How to decide to hire an escort -part 2

Thinking of hiring an escort for a threesome? Continuing from part 1, here are some considerations when choosing to hire an escort, call-girl or sex worker to join you for your fantasy.

The downsides if you hire an escort

You may be worried that your escort isn’t really enjoying it.

If you are an ethically-minded person, or get vicarious pleasure from the pleasure of others, the notion that an escort may not be into the threesome she’s having with you can be very off-putting. You can rest assured that when you hire an escort-

-Most escorts who are paid well love their job and love MFF threesomes. Even if they don’t have a strong physical urge for you in particular, they love doing a great job and making people happy. Most escorts say they can always find something beautiful to admire in everyone, and those who can’t will refuse you if they find you unattractive. If they don’t like threesomes, they won’t accept the booking. There are always other clients.

-If you seduce a unicorn for your threesome who is unpaid, there is no guarantee that she is massively enjoying it anyway. Women tend to fake it quite a lot, and often do sexual acts for reasons other than burning desire for these complete strangers they just met. But then, so do men.

-You can rest assured that even if your escort does not have a mind-blowing experience from assisting you with your first threesome, she will be happy to have done a nice thing for you both and enjoy feeling valued for her services. Money has tangible value.

You may be worried about STI’s if you hire an escort

This is a little bit of a misleading stigma. Most sex-workers with any sort of physical exposure, escorts included, are checked constantly for STIs. The clinics will usually give them top priority for testing and treatment, and they are scrupulously careful about exposing themselves to any risk that means they cannot work, so they use condoms for everything. Most are also on PrEP, vaccinated against Hep B and any Millennials or younger are almost certainly vaccinated against HPV.

There is a perception that escorts must be seeing 20 different clients a day, but with a few exceptions (which are generally horribly exploitative) this is not really the case. Many escorts work once a week or less, or have just a few regular clients who are very low risk as they see nobody else (because their wife has lost interest or they are alone). It is quite possible for some escorts to see less than 5 people in a year if they have regulars and only work part-time.

Swingers & STIs

Compare this to your single swinger woman looking to unicorn for couples. They are generally on an early trajectory of their ‘swinger career’ and out to explore, adventure and try new things with a lot of new people. If they are willing to entertain the thought of meeting a newbie couple for a threesome as a casual one-off, they are most likely doing similar things regularly with others. They may well be participating in group sex at swinger events, where hands, body parts and fluids can all get a little confusing.

This is not to stigmatise swinger women either- again, most are highly responsible, checked regularly and try to be careful to use condoms. Not all, but most. Yet the swinger scene is often known to have a wave of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Syphilis wash over it.

Whichever choice you make, take sensible precautions. Bare-backing is not appropriate for casual sex and non-monogamy.

You may be worried that you are participating in oppressing women

This is a real concern, when you hire an escort, however there are many women who are not victims of oppression, desperate life choices, trafficking, drug addiction and all the other desperately sad stories that make people reach for the quickest, fastest way to make money that they can. Most escorts are smart, savvy, independent women with a good business mind, who are simply capitalising on their appearance, skills and charm to try to get ahead in life. Escorting and sex-work is, for many, a choice. They do it because they want to, because they like the money, the lifestyle, meeting people, giving comfort and because they enjoy sex.

You can probably decide for yourself whether the woman you are choosing to hire for a threesome experience is actually oppressed.

It costs money to hire an escort

Everything in life does. The swinger website you pay to get enhanced features. The swinger event you go to to try to meet someone. Drinks, coat room, travel, clothing, hotels, you name it. The difference is, that you could easily spend £2000 a year at least on seeking your chance for a fantasy threesome with your partner without success. If you spend that sort of money to hire an escort (they are usually much less), you will get a lot for your money with a great deal of certainty. This week.

If you are not in a position to afford to hire someone for a threesome, you are likely to also struggle to afford to put in place the expected levels of luxury to lure a unicorn. A threesome may happen at some point, but it will not be something you have planned and controlled. For a unicorn hunter, this aspect of control and leading the dance can be important. So it may be worth ensuring your finances are in order before pursing the threesome goal. Just as you would ensure your relationship with your partner is strong and in a good place for it first.

The upside if you hire an escort


When you hire an escort, you are in control of the time, location and activities (provided they agree). For some partners who are concerned about possibly feeling jealous or insecure, the level to which an escort will agree to be directed (i.e, you can kiss me but not him) can actually feel quite comforting. Often strong emotions arise in unfamiliar situations, where we feel we are losing control. Being a paying customer and being able to plan the scene can help an anxious person retain an element of power over what is happening. Your escort will not start pursuing either of you for romance, sending you needy texts at midnight or expect a relationship with you.


If you are in a small town or close knit community, the chances of accidentally messaging a unicorn who turns out to be your boss, neighbour or mother in law is pretty high. Even in a large, anonymous place like London, the swing scene is still a pretty small world. If you want to insert some distance between your vanilla life and your threesome, hiring a professional to help you is certainly a good idea. Escorts are extremely discrete. They will usually arrive in plain casual or business clothes, complete their session with you and leave quietly. You can hire an escort to keep things quiet. They don’t need to know your job or what your mum is like.

Specificity of fantasies

There are few women in the world, let alone unicorns willing to have a one-off hookup with a couple, who want to cater to every detail of your fantasies. They have desires, likes and dislikes of their own. This means they will at least want you both to cater to their fantasies halfway. Probably all the way, since the unicorn is rare and unicorn hunting couples are in their millions. With an escort, you can absolutely design your session to your own tastes. Strict teacher? Sure. Motorboating? Why not. Wash you in the bath and pretend you are a puppy? No problem. No judgement.

Expert escort skills

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of any skill. When you hire a professional, they have generally had both an incentive to learn and plenty of opportunity to practice. If you hire an escort to play with your wife specifically as part of the scene, you also have a marvellous opportunity to learn some new skills that you will enjoy viewing and reliving with your beloved later. Equally, new positions, styles, grips and methods may be introduced that will spice up your routine long after your escort session has finished.

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How to hire an escort for a threesome

While with a normal online dating conversation you would build rapport with multiple back and forth messages, teasing, finding common interests and flirting, this is not appropriate with an escort. Escorts have a lot of time-wasters: people who message repeatedly wanting a chat, attention, or to toy with the notion of hiring someone while never actually doing so. If you don’t get to the point, she will assume you are a timewaster.

You don’t need to ramble on for pages with every detail of your fantasy- just highlight the important parts. Make it clear that you firmly intend to make a booking, and what you are hoping to achieve. For example:

Hi, I’m Geoff.

My wife and I (55 and 48) were hoping we could arrange to book you for a threesome experience on Saturday or Sunday afternoon this week, any time after 2pm for three hours. We are located in the TN1 postcode of Tunbridge Wells and would like an outcall. For our fantasy experience, we would ideally love you to show up in a business suit and high heels, come inside and have tea with us, pretending that you have come to sell us life insurance. We would then like to seduce you together, and have you first give my wife her first bisexual experience while I watch, and then call me over to join you both for oral and intercourse. After that, we would love for you to cuddle in bed with us both and then shower together (we have a big shower). We have read your rates, terms and conditions and are happy with all of this. Would you be available for this please?

Many thanks, Geoff

She can either get back to you to finalise any details like the full address, phone number and maybe ask you to send photos (generally just of your faces), arrange a time and book you in, or advise that she won’t be able to help you with this. Many (but not all) escorts do, in fact request photos, to be sure that she will be able to enjoy the experience with you, that you aren’t someone she knows from outside of this line of work and so she knows she has the right people when you do meet.

Give your escort really clear directions on where a car can park, how to find you, whether to ring the doorbell or call on arrival, and be waiting ready for her (outcalls). If you are going to her (incall) be sure you’ve understood the time to get there, allowed for traffic and that you know what to do when you arrive. The premises may be her own house, a hotel or a venue used by several other escorts in a nice apartment with multiple rooms, so treat the neighbours and the property respectfully and enter and leave with discretion.

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Things to remember with your escort

Your escort will charge you twice the normal rate as it’s 2 people. Keeping one person happy is work. Your escort will be trying to please both of you, not just physically, but by ensuring you are both feeling good about the experience, enjoying yourselves and making sure the pace and variety is suiting you both.

Keep your partner involved and happy. You can discuss the idea together, look at some sites you feel comfortable with and look at photos of the escorts together, read the profile and pick one or two out that you both really like the look of. It is important that you are both equally enthusiastic and have had time to think it over before committing to a booking. Discuss your boundaries, expectations and what things you are hoping to try, so you can communicate them to your escort effectively when you go to book.

Make sure you’ve arranged a suitable space. Book the hotel well in advance. If it is at your house, make sure it is clean and tidy throughout, especially the bathroom and bedroom. Set the mood with some nice lighting, music and leave yourself time to get dressed up for the event and feel in the mood.

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