Club Antichrist review: the raw energy of metal

Club AntiChrist… ready to embark on a wild night of music, mayhem, and unapologetic individuality? Look no further than Club AntiChrist. Let’s chat about why this event is one of the most unique kink raves out there, peppered with my own impressions from their most recent event.

Special Guest post by Amarantha

Review of Club Antichrist image by midjourney Ai.  Black man with thin dreadlocks and spiky shoulderdress with leather costume celebrates at a queer friendly metal club night in London while a woman with brown hair and heavy eye makeup looks at him, surrounded by other party revellers

MUSIC – Because Headbanging is a Lifestyle

If your heart beats in sync with the raw energy of metal, Club AntiChrist is your haven. Imagine a playlist that’s a mishmash of 80s/goth/postpunk/alt anthems/metal—epic, right? Unlike your run-of-the-mill raves, this one is heavy on the metal vibes, a refreshing departure from the techno-dominated scene. Truly a game-changer for the kinky metalheads.

Multiple dance floors, each with its unique flavour, ensure variety and the chance to roam around until you find your vibe. While headbanging is definitely the main selling point, there is so much more than that, including alt anthems, synthwave and goth.

Club Antichrist review by Amarantha, image by midjourney Ai shows a couple embracing on a dancefloor, the man dressed in a cyberpunk style with latex facial prosthetics and slicked hair, moulded leather attire.  The woman wears a vintage hairstyle and is dressed in black lace.  Around them metal head partygoers dance and enjoy their party

BEYOND THE MUSIC: Performances and Social spaces

But here’s the real deal: AntiChrist isn’t just about the beats; it’s a full experience. Each event has performances as well, with the latest Theatre of Sin unfolding with mesmerizing fusion belly dance, sword-wielding spectacles and much more.

And let’s not forget the large and inviting garden, a haven for socializing that also offers hot food all through the night (a rarity in these events!). This expansive outdoor area not only adds to the event’s well-rounded nature but also makes it incredibly neurodivergent friendly. Need a breather from the dancefloor or the intense beats? The garden’s got your back. It’s a quieter oasis amidst the chaos, offering a perfect retreat to recharge or connect with new friends. This thoughtful touch makes Club AntiChrist’s venue an inclusive space, embracing diversity in every sense.

Club Antichrist review image by midjourney Ai, an Adam-Ant or My Chemical Romance style semi military tunic emblazoned with gold is worn by a rocky-horror- show type person with pale face and heavy make up.  Their hair is gelled up into tall spikes and they appear to be enjoying crowd surfing at a metal club night in London

ATTENDING: Your Ticket to Club AntiChrist

Getting your ticket to Club AntiChrist is a breeze—no need for secret handshakes or initiation rites. Simply buy your tickets in advance, and you’re all set to dive in. However, there’s also an intriguing alternative: unlike some exclusive soirees, Club AntiChrist belief in inclusivity means that tickets are available at the door, embracing the spontaneous souls who decide to join the revelry last minute. It’s a nod to accessibility, ensuring that everyone gets a shot at this extraordinary experience.

This of course has an impact on crowd dynamics. The ticket-on-the-door policy does mean a slightly more eclectic mix, a kaleidoscope of characters converging for a night of unbridled fun. It’s the price of diversity, a conscious choice to open the doors wide and welcome all.

Review of Antichrist- Club antichrist.  An Ai image of a woman wearing horns or antlers in black comes in close for a kiss with a bald headed man in leather kinkwear and heavy green eye makeupm, while metal head partygoers dance around them

DRESS CODE – Alternative without being too strict

The dress code at Club AntiChrist is a call to arms for the alternative in you. Whether you’re into punk, goth, cybergoth, or just want an excuse to wear that rubber jumpsuit, this is your moment. Most people will embrace kinkwear, but harnesses and underwear are not a must have. Having been at a couple of their events, I’ve noticed the transition from elaborate ensembles to more casual wear as the night unfolds and more people join. Something to keep in mind if you’re all about the vibe.

Club antichrist review image by midjourney Ai.  A metal tree man takes centre stage above a huge room of people dancing to heavy metal

THE CROWD – Nerdy Vibes and Queer-Friendly Feels

What’s a party without its people, right? Club AntiChrist takes pride in its delightfully nerdy crowd—my kind of people! It’s a gathering of misfits, quirks, and a celebration of not fitting in. While the crowd isn’t overwhelmingly queer, the atmosphere screams queer-friendly. It’s a melting pot of eccentricity, and everyone’s invited to the party.

KINKY DETAILS: Voyeurism and Kink in Plain Sight

Now, let’s get a bit cheeky. The dungeon setup is as peculiar as it gets. Picture this: all the kink furniture in plain sight, blurring the lines between players and spectators. It’s a unique experience that adds an element of voyeurism to the night. Meanwhile, the playroom offers a more intimate setting for those who prefer privacy. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure of kink!

CONCLUSION: Worth it if you’re looking for your people

While metal isn’t my scene, I’ve not had a bad night at AntiChrist. The differences between this and other kinky raves add to its charm, and if it’s the metal goths you’re after, this is an unmissable event. The night is an unapologetic celebration where the being an oddball is not just accepted but encouraged. So, ready your outfits, tighten your boots, and get ready for a night where every beat is a toast to dark eclecticism.

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