Naked interview with 3 Fun & how to stand out

3 Fun is one of the most popular and successful global apps designed for the non-monogamous community. If you are interested in polyamory, swinging, threesomes or dating in an ethically non-monogamous like-minded society, you are bound to find many great matches nearby. The success of the biggest apps means that in any reasonably cosmopolitan area, you will be spoilt for choice.

How did 3 Fun get started, what’s it all about and what is it like to use? I talked to the Head of Marketing for 3 Fun, and had a go on the site. Interview and review in one! You lucky, lucky libertines.

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How did 3 Fun get started?

The idea of creating 3Fun came up in 2015 while the founder Max noticed there were many general dating apps but for people who are looking for swingers, threesome lovers and polyamorous relationships; there is no app specifically for them. 3Fun was first available in 2016.

Who is the app designed for?

It is designed for open-minded couples and singles, whether they are looking for threesome lovers, swingers, or polyamorous relationships and more.  

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How do you prevent fakes and catfish?

We are always trying our best to stop fakes and catfish. All profiles will be checked by our newest AI technology. If there is anything usual, our cs staff will check all suspicious profiles manually. And now we require all users to upload verification photos before using the app after signing up on 3Fun. If the verification photo is fake or doesn’t match with their public photo, we will block such profiles. For users who ask for money from others, our system will block them directly and cs staff will double-check the suspicious users who may have the intention to scam our users. We block the profiles including the registered emails, phone numbers and IPs to prevent them registering new profiles again.

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There is a free option, but you can also get enhanced function by paying.  What extra features does a paid 3Fun membership get you?

VIP users can:

     1) Have unlimited likes to like profiles as many times as they want.

     2) Send priority messages to UNMATCHED users to stand out and get more matches.

     3) Be shown 10 times more than others to get more matches.

     4) Search by different locations to meet people nearby and worldwide.  

     5) Control their profiles to hide so only their matches can see their profiles.

     6) Limit what others see about you.

     7) Set advanced filters by distance, last login, name and more to find your ideal matches.

     8) Set their favorite matches’ messages to the top.

     9) No ads.

Two men and two women naked in bedsheet.  Image from 3 fun app used for the interview and review

How can you be verified if you don’t want to use a full face picture as your profile pic?

No worry, if a user doesn’t want to show their face in the main public photo, they can always add the photo showing their face in the private album. Public photos will be shown to all users while private photos can only be shown to approved matches. (Matches have to send a request to see someone’s private photo and only if the owner agrees to show their private photos, can the matches see them.)

Are there restrictions on the kind of content people can use in their photos?

Yes, we do have some rules on the content users share on 3Fun. We do not allow any nude photos, hate speech, terrorism, guns, racist speech, underage people and more. We’re trying our best to protect our users and follow App Store and Google’s policies.

What are the ratios of men, women and couples like on the site?  What age range is it best for?

24.57% of users are men, 13.72% are women and 61.71% are couples. Most of our users are around 20 to 50 years old.

Logo for 3fun hookup and dating app, for threesomes, swinging and polyamory

There is an option to link to a partner’s profile.  How is this advantageous vs making 1 couple profile?

It is our newest feature and it is almost the same as the old 1 couple profile. The advantage of the new link partner feature is more convenient when couples chat with others.

There’s an option for paid members to send a message without having to wait for a match. What has the reception from women been about this feature?

Well, the priority message feature is VIPs can send messages to unmatched users (1 priority to one user). VIPs have to wait to chat with the potential matches after they like back (sending a priority message means like as well). We do so to make sure everyone they chat is to their mutual likes instead of wasting their time on people who are not interested in them.

Is the site more for swingers, hook-ups or polys?

Well, it covers all. But many of our users are looking for swingers, and are threesome lovers.

What are the plans for the future?

3Fun aims to provide the best and safest dating platform for our users. We would like to serve more users worldwide.

Does 3 Fun host in-person events?

No, we do not.

Which countries are 3 fun most successful in?

3Fun has over 4 million users worldwide but the US ranks first, and the UK comes second.

How can people best contact for support if they have a technical issue?

We’ve added our contact support information both in the app and on our website and other social platforms.

What are the new development plans for the future?

The newest feature we just did is the link partner one, we will try our best to know our users more to add more features to help them find what they are looking for.

What advice would you give to someone looking to set up a profile and send someone a message?

Well, there are many tips to set up a dating profile on Google, users can check them before joining 3Fun, but the tips we give are to be true, respectful, and show the best of yourselves. 

How to stand out on 3 Fun

As with many swinger, threesome and hookup apps, single men and couples often complain that the numbers are against them. Yet the numbers make no difference!

Let me tell you how to beat the odds and attract single women on 3 fun.

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Though it may seem like the problem you are having in meeting the women you want is that you have too much competition, you really don’t! All you need to do is present yourself in the right way, and you’ll have dozens of matches and women wanting to meet you. Single women aren’t lazy when it comes to seeking out exactly what they are looking for in single men and couples- we will search until we find someone who feels right. All you need to do is show us that you are someone we’d be looking to meet with, and you’re in! Here’s how to win at 3 Fun.

loving girlfriend hugging black boyfriend on bridge.  Did they meet on 3fun?

Profile pictures on 3 Fun

Firstly, have one! A lot of your competition don’t. They may have left it blank, set them to private only or blurred out the face. This is your first and biggest factor in advertising yourself! When scrolling, most women will skip over profiles where you can’t get a good rough idea of what someone looks like. Ideally you want to show your face (or as much of it as allows you plausible deniability, if discretion is important to you) and your body shape.

Make them cute, make them recent, and feel free to dress up to promote a fantasy image that you might not have the time or confidence to show in your every day life. Covered in glitter at a festival, looking moody in leathers or a snazzy tux are all great options! You can add more than 1 photo to show a range of looks, but make sure your first one captures their interest.

woman in black and white polka dot sleeveless dress

Don’t be afraid to show your real look and body shape, people who will be attracted to you just the way you are will find you. Using old photos with different hair, weight and appearance may mean that when people meet you, you aren’t what they were expecting. People who like you as you look right now are the ones you want to meet! If you are a couple, you need pictures of both of you! If you are both planning to play, that is.

You can use your photos to give cues about your talents and interests, things for your matches to open a discussion with and play up things to find in common and a subtle narrative as to who you are and why you’ll be a sexy fantasy of a person to meet.

woman in light blue denim jacket playing her ukulele. Showing your talents in photos on hookup apps like 3fun is a great way to get matches

Text on your 3 fun profile

Write some! A lot of people don’t. You have free space to say what you are into as a person, who you’d like to meet and what kind of things you’d like to do together. Single women read text! It’s always worth checking your spelling and going over it to delete any negative comments, self-deprecating statements or things that sound like you have baggage (no drama, broke up with my ex 3 years ago, etc.) Show that you are planning some fun things to do, and don’t restrict it to the bedroom! Women want to meet a whole person (or both people in a couple), not a series of sex acts, a set of abs and a dong. If you are really looking for something quite specific (cuckold, group, BDSM, etc) then it’s fine to say so in your profile, and likeminded people will see it and match with you, but don’t make that all you are about.

is this just fantasy neon sign

Messages on 3 Fun

Whether you have matched with someone, or decided to buy the option to push through a message to a non-match, make sure you start slow! The idea is to draw them in, make them curious about you and build trust and rapport. Always read their profile, find commonalities with them, try to spot what they are proud of, and compliment them on that. It’s always something they have made a choice about and worked on, not something they were born with. They’ll get that all the time, and it doesn’t make women feel seen or understood to be told they have nice eyes or boobs.

close up photography of woman sitting beside table while using macbook

Look at their photos to see their interests. Music? Travel? Fine dining? What is it you can see that everyone else won’t have noticed, that will instantly make them feel like you are on their wavelength? Ask them about it – I see you have a guitar, is there somewhere I might have seen you play? Or, ‘That vinyl in the background- I have that same record! What got you into them?’

man hugging woman behind sheer curtain

When you ask a friendly question that’s based on something they are clearly interested in, you are much more likely to get a response. Coming in with a sexual shopping list or opening by asking details of what acts they will do in the bedroom comes off as entitled rather than confident. Women want to meet someone who respects and understands appropriate boundaries. Someone who will be safe. A lot of your competition will be falling at this hurdle on every app, so this is your chance to shine! ‘Finally, someone who’s a gentleman and talks to me like a person!’ – you’ll stand out no end.

crop pensive man with red rose leaning on promenade railing

Close the deal

You don’t want to get written off as a fantasist or a penpal – make sure that once you’ve engaged her and she’s keen to talk more, you present a pleasant social meeting offer, ideally within the first 5 messages. Rather than coming off as pushy, that will come off as confident and that you are serious about meeting. Offer her a time and area to meet in the next few days, in a public setting. That way she knows she’ll have to work to impress you before she has earned your loving action. There’s nothing offensive about ‘I’m enjoying talking to you, shall we carry this on at a lovely cafe I know in (wherever she’s near to) tomorrow? She can always ask to chat more first, but at least you’ve shown you are happy to verify yourself in person.

happy couple having date with wine and pasta in restaurant

Once you’ve met, you can flirt, build rapport and trust, and she can look forward to meeting you again for some more fun and intimate activities. The social meeting is a chance for you both (or all three) to see if you have suitable sexual spark, build tension, and find out a little more about each other face to face, where you can check body language, tone of voice and eye contact to better understand what each of you has in mind.

low angle photo of man wearing batman costume

Make sure you show up! In the post-Covid London world, it seems everyone bails and cancels. You can stand out by being the person that doesn’t! Once a woman has a relative certainty that you’ll follow through on your promise, she’s going to be happy to invest more time, effort and money in making herself look and feel great for your next meeting. And when she does that? Then she feels invested in following through and having a great time with you. Easiest tip ever!

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