Discover the easy way to turn old shoes into cash -Naked Interview with All Things Worn

All Things Worn – would you try it? Would you sell your panties? Would you sell your worn shoes? We talk to the lovely people at the online exchange community,, to understand what is involved and how to make it work for you. With lockdown easing and preparing ourselves to rejoin the collective human race, we are all more than ready to declutter, bin our outdated (and now ill-fitting) lingerie, tights and more, burst out on a shopping spree to redress ourselves in the newly reopened shops and find a way to fund it! Is selling your underwear really as easy as they made it look on Orange is the New Black? Is it just one of those fantasy easy money-makers you hear about, or is there a way to really make it work? All Things Worn tell us exactly how to do it right.

woman in white lace panty.  All things worn specialises in used attire for sale to fetishists

How did get started and why?

All Things Worn was created after our founder was banned numerous times on eBay for selling well-worn shoes. She knew there was a demand for used smelly shoes, but was frustrated at eBay banning this for “adult content” so decided to look elsewhere. She found most selling platforms hard to use and focused only on used panties and wanted to create her own site that was inclusive of all worn items.

She spoke to a developer friend about her difficulties and they decided to make their own platform – All Things Worn! All Things Worn is inclusive of all worn items including worn pantyhose/tights, used clothing, accessories and panties, appealing to most fetishes including foot fetish and used panty fetish.

woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes.  Used high heels can be in big demand on  All things worn specialises in selling worn and used shoes and other items

As All Things Worn became more successful, we were approached by male sellers wanting to know if they could sell their used boxers. Of course, we wanted to make ATW as inclusive as possible! But we soon realised that there was enough demand to make a male-only platform for the sale of used men’s items and Male Things Worn was born!

How long has been running?

We first started working on ATW (All Things Worn) around 2 years ago and have been constantly working on new features and growing our awesome community ever since. Male Things Worn was created less than a year ago and is also continuing to grow.

stylish woman with makeup putting on nylon tights on couch.  You can buy and sell used hosiery like tights and stockings on

Which country is All Things Worn based in?

We are based in the UK & have employees in the US & Asia

Where are most of your All Things Worn customers located?

We have buyers and sellers from all over the world. The majority of our members come from USA, Canada and Europe

legs of crop person with socks.  Would you sell your smelly old socks on all things worn?  How much would you make?

Why do people buy items from

It’s because we offer a variety of used items and experiences which cater for all Kinks & fetishes. It’s simple to use with many features that make finding the perfect item(s) easy. We also have our own internal Sex Work friendly currency called KinkCoins which offers both Sellers & Buyers protection.

What kind of people are successful selling worn items on the website?

Everyone! As long as they put the effort in. Selling used items is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The most successful sellers are those that take the time to engage with others, are active on the dashboard and take the time to promote and market themselves. You don’t need to have a certain ”look” or “body type” to be successful. There really is a market out there for everyone, it’s just about putting yourself out there and engaging with others. The most successful sellers not only market themselves, but they empower and support other members of the community.We would recommend becoming ID Verified. This gives buyers more confidence in your profile. Enjoy yourself and embrace your kinky side. Everyone is here to have fun! Promote yourself on social media and don’t forget to tag us! We share all of our tags on our Instagram stories, increasing your reach even further

sporty woman browsing laptop on couch.  Is she making her profile as a seller?  Or maybe a buyer?

What is the secret to making a good business profile on

We would recommend becoming ID Verified. This gives buyers more confidence in your profile. Enjoy yourself and embrace your kinky side. Everyone is here to have fun! Promote yourself on social media and don’t forget to tag us! We share all of our tags on our Instagram stories, increasing your reach even further

You have a blog page on AllThingsWorn – what should people submit?

Sharing knowledge and helping others is something we see as fundamental for a community environment. We created the blog as an area to help members of our community and provide a place where they can find information, tips and advice. We have published articles from newbies and experienced buyers/sellers. We love receiving articles from our members, whether that’s educational, tips, advice or an insight into their profile stories and kinks. We’ve certainly learned a thing or two!

We welcome contributions from both buyers and sellers and also from guest writers. Anyone is welcome to get in touch and we will inform them of the steps to get a blog published

people doing group hand cheer.  Community is a big part of the kink world, and the all things worn fetish community is strong

What kind of items can you buy and sell on

You can buy used socks, panties, swimwear, well-worn shoes/boots, used mens briefs/boxers. You can also buy experiences such as dick-ratings (one of our most popular experiences), girlfriend experience, sexting, Exclusive Content and more.

Our most recent requests from a buyer was “Anyone have a very used, disgusting yoga mat laying around? I’d like one that is really gross”. The way we see it is All Things Worn is helping the environment by saving items from landfill and finding a new home for them. We even save on laundry too!

multiethnic men embracing against white background.  Mens underwear can be sold used on

How do you keep people’s identity and payment information safe on All Things Worn?

Our subscription and payments are managed by our 3rd party payment provider. Any personal information is only ever seen by members of the Admin Team and is never displayed publicly.

What happens if you don’t receive an item you have paid for on All Things Worn?

We have now created our own payment option – KinkCoins. This offers a buyer more protection and allows us to return the KinkCoins back to the buyer in the event of a dispute.

stack of different currency with photo of men and buildings

Can you make a living selling items on

Yes, we have sellers whose main source of income is All Things Worn. These sellers work incredibly hard to market themselves. One of our sellers even wrote a blog about it Not everyone will be able to give up their jobs to sell used items, but with the right amount of effort, they can certainly subsidise their main income.

businessman man people woman.  Counting his money made on all things worn?  Or maybe

How much does it cost to sign up as a buyer or seller, do you take commission and what can you do as a seller without buying the premium package?

It is free for both buyers and sellers to sign up and we allow Sellers to list up to 3 items for free. This is to give Sellers a chance to see if the site is the right place for them. You can receive and read messages from buyers. However, In order to respond to messages, you will need to upgrade to be a Premium Seller.

The Premium Seller subscription is $13.99 per 30 days and renews automatically but can be stopped at any point as there is no minimum subscription. We do not take any commission and the seller keeps all of their income.

grayscale photo of woman wearing lace brassiere and white dress shirt sitting on the bed.  Her bra and panties could be listed used on all things worn if she wanted to

How is your site different from other worn item sites?

We are not just a marketplace for the sale of used items, we have created an amazing community, where people come and explore their kinks & fetishes in an open and inclusive environment. Our members support and empower one another and is why many people join our platform and stay. Some of our members have found life-long friendship on ATW!

We have a responsive Admin Team who are on hand to help assist with any queries, something that you will not find on many other platforms. We are also “all ears” for suggestions and feedback to improve our community. In fact, many of our new features have been suggested by members of our community.

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding a mobile phone.  Great customer service is important at

Is there a minimum amount you have to have sold before you can withdraw funds, and is there a fee or percentage taken when people do so?

Sellers are free to use their own payment methods, however, most sex workers will be aware that options like PayPal do not accept adult work and can also close down your account and freeze funds if they are found to be violating this.

Our KinkCoins option offers an anonymous payment option, meaning personal details need not be exchanged. We don’t take any fees for buyers or sellers using this option. Sellers are able to withdraw KinkCoins once they reach 300 KinkCoins (equivalent to around $30)

woman in black sports bra and black leggings.  People of all shapes and sizes can gain confidence and are welcome as sellers on all things worn

Where is there the biggest demand on allthingsworn?

Our community is very diverse. A lot of sellers have admitted they were very nervous coming on to our site as they weren’t confident with their bodies, but the community has helped them gain more self-esteem and body confidence, as you can see from this blog written by one of our sellers. It’s amazing to see our sellers embracing body confidence and supporting and empowering one another.  Seeing sellers supporting sellers makes us even more proud of our community!

photo of girl smiling while holding black smartphone. verifies sellers

Is there a way you validate that sellers look like/are who they say they are?

A Verified seller has sent us a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper containing instructions that we have asked them to write, and also a copy of their ID. This ensures that the user is 18+ and are also a real person. This also verifies their gender, so you know if you are buying from a verified seller, then you are buying items genuinely worn/produced by the gender they claim to be

What is the age limit for using the site?

Strictly 18+. This is an adult platform and we will not allow anyone or anything referring to under 18s

woman reading book sitting on windowsill.  No reason she couldn't learn the tricks to selling her used shoes and old panties and hosiery on all things worn

Where can people learn more about how to get started on All Things Worn?

We’d recommend checking out our blog area. We have heaps of blogs written by both buyers and sellers which offer a plethora of information to get started.

If people want to contact you directly at, what’s the best platform to use?

We are active on email and social media but All Things Worn itself will get you a quicker response 🙂

person in blue and white sneakers.  Is there a line that they wont cross at all things worn?

Are there any items or photos/text that are banned on allthingsworn?

We do not allow any images refer to illegal activities, nudity or violence.

What are the future plans, new features and projects for allthingsworn?

We are looking to extend our Exclusive Content feature to allow video content. Currently, sellers can upload images to a “locked” folder, buyers can then access this instantly by paying with KinkCoins. We are looking to expand this to include video content, as well as other exciting features in the very near future.

person wearing black sandals at a meeting or party.  Could you sell your old shoes on

Do you do any other educational/recreational events?

Unfortunately due to the global pandemic, we’ve not been able to 🙁

What do you love most about the business you have made?

The community, without a doubt. When we first started, we were naive to think that we could create just a marketplace for people to buy and sell used items. The more insight we gained, the more we realised how important it was to create a community. A place where users could hang out and engage with other kinksters. ATW wouldn’t be the place it is without the sense of community and members supporting and empowering each other. We love that we have provided an environment where people are free from judgement and can explore their kinky sides, something that many have never felt able to do before ATW.

unrecognizable extravagant woman lacing corset on bodysuit in dressing room - All things worn provide the option to buy and sell all sorts of used clothing and shoes for fetishists

Is there a sense of community with this kink, or is everyone quite secret/separate?

There is definitely a sense of community, where members feel comfortable discussing their kinks, interests and fetishes with others that share these interests.

So, there you have it! An extremely tempting way to spring clean, make some cash and rekindle the community and connections we have lost over the last year and a half. In all honesty, who, obeying lockdown, hasn’t wished for the scent of another human beside them at some point? Will you be signing up? Please comment below.

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