of a few days we gained followers in the hundreds, and found how broad the swinging world was – never mind the education around sex toys, accessories, underwear lingerie and so much more!

We then began speaking to a single male on Instagram – which was unusual for us as we had actively avoided them – but he was very respectful, not pushy with us in the slightest, and educated us to the existence of swingers websites. The main site of which was fabswingers.

woman in lace body suit with long hair

Again, following these discussions, we sat down and spoke about things & decided to take the plunge on to fabswingers about a week after we had joined the other platforms, with the intention that it would just be “for a look”.





We were no prudes, but our eyes were opened to the extent of the swinging world locally, with clubs on our doorstep and some wonderful people – who we are now lucky to class some of as genuine friends.

Then we took the leap.

woman in red lingerie with straps
Taking the swinger lifestyle live

We arranged a social, and met with a couple we had been speaking to on Fabswingers one Saturday night in a local pub. It is no exaggeration to say that we literally finished our drinks and then drove straight from there to our local swingers club for their weekly couples night.

It’s fair to say that even after a great social – that was a lovely evening with a really nice couple – where we discussed the great up and downsides to all that we were seeking and looking at around the swinging lifestyle, in all honesty, we were utterly bricking it!

woman in dark red lingerie

Taking the step through that door was a massive leap for us – as individuals and for our relationship too. So in possession of our alcohol, lingerie for Mrs Playtime, condoms and more, while both nervous, shaking, worried, excited, turned on, and terrified in equal measures, we walked towards the big imposing red door of the venue, wondering if we would cross the threshold.

And, as if we were venturing into Narnia, we walked through the door, not knowing what awaited us…

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