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Cocoa Muscovado- you’ve seen the Instagram. You’ve heard the stories. London’s new party event celebrating, elevating and respectfully catering to the fantasies of women of colour on the London party scene. Do you have what it takes to be selected? We chat with the organisers of Cocoa Muscovado to get the lowdown on what this party sensation is all about, why it’s needed and how you can get an invitation.

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How did Cocoa Muscovado (CM) get started?

Cocoa Muscovado was set up to facilitate a safe space to share experiences and make connections with other women of colour desiring to express themselves and be free in their sensuality and sexuality while keeping each other safe.

It started as a chat and social group for solo/single women of colour, who are navigating and exploring the sex-positive scene. Through the formation of the chat group, many of us noticed a lack of welcoming or reaffirming spaces on the scene for women of colour. We decided to remedy this by initially hosting brunches for solo WOC (women of colour) exploring the scene and then launching our first WOC centred play party in April 2023.

Cocoa Muscovado events are truly about curating a community of like-minded people, where everyone is on the same page regarding celebrating women of colour and sharing our values of consent, boundaries, respect, safe sex, connection, fun, safety and pleasure. 

What are Cocoa Muscovado Parties like?

Cocoa Muscovado events are Women Of Colour-focused adult play parties. We curate spaces where WOC are welcomed and encouraged to freely express and explore their sexuality. Our events cultivate a sex-positive environment, where women of colour (WOC) of colour are admired, celebrated, safe, respected and desired; rather than fetishized or objectified – which is how many of our members experience the scene overall.

Additionally, we also have social and community building events such as ladies-only brunches and activity outings. We hope to branch out to throwing mixed socials and more.

What makes CM unique?

Uniquely, CM is led by a collective of women of colour, with our team being a beautiful blend reflecting that diversity when often, the hosts’ backgrounds are composed of one particular racial/ethnic group or are predominantly male or M/F couples. We believe in the representation of all women of colour and want our team and parties to reflect that.

The fine details we put into our parties such as  a pressure-free social environment, signature cocktails and refreshments, interesting themes (Cocoachella, Cocoa Dreams), great music, licensed security, safety monitors and more.

Other unique dynamics, which are fast becoming our signature M.O. include the attention to the fine details we put into our parties such as  a pressure-free social environment, signature cocktails and refreshments, interesting themes (Cocoachella, Cocoa Dreams), great music, licensed security, safety monitors and more.

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Our two-part screening process is also a solid foundation for the events we curate, with our guests consistently noting its rigour and thoroughness along with the reassurance that all CM attendees have been through the same process. In addition to how we screen guests, we place a strong emphasis on their conduct and have a zero- tolerance policy for rule violations. This means we will ensure there is accountability, and that even means contacting the authorities, if needed– which is not commonly seen at many events. 

Furthermore, we also seek to create a safe space via our chat group that encourages and facilitates open dialogue amongst our members about their experiences. It’s also a platform for educating and empowering women of colour about sexual health and the lifestyle/scene while supporting their autonomy over their bodies and sexuality. 

Our two-part screening process is also a solid foundation for the events we curate, with our guests consistently noting its rigour and thoroughness

Who is the focus at Cocoa Muscovado?

Our events centre solo or single women of colour and those who admire and respect them without fetishization or objectification. Couples attend as individuals, and are happy to play solo. Our couples are aware of couples privilege, and mix and mingle with all guests. They know our events are not simply a ‘unicorn’ hunting ground. 

How do I join Cocoa Muscovado?

We share our upcoming event details on our website and socials (IG, Fetlife, and Twitter). We’re also lucky that our events are enthusiastically recommended via word of mouth by our returning guests. Potential guests must successfully complete the membership and screening process to access tickets for our events. 

The first part of screening consists of a written form or questionnaire that seeks to gauge one’s experience and knowledge of the scene and some important concepts. The second part is a video or call interview, that allows the CM (Cocoa Muscovado) team to better understand the type of person the applicant is.

If successful, guests are accepted as members, given access codes for tickets and added to our private mailing list. If added, guests must check their junk folder for our email, add us to their address book, and mark us as ‘not spam’, or as a contact!

What are the challenges Cocoa Muscovado faces?

One of the hardest things is finding enough venues that meet our standards and are scene-friendly. This seems to be common across the board with many organisers, so a lot of work takes place behind the scenes to secure places that will be suitable for each event we hold.

Juggling organising, hosting events and our day-to-day lives! As a team we voluntarily contribute our talents to CM on top of having jobs, families and other commitments, so finding the time to contribute to the vision of CM is a dedicated effort we all choose to make. We’re really lucky that we’ve formed a close-knit team that communicates, respects, supports and understands each other very well, which makes things easier, but it still requires work to build what has been the successful growth of CM so far.

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Another challenge is the time and effort it takes to do the rigorous screening process to ensure we have the right quality attendees that prioritise safety. This is something we do not take shortcuts around because it’s important and makes a difference. It means going through hundreds of written screening forms– which we read closely; and scheduling phone calls with applicants that pass. Calls are not casual or short either and are taken seriously. We want to get a feel for the type of person they are, whether they are a fit for the environment, and know how to conduct themselves. We do think it is mutually beneficial though– as the applicant also has a chance to ask organisers their own questions and see if we are a fit for them.

Why is Cocoa Muscovado needed on the London Party Scene?

Essentially, there is a gap in the scene where very few parties, spaces or places focus on women of colour and prioritises their safety and desires. In general, the UK scene is more racially diverse for men, but not so much for women. 

On the rare occasion when something focuses on racial diversity, for example “interracial” parties or even majority POC parties, it’s usually problematic. One can see instances where women of colour are viewed as a marketing tool to entice those seeking an ‘exotic’ experience aka racial fetishism and racial stereotypes. On the other hand, you can go to spaces and see where women of colour are also invisible and ignored too. Even worse situations exist too, where they are in lower quality spaces that do not prioritise their safety or have any standards. 

Women of colour also tend not to be catered to in ways that respect who they are or put their safety first. Often the scene places women of colour as sexual objects, for guests to do with as they please. These types of experiences in the scene all serve to disempower women of colour and diminish their right to enjoy their sexuality with safety and respect amongst people that look like them.

We define WOC as any woman who identifies as non-white. This means Black, Asian, Mixed, Middle Eastern/SWANA, Pacific Islander, Latinas of Colour, etc

We are passionate about being a space that turns all that on its head. We are passionate about providing additional spaces for women of colour on the scene. We are passionate about taking what we have heard and curating what is desired and needed by our women whose voices tend to be ignored and whose beauty is constantly graded against euro-centric standards when it comes to sex positive spaces and in greater society. 

These types of experiences in the scene all serve to disempower women of colour and diminish their right to enjoy their sexuality with safety and respect amongst people that look like them.

What sort of age range is welcome at CM events?

Our guests span between late 20s to early 50s and most attendees tend to be in their 30s to 40s. The most important thing for us is that guests are a right fit regardless of age and we use our screening process to gauge this. 

What is the minimum age you can attend?



“We visited Cocoa Muscovado’s slumber party and had such a great time! The entertainment was great, the cocktails delicious, and the clientele were incredibly sexy. We’ll definitely be back in future.”

“I’m still coming down from my high three days later! I attended Cocoachella on the weekend and was seriously impressed. The vetting process beforehand was thorough and made me feel secure as all the details that make an event safe for a person of colour to attend had not only been thought of but already taken care of. The venue was lavish and clean, the people on staff were friendly, professional and welcoming and set a good tone for the night. The gentlemen were smart, respectful and ever so fine! The ladies were friendly, and super sexy and everyone was ready to party! I was like a kid in a very adult sweet shop! Thank you CM for putting on such a well run event, I can’t wait for your next one xx”

“Cocoachella was so well organised, the whole team were so on point it’s hard to imagine anything being done better. The whole vibe was sexy, friendly and so much fun. The CM team are carving a space for WOC to be seen and I am HERE FOR IT! Bring on the next one x”

How did people find Cocoa Muscovado?

“My first and eagerly anticipated visit to a Cocoa Muscovado party and wow, did it live up to the hype! The excellent organisation and attention to detail were evident from the outset, from the initial thorough yet thoughtful vetting process, through to the build-up, clear instructions and arrival to the venue on the big night itself. Lavish setting, decorations, food and entertainment, relaxed vibes and a safe space, this party really had it all- not to mention the outrageously sexy guest-list of smart and like-minded people! I had an amazing time and would recommend CM wholeheartedly”

“Where to even beginnn. A lot of the verifications speak for themselves – CM is paving a way for something really special, and you can FEEL that electric throughout the evening. Exceptional crowd, attention to detail, music, vibes, food. A perfect intro into the scene for newbies, in a no pressure environment. Cannot wait to attend everyyy single one.. find me a better party! If it’s not Cocoa I’m not interested ;-)”

“The team threw an incredible party last Friday! The effort, organisation and attention to detail was immaculate and did not go unnoticed. It was a safe and relaxed space with amazing vibes. Their vetting process meant that everyone had the same level of maturity and behaviour. I went alone and felt welcomed and had an unforgettable night! Can’t wait for the next one!”

What’s the vibe like?

“Welcoming, inclusive, sexy vibes and good times with a great crowd.”

“Lots of great people that were easy to talk to and have fun with. Also very much driven around women of colour and there is no pressure at all to do anything.”

“Fun, relaxed atmosphere super sexy (like-minded) people. No drama! I felt comfortable to express myself in exactly the way I wanted without fear of judgement. So grateful the vetting process is as rigorous as it is. It makes me feel safe and takes away the bullshit micro-aggressions you sometimes have to deal with in other spaces.”

“Classy, well organised, great respectful guests and expertly organized”

“My first party. They created a group chat to get us all talking which set my expectations pretty high. The reality was interstellar. The collection of stunning people, the music, the food, the vibes! At all levels of experience and want to participate they’re amazing. It’s truly hard to believe there are better parties.”

“Big up Cocoa Muscovado! This organisation is fire. I was so impressed throughout the night. The hosts were amazing and so thoughtful. The attention to detail, the crowd, the vibe, the food, the cocktails was impressive. I’ve been to quite a few parties and this is definitely up there. I cannot wait for the next ones! I felt so comfortable coming by myself and conversing with both the women and the guys that attended. These events should be on your hotlist!”

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