Electrakink: London’s new electric play event – the naked interview

Curious about the mysterious new Electrakink event? So was I! The lovely organisers of London’s newest electric play and dance kink night spill the beans on Electrakink. These are the actual answers to the questions – I did not write this with Chat GPT.

Ai image of two hands with electricity flowing between them, for the Electrakink interview.  What is an electric kink?

What is ElectraKink?

ElectraKink is the love-child of vibrant kink exploration and modern elegance. It’s not just an event; it’s a playground where desires come alive amidst neon lights and pulsating beats.

How did the idea for Electrakink get started?

Picture this: a late-night brainstorming session fuelled by passion and a dash of rebellion. We wanted to create a space where kink, elegance, and modernity collide for an unforgettable experience.

What can people expect the experience to be like at the launch party?

A world where inhibitions fade, and fantasies flourish. The launch party promises a night of electrifying play, dynamic beats, and a community that embraces diversity and self-expression.

Bar at electrakink

What is the crowd going to be like?

Our crowd is a beautiful tapestry of open-minded individuals seeking connection, creativity, and a damn good time. It’s a judgment-free zone where everyone is royalty in their own right.

What should people wear and bring for ElectraKink?

Dress to impress in your favourite fetish wear! Bring an open mind, a sense of adventure, and, of course, your dancing shoes.

Who is behind ElectraKink, and what are their stories?

Meet the dream team—a passionate Gamble and mysterious Mav, with stories as diverse as our community. We’re united by a love for creating unique, unforgettable experiences.

dark haired woman in black leather holding two electic probes with sparks coming out of them for the electrakink interview

Is the Electrakink event disabled accessible?

Absolutely. We believe everyone should have access to magic. Our venue is disabled-friendly for a night of inclusivity.

Is the event trans-friendly?

Without a doubt. ElectraKink is a celebration of all identities, welcoming everyone to express themselves freely.

Is the Electrakink event LGBT friendly?

Absolutely! Our rainbow-colored welcome mat is out for the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum. This is a space where love knows no boundaries. The party is organised in The White Swan, which was the first LGBT venue in East London

violet wand imagined by Midjourney Ai for the electrakink interview.  A party with electric play and dancing

Is it an electro dance night or an electroplay night?

It’s the best of both worlds. Dance the night away or explore the realms of electroplay—whatever electrifies your senses.

What security and accommodations for self-care are in place?

Safety first. Our security team is top-notch, and we’ve got chill-out zones for self-care if you need a breather.

What rules are in place?

The full list of rules can be found on our Fetlife page, Electrakink

Is Electrakink a good place to go as a single woman/man/NB?

Absolutely! ElectraKink is a melting pot of individuals, and singles are more than welcome. It’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded souls.

Is it a swinger event, kink event, or more of a dance party?

It’s not a swinger event, it’s much more. A harmonious blend of kink, dance, and pure unadulterated fun. There is even an exotic dancing pole for guests to use at the venue.

How many people are you expecting?

We’re anticipating a diverse crowd, but the more, the merrier. The magic happens when our community comes together.

What are the prices like at the bar? Is there food?

The bar is stocked with liquid delights, beers and ales. There are no food on our menu, but we’ve got great Chinese and Indian restaurants right next to our venue

people in black leather dancing with lightning, imagined by Midjourney Ai for electrakink interview, a dance party with electroplay

Is there space to get changed there, lockers, coat room, etc.?

Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with changing areas, and a coat room.

What’s the age range you are expecting?

We’re welcoming adults of all ages, 18 and above, who are ready to embrace the ElectraKink experience.

Is there any sort of appearance vetting beforehand or at the door?

No judgments here! We’re all about inclusion, so there’s no vetting based on appearance or behaviour.

Dark haired woman holding electric probe imagined by Ai

What do you wish vanillas understood about the kink scene?

That beneath the surface lies a world of creativity, consent, and respect. It’s not about shock value; it’s about authentic self-expression.

Where do you see ElectraKink in 5 years time?

We envision ElectraKink as a global sensation, spreading the joy of our unique blend of kink and elegance far and wide.

Is Electrakink a good event for a newbie?

Absolutely. ElectraKink is designed for exploration, and newbies are embraced with open arms. It’s the perfect initiation into the world of kink.

How can someone prepare to make sure they make the most of ElectraKink and have a great time there?

Come with an open heart, an adventurous spirit, and the willingness to let loose. The rest is magic waiting to happen.

What’s the most annoying question people keep asking you?

“Is it too wild for me?” Trust me, we’re all about controlled chaos and unforgettable experiences.

If someone sees you at the event, what do they say or do to get on your good side?

A genuine smile and a shared moment of excitement about the night ahead always work wonders.

Do you need to bring your own electric play kit, or will equipment be provided?

Feel free to bring your favourites, but we’ve got an electrifying array of equipment waiting for your exploration.

What will 100% get you thrown out and banned from ElectraKink?

Violating consent or engaging in disruptive behaviour. Our community values respect above all else.

What other events might people have gone to that mean they will probably love ElectraKink?

If you’ve enjoyed events that celebrate diversity, creativity, and open-mindedness, ElectraKink is your next adventure!

Can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic on February 3rd at White Swan Bar! Please don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @electrakink

Well, there you have it! Still an unspoilt mystery. Check out Electrakink at the White Swan on Feb 3rd for their launch party 10pm-4am, £15 card or cash on the door

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