The secrets that make fire play such a hot experience

Fireplay on the naked back of happy volunteer, performed by Fire Mistress Secrets

Secrets is the resident house Firebug at FutureParties, performing fire play and wax play scenes. The timid watch, fascinated, and the brave step up to undergo a unique experience in trust, sensuality and submission to the blonde Mistress of Fire.

Fireplay with wands, video

I’ve always liked to play where angels fear to tread. Starting out on my sensual adventures in 2013, I had no idea that 6 years later I’d be here now, far along a path that started with a tentative step and a small jump, deep down the rabbit hole and still spiralling through the wonderful world that lies just beneath the surface of conservative ethics and propriety of UK society. We find friendship. We find adventure. We experience new forms of love, knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and others. We find our place in the world. Our community. We find that being a good citizen, economic consumer and ploughing our souls into the treadmill of responsible ‘adulting’ is neither something we have to do, nor should. Our first responsibility is to ourselves, our inner child, and the inner child of those around us. Our first and only lifelong mission is to forge our lives into an endless adventure.

Yet a sense of adventure is fleeting. Nothing stays new and exciting for long. The first wobbly steps into a taste of hedonistic casual sex once seemed wild; now it seems banal. The first experience of sub-space, the first combinations of pain and pleasure, the first explorations of non-traditional gender roles, seem an eternity ago. Wild and exciting gradually become normal. The sense of wonder and exploration demands an appetite to try the unfamiliar. A taste for something spectacular. A desire to play with fire.

Fire wands on the back of a person with tattoos

Fire play takes various forms, but I use fire wands dipped in 70% Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) run over the body lightly, for sensation play and fear play elements, comparable to hot stone massages some say.  For flair and a bit of drama I use flash cotton too, which is basically what the magicians use, as it feels less intense for bottoms.

Secrets, Mistress of Fire
fireball flare on the back with fireplay

I have been privileged  (but occasionally received much needed but unpleasant lessons) to meet many types of dominant over the last few years. From the intensely psychologically strong, to the expertly skilled technician. From the powerful to the caring. The light-hearted to the sensual. Men, women and those somewhere in between. The very bad, to the very, very good.

Not all dominants are professionals, and not all professionals are dominant. When I was invited to be a fire bunny by Secrets, a lady with gentle confidence, a love for her craft and a wealth of experience, I had a sixth sense that I would be in for an experience that was deep, yet be carried out safely in her experienced hands.

I stripped down, bare skin exposed to the room of party-goers, lay on the antique dining table like a dish for the feast, and prepared to surrender to my newest sensory experience.

I’ve been fire playing for approximately 2.5 years. I caught on by seeing flash cotton at a event then doing research and was lucky enough to be mentored in early days by some local fireplayers, though it’s not so common.

Secrets, Mistress of Fire
fire wand to the foot

On my back, I feel a momentary flash of cool, followed by heat. It happens so quickly, I go to gasp as the intensity of the heat triggers my reflexes, yet by the time I draw breath it has gone, leaving a sense of deep relaxation in the area, without pain. Twice more, and my mind relaxes control completely, automatically trusting that the sensations of heat are no danger to me, that my lifelong response to the feeling that my skin is about to be burnt are fooling me, and surrendering completely to the experience. Never before have I found a way to relinquish control and slide into complete sub-space so quickly. I can’t see the fire, but the crowd gathers and watches. I barely register the ‘Oohs’ they breathe, as though they were watching fireworks and my bare skin was the canvas of the dark night sky. The fire wands slide over me, fast yet gentle, little ribbons of sensation, cool then hot, that snake across my skin in a millisecond, one after another, patterning over me. A river of flame. I could do this for hours, the momentary, just bearable heat relaxing me, taking me deeper with each caress of the fire wand.

I feel little isolated, hot fireballs on my back, like tiny explosions of flame. I see brightness through my closed eyes. Little fire bombs burn hot, then are gone in a flash. Without damage. Without pain. With a memory of a sensation, but no trace of the act. Like a lover in a dream.

She rouses me from my bliss, to turn me over. I see the fire now, arcs of flame darting across my skin from the fire wands, as they run over my chest, stomach, and down my arms where they feel less hot: The sensation to the arms is one of pure, pleasurable warmth.

fire play with wands to the back of the legs

The wands stroke across me, rivers of flame following them, quickly cupped and extinguished the moment they are felt. The wands touch my nipples, the heat makes me gasp, but again it is gone as soon as it’s registered. Little balls of what look like cotton wool are placed on me in a pattern and one of the onlookers is given a special flame to light them with. Each ball flares in turn before vanishing in a puff of smoke. The constant movement of the heat, the sense of theatre, and the utter trust one rapidly slips into are hypnotic. I could do this all day.

I’m pulled slowly up to sitting, and the onlookers are offered the chance to hold a fireball in their hands. The men shy away, nervous. The women grasp the flame and inhale with delight as it dances magically for a moment, before vanishing into the ether. The sense of wonder is rekindled.

Fireplay by Secrets, using Fire Wands at Futureparties

Catch the wonderful peer temperature play workshop at Gatwick Dungeon on the 18th May 2019 to learn some fire basics and how to incorporate fire, wax and sensation play into BDSM scenes.   

Fetlife members can read more about the fire play teaching event here

Follow Secrets on Twitter @mysecretXXX

Video recorded at FutureParties (FutureParties review here)

Photo credits Dream Visons, featuring scenes of Fireplay by Secrets (used with permission)

*All photos are of volunteers who have given informed, continuous, enthusiastic consent for the experience, and no persons were injured.

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