How to Hunt Unicorns in 5 Easy Steps

Want to know how to hunt unicorns? Want to find a unicorn for your fantasy MFF threesome? This video will take you through the basics you need to know to ensure your best chances of success.

I’ve taught pick up for vanillas. I’ve written a whole book on how to hunt unicorns for the complete beginner. I’ve run for 6 years to reveal every nuance of the real, lived alternative scene in London, without marketing BS and big budgets swaying the narrative. Yet I’m always being asked to distill this down into a highly personalised 3-word magic wand that will turn my fellow conversationalist into the Don Juan of threesomes.

I can’t quite do that, my lovely libertines, but for those who prefer a non-written format, I can give you a quick breakdown of what you’ll need to put in place with your partner to make sure you can achieve a great MFF – the menage et trois of dreams. The unicorn threesome.

How to hunt unicorns in five easy steps

Hunting unicorns the easy way

A lot of people take issue with unicorn hunting as a hobby (or sport) but I maintain it is ethically neutral. As with any skill set, the morality lies in how you use it. Plenty of swingers love unicorn hunting and the fact that you happen to be a couple doesn’t mean that you are going to use and abuse your new lady-friend.

It does mean that your potential targets will likely be very cautious, however, so knowing how to present yourself to ensure you all have a good time and nobody feels hurt, disempowered or used is an art to master beyond the initial pick-up theory. Or, as it is now called ‘the art of the approach’.

Couple with single woman by Ai. Are they hunting unicorns?  Why go unicorn hunting?  How to hunt unicorns
Ai of a man with two women

I made this video 4 years ago, and other than the apparent disappearance of the Thrinder app, it all still holds true. As a nation- indeed as a planet, we all recently had to face down how short life can really be. A huge number of people have come to the scene to tick off their bucket list, have adventures and explore what it means to live their best life. This applies to single women as well as couples, as any woman who got stuck with a vanilla for two years and no social life can tell you.

Is unicorn hunting unethical?

The notion that we need to restrict the way we form our connections comes from bitter, bad experience of many people. Unicorn Hunting is often a term of derision, especially among the polyamorous, because of male privilege, couples privilege and the male gaze. Two against one (especially when those two know each other, work together, and are not the ones going home alone afterwards, can be a fundamentally disempowering dynamic for your unicorn lady.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little learning, insight and human respect, we can all be free to explore the many dynamics of sex, connection and even relationships free of the classic monogamous heteronormative dynamic.

Why hunt unicorns?

For the coupled male, there is a lifetime of pornographic fantasy material to draw on. A sense of power, prestige, feeling desirable. The hyperstimulation of all the curves at once. The visuals. The joy of partaking in a new adventure with a trusted partner. The joy of seeing your partner in a new sexual light.

Cute couple created by Ai.  Do they hunt unicorns?  Are they ENM?
Ai of a couple

For the coupled woman, there can be a reignition of desire, seeing her man attracting another woman. Converting him from the slob who doesn’t pick up his socks into a sexy beast that other women want. The joy of watching him. The joy of pleasing him, seeing him happy and excited. The joy of feeling like your relationship is sexy, deep and special. Bonny and Clyde. The joy of exploring bicurious and bisexual identities with a woman without leaving the safety net of your existing relationship.

Why do unicorns like threesomes?

For the single woman joining the threesome, there is an element of freedom. Of power. Of embracing your independent, sexual self and being desired and prized. Of the hardness of male skin and the softness of female skin against you at the same time. The primal horny urge of the man fuelling the air with pheromones and the gentle embrace of the arms and folds of another woman at once. A delicious, decadent experience to bring the focus completely into the moment, away from considerations of long term compatibility and focussing on being the one to do the pleasing.

~Couple hunting unicorns. Ai generated image of swinger topics to illustrate chat GPT generated swinger advice
Ai of unicorn hunters

Of course, not all threesomes go that way. Most don’t. There can be jealousy, power struggles, disrespect and casual disregard. Most couples are not very good at unicorn hunting and making sure she lives her fantasy too. But they should be. That’s why I wrote the book.

The skills are learnable, and beyond that it just takes a shift in perspective to make yourselves exactly what your unicorn woman is looking for.

Take the time to treat it as a social art and your libertine adventure will be well underway.


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