Review of Riposte – The Queer Art Rave

Riposte Review- Dive into the Quirky Abyss- The Queer Art Rave – By Amarantha

As an avid seeker of queer and kinky adventures, I’m thrilled to dive into a review of my absolute favourite event: Riposte.

two alternative looking people at Riposte, a fun queer friendly event in London

DRESS UNLEASHED: A carnival of Eclectic Expression

First things first – there’s no strict dress code at Riposte, but that doesn’t mean people hold back. It’s a carnival of self-expression, where you might encounter someone in a leather harness just as easily as you would a vision from the 1700s in a grand ballgown. Eclectic makeup and weird accessories abound, making the crowd a living, breathing work of art.

two people dressed up for Riposte

THE CROWD at Riposte: A quirky kaleidoscope

Riposte began as an house party; remarkably, even as the event has grown in size and spectacle, it has retained the intimate and friendly vibe. Riposte welcomes a diverse and vibrant queer crowd, creating an atmosphere where making new friends is practically inevitable. The event cultivates a safe space where individuals can authentically express themselves without judgment. It’s a testament to Riposte’s commitment to fostering a community that values acceptance, connection, and, above all, unbridled creativity.

Riposte event in London is a queer LGBTQIA event , iage shows two male presenting people having fun, one in black and one in a red top

This is in my opinion what makes Riposte truly stand out: with a focus on community and love, they create one of the most eclectic, friendly and delightfully queer atmosphere on the scene. As the night winds down around 5:30, and the dance floors bid adieu, there is even some small breakfast nibbles served to the attendees! It’s a small but incredibly thoughtful touch that enhances the sense of togetherness.

WEIRD VIBES ONLY at Riposte: Quirky and Disturbingly Fantastic

The vibe at Riposte is weird, and we mean that in the best way possible. It’s quirky, slightly disturbing, and utterly fantastic. The immersive performances, often blurring the lines between artist and audience, contribute to the overall sense of stepping into an otherworldly space. This isn’t your typical rave; it’s an artistic experience that transcends the boundaries of a traditional night out.

And the art isn’t confined to the performances alone. Riposte boasts art installations peppered throughout the venue: this commitment to artistic expression elevates the event into a multidimensional celebration of creativity and self-expression.

Group of people having fun, one with pale blue hair and dress at this queer rave event in London

VENUE, DANCEFLOORS AND ROOMS: Navigating the Queer Wonderland of Riposte

And speaking of the venue, Electrowerkz is no ordinary space – it’s a maze that adds to the charm. Getting lost isn’t a bug; it’s a feature, allowing you to meander through this queer, weird world at your own pace. Unfortunately, as the venue spreads over 3 floors connected by stairs only, the only accessible space is the ground floor courtyard.

The two dance floors throb with techno beats, giving you the freedom to switch between sounds and rhythms. It’s a pulsating auditory experience that complements the visual feast unfolding around you.

Two people at Riposte queer dance event London

For those moments when you need a breather, head to the expansive and comfortable socializing area on the lower floor. Sink into plush sofas, find a cozy nook, and take a well-deserved break in their covered garden. This is one of my favourite areas: it’s the perfect spot for a drink, a chat with (often new) friends, or simply absorbing the eccentric energy that Riposte exudes, since this is also where the performances take place.

But that’s not all – Riposte brings a touch of kink with a playroom. While it’s not a kink-centered play party, it’s a nod to queer traditions. The room features a swing, a cross, flat surfaces, and even a cruising area for the daring and adventurous. It’s an unexpected twist that adds an extra layer of excitement to the night.

DJ at Riposte, black and white

ATTENDING Riposte: Ready to express yourself?

Now, let’s talk tickets. Riposte is one of the most inclusive events in town, happening at a monthly cadence. Early bird tickets start at a pocket-friendly £7, ensuring that this fantastic experience doesn’t break the bank. Even at full price, tickets only go up to £18. It’s a conscious choice, making Riposte accessible to all who seek a night of queer celebration. Remember, tickets must be purchased in advance on Resident Advisor, so don’t miss out on securing your spot in this bizarre queer celebration.

Crowd shot at Riposte


I am certainly biased, but I could not recommend Riposte more. It is my first answer when people ask me about events, and it stands as a testament to the power of community and the magic that unfolds when art and queerness take center stage. For kinky and vanilla folks alike, if you’re seeking an extraordinary night that celebrates the beautifully weird, Riposte is the answer!

*All images courtesy of Riposte, used with consent

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