Sapphic as F*ck – the New London Event for Queer Wxmen

Sapphic as F*ck, or SAF, is a new inclusive events group for queer women and the broader LGBTQ+ community, set to launch on Saturday 21st of July 2024.

three lesbian women singing kareoke together happily made for SAF interview

This eagerly awaited day-event (tickets on Eventbrite) puts women and fun front and centre, with such a bright and colourful online presence that I couldn’t wait to talk to the organiser and learn some more about what the Sapphic ladies of London can expect from this new event.

Here to give us the inside scoop is JJ, founder of this fun new Sapphic community.

How did SAF get started?

I came out as a lesbian in mid 2023 and found that there were a limited number of SI focused events in and around London which catered for the types of activities and social and community setting that I wanted to be involved in.

I created SAF to be the social and community enterprise that I wanted to attend!

Two hispanic lesbian women at sapphic as f*ck SAF event, created by Ai

What sort of events are you going to do and what makes SAF special?

Because I am building it around my own unique personality and to create something which I genuinely want to enjoy. I am also talking to and engaging with a lot of the members to ask them what it is they want from their events.

I guess you could say we are special because I listen?!

What can folx expect at SAF?

I wanted to create an inclusive community space for lesbians sapphic and queer women which didn’t just revolve around drinking so it is super important to me that events have activities sports or something else fun to do included in the ticket price ! I am all about building a community and a social environment where people can get to know each other!

How can people get involved with Sapphic as F*ck?

We have a Facebook group, an Instagram and a website. Our events are all listed on Eventbrite

I really actively encourage people to engage in open dialogue and conversations on the social media channels so that we can foster a real sense of community as well as coming along to the events!!

Four lesbians playing a strange table football game happily, made to illustrate activties at SAF Sapphic as f*ck event launch

How can people support SAF?

We would very much welcome organic growth through social media by people sharing us in their stories, liking and tagging, telling their friends or buying tickets to the events! 

Alternatively, if people want to give out flyers or merchandise at events, we would welcome that too! 

Who attends Sapphic as F*ck events? 

Most of our followers are age 25+ ranging up to 55+

We have targeted a lovely community of sapphic women who are interested in the arts, women’s sports and who actively participate in the community.

Three plus size hipster lesbian women having pints at SAF created for launch event, London July 2024

How should a newcomer get the most out of their first time?

Be confident – try not to be nervous and just be yourself. Enjoy the event, get involved in the activities and talk to people. Too often we see people staying in the same groups and click at events, which makes them very hard to enjoy. It makes it hard to meet new people and integrate. What I want to do with my event is create a big, friendly atmosphere where everybody can integrate and people can make new friends!

What do you wish people knew?

I wish people were more accepting, more open and more willing to simply engage in fun loving social activities. To create more of the community and be more open to meeting new people. Accepting each other. We see too much division and volatility in our community now.

Two lesbians, a transwoman and a butch woman shaking hands happily created for the launch event in london by Ai

What’s the hardest thing about running SAF?

I would say that starting something new has been very challenging and creating a new community from scratch, especially where there is a bit of a gap in the market. It’s bringing people into this space. Personally, I also suffer with mental health, anxiety and confidence issues, so this has been quite an experience for me. I’ve created something which has really challenged my ability: to accept that my concept may be rejected! It’s bringing people into this space!

Why should someone attend a smaller event like SAF?

You are essentially supporting an individual and somebody’s dream ambition, vision, and helping to build and create a community from scratch, which I think is an amazing thing. There are so many incredible sapphic women out there who want to be part of something and I think attending a smaller event allows you to shape, create and build that vision from the bottom with the creator! 

Polaroid style lesbian women playing pool created for SAF launch event interview

What messages do you love getting?

I love hearing from people that they are excited about the event and that they have been looking for something like this for a while, because it means that it’s resonating with people and that my vision is recognised and accepted by like-minded individuals which is super exciting! 

What’s the latest SAF project?

I am currently promoting the launch of SAF which is of course targeted for the 21st of July. I am currently working on a number of other event projects which will be announced shortly and I am so excited about them!

Two lesbian women having a drink together for Sapphic as f*ck interview for the July launch party

Is there somewhere people can learn more about Sapphic as F*ck?

You can visit our Instagram our Facebook our website or you can visit our events pages for specific event details! Alternatively, people are very welcome to message me because I love a chat!

What do you think about Kink at Pride in the LGBTQIA+ world?

I believe that people should be able to engage in any activities between two consenting adult parties at any given time, however I do feel quite strongly that Pride events should be about love is love and who you, as opposed to what you do in the bedroom with who you love. I think it confuses the message and it gives bigots and homophobes a strong position for complaining that the LGBTQIA is not safe for children. So I feel we should keep the sexual element out of Pride and celebrate who it is that we love not what we do with them.

SAF log Sapphic as f*ck

Are the SAF events going to be disability accessible?

Launch event unfortunately does have steps so while there are handrails and it is accessible for those with some disability needs, it is not fully accessible. We are, however, working on fully accessible venues as we grow because we want to be fully inclusive.

Are the events at SAF inclusive of neurodiversity?

I am very neurodivergent myself so I hope that the events will of course be fully neurodivergent inclusive and if anybody has any neurodiverse needs we will do our absolute best to cater for those for individuals!

Five lesbian hipster women playing a tabletop game happily for SAF launch party

What sort of age range is welcome at Sapphic as F*ck?

We are mainly followed by an age range of 25+ so we are expecting our crowds to be reflective of the age range of our followers. We are essentially the brand for people who want to be in bed before 10pm!!

Are you coming to the Sapphic as F*ck launch event?

You can find more information at their Website or get your tickets now

SAF log Sapphic as f*ck
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