What is Unicornhunting.blog?

Interested in being a swinger but not sure where to start? Looking to go unicorn hunting for the legendary FFM threesome?  Curious about BDSM & kink but worried about the etiquette?  Wishing you had the circle of fun, sexy, liberated friends you’ve been wanting your whole life? Feeling totally disillusioned? Fear not, baby ducklings, the world of unconventional UK urban sexuality is here, brutally exposed in all its naked truth on this non-commercial site.

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What does Unicornhunting.blog discuss?

Unicornhunting.blog has been up and running since 2017, which seemed a questionable year back then but is retrospectively fantastic.

What do we do? We examine issues in the fascinating, just-below-the-surface world of swinging, kink, alternative sexualities, LGBTQIA+, sex-positive living, feminist ideology, empowerment, polyamory, establishing equality, truth, and exploration of the Id.  Not just unicorn hunting.

This is a community space where people can share their lived experiences and feelings, through the craft of the written word, whether professional blogger or amateur with a story to tell.

What do you need?

Party queen, sexy swinger, elite intellectual or kinkster? Unicorn? Unicorn hunter? Enlightened polyamorist? Find your section:

  1. events reviews
  2. interviews
  3. tips for swinger men
  4. swinger women tips
  5. tips for swinger couples
  6. LGBT themes and experiences
  7. How to look after yourself and your mental health on the scene
  8. How to host your own party
  9. BDSM and kink-positive pieces
  10. Tips & experiences of erotic writers

What is unicornhunting.blog? Is it just unicorn hunting?

Unicornhunting.blog is edited by Alice Hunter, author of Unicorns and How to Hunt Them and contains many other guest bloggers with unique perspectives on stepping into the wild side: exploring the swing scene, kink world, and other LGBTQIA+ events and environments. Not just unicorn hunting.

This blog started as as a semi-satirical how-to guide for couples looking to bag the spare F: Hunt unicorns, or obtain a third for their MFF frolics, fun, and sexual exploits. Over time the blog has developed into something more: a community resource. We’ve designed it to share lived experiences beyond the conventional and vanilla. This has been done without commercial influence, sponsorship, advertising or constraint.

Why is this? There is a reason. To never need to curtail the ugly truth of certain situations in order to appease the dark gods of the media. For several years, this site has been individually paid for by myself. To keep unicornhunting.blog free, some pages will now have affiliate links. They are all good things any budding or veteran swinger will like, so please do click on them anyway to help keep the site free for all to access. Posts are honest and nothing has been included just for the sake of revenue.

I try my best, but I can’t be everywhere. Please also try the gorgeous KinkyTiger who reviews events without commercial influence, does a similar thing, and frankly has a much sexier accent. Girls on the scene know how to play nicely together- what can I say?

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Unicorn Hunting – why and how?

All images used on this page and elsewhere on the site are either free to use images or are property of the people and events featured and used with permission. Or are property of this website.  All images are modelled to demonstrate thoughts, feelings and situations, performed by consenting adult models for the purpose of image creation.  No persons were harmed or placed in peril for any of the photographs.  This applies to all pages on this website.

Why write about swinging and BDSM?

You may be a swinger newbie and have a long journey ahead of you. You may be a seasoned swinging veteran, looking to reminisce. Unicorn hunting may be a term of derision, but what is that magical, mythical thing we all seek? What are the unicorns we really hunt? Adventure. Understanding. Acceptance. A community, where we both belong, and have power and agency over our own destiny. A sandbox to explore ourselves and how we interact with others. A release and relief from a cruel world of drudgery. A place where we can feel like celebrities and be worshipped as our purest, most sexual selves.

To step into the roles of Gods and Goddesses for an evening. Find a circle of friends who love and treasure us as we really are. Kinks, sexuality and personality that are real, uninhibited and unrestrained. Be truly seen, and to see others as they truly are. To be loved for it. To be free. Swinging, casual sex, open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, the BDSM scene. What do they all have in common? They are all not protected sexual characteristics in the eyes and laws of the UK. We are all the outsiders. Yet we are everywhere. We are secret. Fetishized. We are demonised. Misunderstood. We are purposefully, deliberately, falsely portrayed.

Here be dragons.

And here be unicorns.

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