Climax parties review: how to make life fun again

Climax parties- is it for you? London has witnessed a post-lockdown explosion in kink and swinger parties of every kind- every niche, every style. Each has their own rules, own crowd and own vibe. In an attempt to get through some of the ones I hear great things about I ended up having a marathon week in my social diary- back to back Wednesday through Saturday. And despite having a significant backlog of truly great parties I need to review for you, I absolutely had to queue jump Climax Parties for you. Now, each to their own, but for a cranky old swing scene veteran like me, it takes a lot to rekindle the playful, wild excitement of the early days. This was it. OMG this was it. I’m a convert to the church of Climax Parties. I love it. I live it. I want one every day.

Climax parties image as depicted by Midjourney Ai showing people of different genders and races laughing and hugging in a nightclub for climax party review
Created by Midjourney Ai to illustrate the Climax Parties vibe

Climax parties has been going for a few years, but what with one thing and another I didn’t manage to make one until this weekend. They are infrequent, varied in location and vetted before you can get a ticket. I did manage to make the Climax karaoke social, which was a couple of months ago and I had in my mind to review in its own right- such fun people and great vibes. A spirit of generosity and playfulness. Completely inclusive and wonderfully friendly. Knowing the vibe and crowd there, I had really high hopes for the Climax Party ‘Awakened’ and I was not disappointed. You know it’s not like me to fangirl an event unreservedly. But yes yes yes!

The Bizarre Backstory to my night at Climax Parties

Wednesday was the Foxden Skulk picnic, where I met some lovely new people. Thursday, Pedestal (always a fun time) and Friday I went to the first London Riot Party, with a lovely lady I met at the Erotic Art Exhibition. We also had tickets to Climax the next day, so decided to decompress with some chill time in a hot tub at Rios, for which I threw open an invitation which was accepted by a lovely guy from the Wednesday picnic. Unfortunately, due to train issues we got there just before 6pm and they wouldn’t let us in as a three. Apparently I needed another man. How heteronormative.

Climax parties review- logo for climax parties London UK kink and swinger events with a friendly vibe

Despite the urge to ‘Do you know who I am?’ at them we left and tried to regroup, eventually inducting our new male companion into the Climax Party plan. Climax lets a member ‘PAL’ for someone new as an alternative to vetting procedure (which takes a while). Basically, you vouch for them and if they screw up you both get banned. So rolling the dice with my street cred there, but it paid off.

As our new companion was new enough to the scene to have no suitable kink attire for Climax Parties, we then embarked on a ‘closing time’ shopping expedition at Camden market, getting leatherwear and chains, but struggling to find a whole ensemble until there, before me, just as we were leaving, it was lit up like a sign from God. A neon sign from god. CYBERDOG.

If getting restyled in kinkwear by two women isn’t someone’s fantasy, I don’t know what is. Was fun for us too. We then all dressed up and made our way (slightly late) to Climax Parties which was already in full swing.

Entering Climax Parties

One of the things I love about Climax Parties is the absolute absence of queuing and stern grumpy BS on the door. The door staff are absolutely lovely- friendly, we were straight in and guided to where the coatrooms and loos were. No queueing at the bar, the coatroom or anywhere really. Everyone is like a VIP.

Ai depiction of the bar when you enter climax parties for climax parties review - swinger and kink events
Midjourney Ai depiction of the bar at Climax Parties. Vibe is spot on.

The moment you walk in the guests are smiling, friendly, chatting with you and clad all in lingerie and fun kinkwear to suit their own favourite identity- it’s pretty non-restrictive. You can really be yourself. Your most extra self. At the bar were jewel coloured shots lined up- all for free! Smiling staff at the bar and very reasonable drink prices, with a nice selection of spirits. You just feel like an absolute celebrity. Surrounded by other absolute celebrities. The way Climax Parties enables everyone to embrace the special and unique in themselves makes you just glow with confidence and the joy of life.

What to expect at Climax Parties

Even if this were a purely social event it would have been fantastic- but there’s more. So, so much more. There were audience-participation performances by the wonderful Alma Groin, an incredibly alluring fire-dancing lady and shows all through the night. The numbers were so well maintained that you could always get in and get a great view of what was going on, but it’s even easy to miss this, as so much else was there to entice you away!

Organiser of climax parties as imagined by Midjourney Ai For Climax party review
Midjourney Ai’s depiction of the organiser for Climax Parties. Doesn’t do him justice!

The back room on the ground floor had a solitary cage and some chairs. This may sound like a simplistic arrangement but quickly the space was being used in the most fun and creative of ways- I’d love to share some of the fun ideas I saw and participated in but a lady never tells.

Going upstairs at Climax

Upstairs there was the fire room- with the wonderful Secrets performing fireplay sessions for happy subjects. Few venues allow fireplay, and if you get the chance it is well worth the experience. An absolutely hypnotic, alluring and deeply relaxing experience to enter into. But also fantastically flamboyant and flashy to watch.

Another room had suspension points set up with Shibari masters performing their beautiful work, amazing to experience but equally mesmerising to see, as the rope bunnies (or victims? Volunteers? Chosen ones?) blissfully surrendered to the experienced hands of the riggers, with beautiful ties, knotwork and the kind of artistry that takes years of dedication.

Ai depiction of fire performer at Climax review
Midjourney Ai depiction of the fire performer on stage

All good things come to an end…or do they?

I have only one complaint about Climax Parties. On this occasion it finished at 2am! I was so immersed in the community love vibes, kisses and playfulness that I didn’t want it to end. Fortunately, a few of us were able to assemble a truly fantastic (in the literal sense of the word) afterparty, but the details of that are so incredibly surreal and improbable that it would read like Tarantino directing a screenplay written by Jay from the Inbetweeners. So that shall stay between the select half dozen or so who are probably still wondering if it was a fever dream.

Verdict? πŸ˜Šβœ”βœ”βœ”

GUESTS ARE APPROACHABLE β€“ possibly the most friendly, fun, approachable and simultaneously non-creepy bunch of people i’ve ever met
ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE β€“ I cannot describe how absolutely gorgeous everyone is- and though in many cases this means a conventionally fashionable figure or face, it is more the incredible beauty that beams out when someone is 110% being happy and their full real self. it’s like taking mdma without taking mdma
SWINGING FRIENDLY (PROVISION, ATTITUDES) β€“ A SEX-POSITIVE SPACE for sure but wasn’t lots of beds and things around.
KINK FRIENDLY β€“ SHIBARI, fireplay, shows, equipment, attire. definitely kink scene and kink rules, but much more extroverted and open crowd than many kink events. i challenge you to try not to make friends and have fun here.
TRANS-INCLUSIVE β€“ ALL GENDER IDENTITIES COMPLETELY WELCOME. TRANS PEOPLE AND ENBIES IN ATTENDANCE. WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT as long as it’s amazing. BE YOUR BEST SELF. I couldn’t even guess at gender for half the people. it really didnt matter at all. there was such a bonding of humanity and playful joy between individuals and community it seemed completely irrelevant.
AGE INCLUSIVE – YES, OVER 18. most looked 25-35 but there were a variety of ages
RACIALLY INCLUSIVE – PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT ETHNIC IDENTITIES IN ATTENDANCE, THERE IS NO ISSUE WITH RACIAL DIFFERENCES IN THIS CROWD. very poc friendly, POC run, celebration of differences and an absolute utopia of everyone being able to talk to everyone and make friends and play partners without barriers
COUPLES – COULD COME AS A COUPLE IF YOU LIKE. SOME DID. tickets sold to individuals. people are respectful as you would expect in a kink event and there are no assumptions of any particular dynamics
AFFORDABLE AND VALUE FOR MONEY- my ticket was Β£25. If you get in early you might get it cheaper. maximum of 5 hours playtime for this party, others vary. Coats storage and drinks were a great price and even got free shots at the bar! Seriously underpriced for how fun this night was.
SAFE – THERE WERE NO ISSUES WITH SAFETY. there are staff and monitors but the crowd is vetted on behaviour and kink scene ettiquette knowledge before they can buy a ticket
SPACIOUS – THE NUMBERS WERE PERFECT AND THERE WAS NO ISSUE WITH SPACE. many rooms, no overcrowding or queueing (unless you wanted to have fire play or shibari, but if that’s the case you alwasy have to be there at the start)
WELL EQUIPPED – stage, good sound system, bar, shibari suspension points, sybian, cage, plenty of seating, 2 bathrooms
ROCK UP LAST MINUTE WITH A FRIEND? – you need to get vetted for (free) membership or have a member vouch for you
EASY TO GET A MEMBERSHIP? seems pretty reasonable for anyone who knows their rack from the prick from their ssc , but plan ahead as it needs some time to process
TRANSPORT- this one was zone 1 and 5 min walk from the tube station. had some free parking outside. event venues vary
DISABLED ACCESS? – the bottom floor was entirely wheelchair accessible and contained bar, bathroom, socialising space, performance stage and kink play space. At tleast 1 wheelchair user in attendance. fire play and shibari room were upstairs so not accessible, though manageable with a walking stick.

Reviews from other attendees of Climax Parties:

Climax Social testimonials:

I’m brand new to London events and was a little nervous attending this but I am so glad I did. Everyone was so friendly and I was able to dip in and out of all sorts of wonderful, naughty and interesting conversations. The perfect way to get to know fun people before a party event. I really enjoy the variety of people that attend these events, highly respectful crowd without any sticks up their butts… unless you’re into that

I loved the social as there were some familiar faces, some new people as well. It was a nice venue too, LGBTQIA+ friendly. Central London based. I could see who were staff and who I could speak to if I needed help. I’ll defo go again

Starting out in the kink and poly communities can be overwhelming but one way to meet other minded people is at socials. I went to a Climax social at Buster Mantis in South London where I met a bunch of awesome humans, we laughed the night away over drinks, conversing about our journeys and experiences. The perfect way to form connections if you’re feeling nervous before going to a party.

Climax Parties Play nights testimonials:

A wonderful night of hedonism with a beautiful and excellently vetted clientele. We were also lucky enough to be graced with the presence of the top sub on the scene one evening.

Climax parties have such a great vibe, hands down my favourite play parties to go to. The organisers create a sexy but chilled atmosphere that feels so safe and inclusive, it’ a great environment to meet other like-minded sex-positive humans and form new connections. Everyone is so friendly, respectful and supportive. I haven’t been in this scene very long and it feels so amazing to have found a community where people understand me and to be able to go to parties where I can be free to be me.

Always the best people! Just wish the time would stop while you’re having all the naughty fun times!

So f-cking sexy

More folks reviewing Climax Parties…

Climax parties brings together amazing people in a fun environment, NYE was so fun, music, food, drinks, great PPL and kinky sexy fun

The most climactic New Years I ever had! I’ve been attending Climax Parties for some time now and can truly say I’ve never felt safer, sexier or more myself at a kink party. Massive love to the crew

I love Climax Parties, it’s always a good night surrounded by beautiful people inside and out. There’s space to be yourself and no pressure or expectation for anything else.

Yet another amazing Climax Party! The best way to see in 2023, whether you want to be an exhibitionist or be in a dark corner- or cage! Climax is a non-judgemental, respectful and safe space where you can be yourself and really explore. Can’t wait for more Climax Parties this year!

Big, belated thanks to Merlin and co-hosts! What a wonderful, friendly, fun bunch of pervs. So nice to make so many new friends, to laugh, to dance and to make marvellous mischief. A real credit to you and a reflection of the organising team for pulling it all together. Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

..And more….

You want to spark your kinky imagination, delve into a world of respectful seduction, then I suggest a Climax Party, where you will be looked after and safety is a top priority. Be overwhelmed by fantastic hospitality and be ready to indulge!

If you’re looking for a friendly, intimate, sexy and fun night, look no further, Climax Parties are for you. The organisers are super lovely, I felt safe and welcomed and got to interact with diverse sexy people. A place to indulge and build connections.

Cosy, safe space full of beautiful souls. I’ve fully enjoyed the Climax nights and the company the nights have brought. It is always full of a rainbow of different kinky people, all with gorgeous smiles and even better banter

Want to apply for membership, try out a party, get to a fun social or even the amazing Karaoke Socials? Here’s your vetting form and tickets page

*All quotes are from the Climax Parties IG page and used with permission of the page owner. They remain copyright property of Climax Parties.

*Images are created by Midjourney Ai to try to capture the impression of the event and are not accurate in every detail. This is to protect privacy of guests and discretion of the locations. Photos at parties are a no-no.

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