Temples of Eros review & how to embrace primal play fighting

Temples of Eros review- primal sensual spirituality and the animalistic play fighting workshop was a new kind of event. Recently, much of the sex-positive scene has moved from straight-up conventional sex parties and swinger events to a more holistic approach. It’s not about going somewhere to score. About using cheesy pickup lines or selecting the hottest person to conquer for the evening as a form of social sport. This is about something else.

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You studio with people in a circle, made by Ai to show Temples of Eros review ambiance
Depiction of spiritual workshop by Midjourney Ai. All images have been created by Ai to illustrate the feeling of the event and protect the confidentiality of the attendees

What is Temples of Eros?

Temples of Eros is part of what I might call the ‘California movement’ of sex-positive events. It’s based in London, sponsored by Joyclub.com and brings together Burning Man vibes, a rediscovery of bohemian philosophy from the 70’s and healthy living from cultures around the world, including South America, Yogic practice and deep transcendental bodywork to heal, grow and connect.

What happened at the primal play fighting workshop?

The day began with an in depth, well-attended workshop on primal play fighting. After sitting cross-legged in a circle around a large mat, expectations were discussed, along with safety, boundaries and the reasons for primal play being such an important part of rediscovering ourselves. I missed the start (can TFL workers please get their payrise so we can have our lives back?) and came in just as the playfighting was about to begin. The event organisers and volunteers were delightful, with a serene, welcoming vibe and quickly got me up to speed.

We sat in a ring around the central mat, where a volunteer came into the centre, stated the kind of play fight they would like to have and someone who wanted to participate could come join. Fights were 2 minutes long ending with a bell and both people set their intentions, boundaries and limitations at the start. Fights ranged from childish, playground style teasing to animalistic play, to flowing flexible expressive dance style movements, to competitive wrestling style with an objective to pin your opponent. All fights required at least one knee to stay on the ground, reducing risk of injury. The focus was on connection to yourself, your inner primal nature and your opponent.

What was the Feeling at Temples of Eros Play fighting workshop?

The space was body-positive, gender-inclusive (including gender non-binary) and sex-positive. There was no overt sexual interactions during the workshop, though, being more about sensuality and connection to one’s animal nature.

They say no one can meet you on a deeper level than they have met themselves, and indeed after a few tough years globally, many of us feel disconnected from ourselves, our instincts and those around us. We need to reconnect our root chakras and learn to feel at peace with ourselves, love for ourselves and for each other again as humans. As spirits. As the animal within.

Midjourney Ai imagining of a primal dance party workshop in a yoga studio, for temple of eros review and primal play fighting workshop.  People with tiger heads posing

I was initially concerned that as a no-alcohol event people would struggle to feel relaxed and mingle, however the event was guided and led from the time I arrived to when I left. This meant nobody was stood around feeling shy or isolated. The guidance and activities helped us feel safe, included and helped us to gently form connections with the other attendees, slowly learning more about how they self-identified, what their feelings and concerns were, their aspirations and their beauty within.

Ai imagining of a primal animal play workshop such as the one by Temples of Eros

What’s the crowd like at Temples of Eros?

The crowd was a mixture of people looking to embrace their inner animal, explore themselves and their connection with others through guided play, fighting, dance and touch. Many of the people were very conventionally very attractive (probably through doing a lot of workshops to connect with their physicality) but also moved beautifully, with femininity, masculinity, strength, grace and powerful serenity. This really wasn’t the focus though. It was a gentle journey allowing us to see the people beneath their shells, with vulnerability in a safe space. Everyone was welcome and included.

Gender non binary burner crowd at primal dance workshop by Ai

I made a MFF play fight at Temples of Eros Primal Workshop

I only participated in one play fight: A competitive wrestling-only fight with two woman against one man, which was my expressed wish at the start. It was great fun, completely exhausting and highly physical, despite only lasting two minutes – it felt like 10. I think we all managed to pin someone and also be pinned, so winners all round. Afterwards we joined hands in a gesture of strength and gentleness before sitting back to back for a few minutes, catching our breath and coming back to earth. The circle gave feedback of what they thought of the fight. The words were all positive, descriptive and full of praise.

Two people in black and white dancing together at a tango workshop by Ai for Temples of Eros review

Why was the play fighting at Temple of Eros Primal workshop so good?

Watching the fights was also wonderful and for those who may not yet feel ready for the full physicality of fighting in the circle, there is still a mesmerizing value to watching. The primal nature was explored from playful and kitten-like to wild and fierce, with 2, 3 or 4 people partaking. Each fight told a story, fulfilled a wish for a momentary experience of connectedness to the self and others and demonstrated a beauty in diversity. Because the fights were so crafted to capture a feeling, a moment, and experiment with the scene in a playful nature, they were beautiful, entrancing and drew the whole circle into feeling a part of each one.

Animal play primal workshop in a yoga studio by Ai

There was an interval for light snacks and water (some was provided, but people could also bring their own.) The fare was mainly vegan, with hummus, things to dip, olives and light bites, before we came back for the second half.

What did the playfighting do?

As each fight was built anew, people became more and more creative with their ideas for crafting these two minute encounters, and they varied from a biting contest to a silly verbal insults (non-contact) competition. There was a wonderful mixture between fierce animalistic energy, gentle playfulness and laughter in what felt a safe space- not just safe from the perspective of property and consent, but safe to release and relax a little. Safe to show yourself as you really are.

Temple of eros by Ai Midjourney imagining the event

After the workshop some people stayed on for the Temples of Eros event. The space was transformed for the next round of activities and people changed attire. There was quite a variety of costume choice, with colourful sarongs, lingerie, animal ears and more casual looks. You won’t need to worry about your choice of shoes, everything is barefoot.

Primal Dance workhop with burning man crowd at Temple of Eros by Ai Midjourney

Temples of Eros Party

The Temples of Eros now became a space to connect in a primal way through dance, with a wonderful instructor leading us through exercises to loosen our tension, connect to our bodies and free our over-thinking minds from trauma, fear and inhibition. The evening was led, with the dance moving from a focus on ourselves, connecting our bodies to our spirits and onto forming connection with each other through exercises with eye contact, coming close together, scent and light touch, as well as exploring and playing with non-verbal acts of seduction and boundaries. Toying with someone to draw them in, then pushing them away and reframing, redirecting and pulling them back.

Animal play party by Ai
Midjourney Ai captured the spirit of the event here, if not the look

Who would love Temples of Eros?

Temples of Eros would be right for you if you are looking to work on healing, developing your skills to connect with others, if you love the Burner community and you love dance, yoga or other body-focussed activities. The movement away from ‘sex’ as a goal and making it a natural continuum of ourselves, body and spirit, an act of connection with ourselves and others that flows without force is a wonderfully healing practice.

Temples of Eros encourages people to socialise and join social media groups on Facebook and Telegram to build connection before an event, to join socials and workshops before Temple, as well as boundaries and consent workshops for complete beginners. You can make connection with the Temples of Eros community at:

Facebook Group Temples of Eros

Instagram Temples of Eros

Temples of Eros Website

Is Temples of Eros and the Primal Play Fighting workshop right for you?

Verdict – 😊✔

GUESTS ARE APPROACHABLE – There is a wonderful sense of serenity, gentle curiosity to learn about each other and no need for alcohol (which is not allowed) to feel a part of things
ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE – the focus at this event was not on finding the most conventionally attractive people, yet there were many people there who were physically beautiful. more than this, everyone was much more attractive as we all came to connect to our hearts and spirits through the guided activities
SWINGING FRIENDLY (PROVISION, ATTITUDES) – a sex-positive space rather than a swinger party. sex may be involved asw the natural conclusion of connection that is built throughout the day and evening, but is not the ultimate goal. expecting it to be a swinger party would bring the wrong sort of energy to the event. the temples of eros party itself was equipped with a ‘fluid friendly’ area, a play fighting area, a non-sexual chill out area and many mats, cusions and soft flooring to give a wonderfully spiritual bohemian vibe, almost like glamping in a giant yurt
KINK FRIENDLY – the play fighting could be considered a form of bdsm, or at least ‘bdsm adjacent’ and there were some explorations of the theme of dominance and control. it was not, however, a kink party in the classic sense
TRANS-INCLUSIVE – ALL GENDER IDENTITIES COMPLETELY WELCOME. TRANS PEOPLE AND ENBIES IN ATTENDANCE and there are tickets designed for gender non-binary persons. UNISEX single BATHROOM, nudity or non-nudity was all fine for the event regardless of gender identity
BODY SHAPE INCLUSIVE – IT’S A VERY BODY POSITIVE EVENT, WITH PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES, so there should be no concern as when you share of yourself and connect, everyone will see how beautiful you are
AGE INCLUSIVE – YES, OVER 18. BROAD AGE SPREAD, MOST PROBABLY 25-40. Age is not a factor in participating, though if you have stiff hips or injuries it would be best to speak to the organisers beforehand so they can try to accomodate what you need
RACIALLY INCLUSIVE – People of different ethnic identities in attendance, there is no issue with racial differences in this crowd. We are all humans, connected by intention to learn and explore
COUPLES – couples tickets available to purchase. the activities will mix people up so you will not be with your partner all the time. everyone is encouraged to bring a person of a different gender if they can to try to ensure diversity
SINGLE WOMEN – completely safe and welcoming for single women. there is no apparent couples privelege at play, everyone is participating as an individual
SINGLE GUYS – single guys welcome, no higher ticket prices or special restrictions. Respectful behaviour expected. Not a place to cruise for hook-ups. Respect pronouns and do not assume sexuality based on appearance. The ratios for tickets are controlled to ensure a good mix of genders
AFFORDABLE AND VALUE FOR MONEY- the workshop was £50 or workshop with temple was £100, or £180 for a mixed gender couples ticket. You wont need (or be able to) buy any alcohol though, and you can bring your own drinks and snacks, so you wont have the bar, cloakroom and other costs that typically add up at an event
SAFE – you can arrive in casual clothing, change at the venue and leave your things in the changing room. the outer door is not accessible from the outside when pulled closed. the fellow attendees are unlikely to want the bad karma of stealing anything. it is a generous, sharing space that is gently guided and well monitored, so extremely safe (though i got a little rug burn to my knee from the playfighting). playfighting has the possibility, despite all measures, to cause injury, so some level of risk-aware-consentual responsibility must be accepted by the attendees
SPACIOUS – the numbers were perfect and there was no issue with space. the studio is light an airy with high ceilings
WELL EQUIPPED – the venue is planned and laid out with a mixture of celestial temple luxury and practical planning to make a variety of open spaces to move around and use approriately, with many soft and padded areas in a free-flow open plan style
DIFFERENTIAL COUPLES PRICING- £20 discount for mixed gender couple for the workshop and temple party together, though you do not need to be a romantic pairing to use this
ROCK UP LAST MINUTE WITH A FRIEND? – Tickets are sold in advance, though there may be a few available near the date
TRANSPORT- This event was in Stoke Newington, London, and required a bus from the narest tube station. For drivers (and there is no alcohol there, so why not?) there is free parking nearby
DISABLED ACCESS? – The studio was all on a single level, however the workshop was quite physical and we sat cross-legged for a long time for the play fighting circle. if you have any physical issues or need provision to be made to fully enjoy the event please discuss with the staff in advance. there was no strobe lighting and the volume was not excessive. some activities (such as extended eye contact, entering the personal space of a relative stranger, or physical contact) may be challenging for some people, whether due to trauma, culture, neurodiversity or natural disposition. the events are designed for those who are in a place where they can self-manage their own physical and mental health needs and express their boundaries well

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