Club V – how to find an LGBT & POC immersive theatre night

Club V is due to relaunch after some fantastic vampire parties last year, now with a Moulin Rouge theme. We talk to the charismatic polymath, Paris Rivers, about what to expect at this welcoming, inclusive night of fantasy entertainment in London.

Beautiful black POC woman in moulin rouge style period ballgown by a window for Club V - fancy dress dress up party vintage theme edwardian, victorian steampunk vampire gothic immersive theatre event for persons of colour and queer community but welcome to all allies

What is Club V all about?

Club V is a vibrant and inclusive alternative night specifically catering to the queer POC community. Each event boasts a unique fancy dress theme, complemented by immersive theatre elements. At its core, Club V is a celebration of creativity and self-expression through fabulous attire.

Who are the attendees, and who enjoys Club V?

Our diverse mix of attendees includes the alternative crowd, the queer community, people of colour, and the artistic and creative souls of London. Club V welcomes everyone who appreciates a night filled with joy, uniqueness, and acceptance.

Club V gender fluid black person with beard and makeup looking fabulous for this POC queer immersive theatre event Club V in London

Is the venue disability accessible?

Currently, the Moustache Bar in Dalston, our venue, unfortunately does not offer disability accessibility. However, as we grow and secure more resources, we are committed to hosting events at accessible venues in the future.

How big are the events presently?

Currently, our events are intimate, expecting a gathering of 30 to 100 individuals. The size may vary due to external factors, but rest assured, each event promises a unique and exciting experience.

Paris Rivers at club V holding a staff on stairs at a previous event

Tell us about the dress code and where to get tickets for Club V

For our upcoming event themed “Moulin Rouge,” attendees are encouraged to dress in Neo-Victorian, Edwardian, steampunk, corsets, top hats, and other glamorous outfits from the turn of the 20th century. The more glamorous and out there, the better. Tickets can be purchased through our active and live Eventbrite page or by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Midjourney Ai steampunk depiction of a black man in vintage style formal attire for interview with Paris Rivers.  Is he a vampire?

When is the next event?

Mark your calendars! The next Club V event is on February 17, 2024, from 10:00 PM to 2:30 AM. It’s going to be a fantastic night filled with music, dance, and immersive experiences.

Image of plus size black woman in moulin rouge fancy dress with club v logo, london immersive theatre event for POC queer community

What can attendees expect during the Club V event?

Club V offers a non-play event with Moulin Rouge-inspired burlesque cabaret performances and two mesmerizing fire acts. While it’s not a play party, the encouragement of naughty and suggestive clothing ensures a playful atmosphere. Come prepared to be dazzled by the performances and immerse yourself in the Moulin Rouge cabaret club vibe.

Are there any early bird ticket deals?

For this relaunch event, there are no special deals or discounts. This is just the beginning of our journey, and as we continue to grow, future events will bring even more excitement and accessibility.

Midjourney Ai image of black man in steampunk goggles and victoria top hat  dressed up for moulin rouge immersive theatre night, for black, asian, persons of colour, allies and the queer LGBT community

Tell us about the underlying vampire theme at Club V?

While the vampire theme remains present, it has taken a back seat, becoming more of an Easter egg for dedicated attendees. The Club V lore involves a mysterious magical vampire shaping time, space, and the club’s location, providing a unique and fantastical backdrop to our events.

So a vampire is actually going to feed on our blood, or will we come away safely at the end of the night?

You come away safely at the end of the night. This is all basically world building and lore building and story building. The vampire people will be present. But they will not be taking any direct element in the plot.

Midjourney Ai depiction of a ringmaster who is mixed race with vintage red liontamer style suit and top hat, steampunk style for interview with Paris Rivers about this inclusive immersive theatre night, vampires and moulin rouge style

How can newcomers connect with others at Club V?

Newcomers can easily connect with others by approaching our vibrant performers, who will be actively engaging with attendees. These performers serve as social glue, introducing individuals and groups and ensuring everyone feels welcome and comfortable. There will be several performers who will be on the floor and will be very, very, very, very, very obvious because they will be loud and very fabulously dressed.

Are there any restrictions or exclusions?

Club V embraces diversity and welcomes everyone, as long as attendees are allies and bring a positive attitude. Naughty and suggestive clothing is encouraged, but nudity is not permitted at this fancy dress dance night. So long as you’re an ally, so this is at centre stage. I am a person of colour and a queer person. It’s a big thing at the moment and a lot of London club nights make spaces specific for different groups of folks. This is our particular niche. He’s queer, folks. So basically, even if you don’t belong to one or both of those groups, as long as you’re an ally and as long as you’re chill, it’s fine.

Club V invites all those interested to join in for a night of creativity, acceptance, and fun. We’re a growing community, and we look forward to sharing many more exciting events in the future!

Need to join Club V?

Club V Facebook page

Tickets on Eventbrite

Club V Photos on Instagram

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