Playing with Jo Divine Sex Toys

Although is, and remains, non-commercial, Alice Hunter has acquired a frisky bit on the side. Exactly what is, and is not, promotional can be a bit of a grey area in a blog of this nature. Reviews of events and apps are not paid for, there are no sponsors. Everything on here is arranged… Continue reading Playing with Jo Divine Sex Toys

Alice Hunter gets around

The lovely coolchatfriends site, affiliated with Sex Blog Directory has just published a post about me!

Would you like to feature in the second edition of unicorns and how to hunt them?

That's right, it's time to update the book. The swinging world changes fast, so there will be different apps and events, extra content, images and I'm looking to include more funny stories about swinger life. Swinging can be fun, sexy, liberating... but also absolutely hilarious. If you have a funny story to include, please send… Continue reading Would you like to feature in the second edition of unicorns and how to hunt them?

Sticks and Stones: how to harness & farm social media trolls, for fun and profit

Now, not everyone who disagrees with what you say, do or even who you are, is actually a troll. Feeling ‘triggered’ or misunderstood by a divergent opinion to yours on a topic you present is not justification to vilify an internet identity. Before we get defensive, let’s clarify that. People come to different decisions on topics based on their own reading and lived experiences. Sharing these is not an attack on you. They are starting a conversation. They may put it a little bluntly, or insultingly, but give some leeway for lack of tonicity in text.

Single Girl Survival Kit: what you need for your first swinger party

Single women (or those who choose to play as singles), new to the scene, dipping their toe in for the first time, here is your guide. Whether it's a one-off experiment or the start of a long and lascivious journey into the underworld of the underground alternative sex scene, everyone starts somewhere. Wherever you are going, whatever you plan to do there, here is what you need: