Sexercise – New sex exercises for the Summer of Love

Sexercise? As we start thinking about getting our minds and bodies back into shape to socialise, be seen and make the most of the Summer of love we have long awaited, our enthusiasm is suddenly curtailed with panic- can we still do the things we used to? Are we out of practice? How do we re-enter the sex-positive scene with confidence and ability? Fortunately, Sadistic Coach, Fitness Domme of the Kink & Fetish Community, is here to help us whip ourselves back into sexual shape with specially designed exercises for sex. Sexercise!

Sexercise – Get Ready for Summer Love

By Sadistic Coach

With a decrease in sexual performance for many during lock-down, it’s time to get fit for sex.

These 4 exercises will build up your strength and stamina for better sex.

The Bridge

The bridge sexercise is HUGE for increasing sex drive. Just look at the mechanics of it. You have to arch your back, lift your buttocks in the air and hold.

With the Bridge, you’re facing upward, using all four limbs to hold your body weight up. You’re working all of it, biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, calves and it’s also good for stretching the spine and hips for better thrusting.

Sexercise by Sadistic Coach, fitness domme.  Exercises to get you back in shape for sex after lockdown

What to do: In bridge pose, your feet, shoulders, arms, and hands stay on the ground. Push into the ground equally with these parts to lift the rest of your body off the ground. You want your legs, hips, buttocks, and back to come off the ground and raise toward the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes, then lower to ground.

Straddle Squat

Women usually say they can orgasm quickly while on top. Even better, there’s another benefit. Sit on top of your partner while they’re sitting up. Wrap your legs around and use your hands and arms to prop yourself up and down. That will work your triceps, biceps and forearms.

sexercise- sex exercise for post lockdown sexual performance boosting

What to do:

Start in a low squat with your arms in the inside of your legs. Place palms flat on the ground. Stand up, then back into squat position. To make more challenging, stay in the squat position and do small pulses by gently bouncing up and down.

Horse Stretch

What position burns the most calories? It’s the Hobby Horse: one partner lays their head and back on a chair or the end of the bed and plants their feet on the ground. The other partner rides them without putting their feet on the floor.

Sadistic Coach shows a sexercise.  Sex exercises to get back your libido and sexual prowess after lockdown

What to do: Get on your hands and knees, in a tabletop position. Slowly widen your knees out as far as they can go and bring your feet in line with your knees. Your shins should be parallel with one another. Flex your feet and ease yourself forward onto your forearms. (If the stretch from this sexercise is too intense, try putting your arms on a firm pillow.) Try slowly moving your hips forward and backward to bring the stretch to different parts of your hips.

Hindu Press-up

The Hindu Press-up doesn’t just build your upper body. It has been known for thousands of years to help increase blood flow to all the sexual organs. The mere arching of the spine and thrusting of the pelvis in this exercise helps both men and women increase sensitivity, power and endurance in this area.

sadistic coach showing an exercise

What to do:

Start in downward-facing dog position, drive your hips towards your hands while straightening your back and neck upright. Push back up to downward-facing dog.

Sadistic coach demonstrating a great sexercise - post lockdown exercise to boost your libido and get you sex ready

Sex has many of the same effects on the body as an intense workout. During sex, your heart races, your metabolic rate increases, you burn calories and stretch muscles. Sex has also been shown to boost the immune system and provide stress relief, just like a good cardio session.

Sadistic Coach, Fitness Domme of the Kink & Fetish Community

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