Sex party hosting tips

Today, I have been having fun.

Today, I have been posting up little decorating and party hosting tips to Pinterest and Instagram. In the style of any such tips, life hacks and projects you might see there.

Here are some of my sex party hosting tips. Just because it’s an orgy, it doesn’t make it uncivilised.

Anything looks a bit special with some gleaming surfaces and unnecessary golden rice lights. 😉

Ensure your guests are hydrated and feel cared for with sparkling water and champagne in crystal flutes, all nicely laid out and lit from behind with some multicoloured rice lights.

Have a little kink box or pile with some non intimidating, shareable toys to encourage sensual play and break the ice. Playful fun is always sexy. Rushing off to pull something from the back of a drawer when you remember about it isn’t.

A small pinwheel is an inexpensive and fun sensual toy.

A proper violet wand kit can set you back thousands- this little one came from EBay for under £20 and is a rare enough toy to get your guests playfully trying out its little crackling static sensations and relaxing.

Rope can be good fun for some playful light restraint. Be careful that nobody gets capricious with it. Shibari is an art form that takes years to master in order to perform properly and safely.

Make sure everyone feels included and plays safely by providing a selection of condoms in different brands, sizes and latex free options. Don’t forget dental dams for safe oral on the women!

Protect your mattresses and other soft furnishings that might become potential play surfaces with a good quality waterproof sheet. Luxury throws and sensuous fabrics can be used on top for a quality, sensual feel.

Always ensure toys are cleaned with soap and water before properly sterilising. Remember: with toys that contact body fluids or are used internally – if it can’t be heat sterilised, it’s not safe for sharing.

Nothing changes the ambience like a red light. Switch a bulb or use a red sharpie to temporarily change it for a sultry, seductive hue.

Long gone are the days of pampas grass and pineapple on cocktail sticks. Put a little effort into transforming your everyday space into a luxury boudoir or sex dungeon and create the relaxing yet steamy ambiance to bring out the sensual side in your guests. Put a little love into them, and all being well they will pump a little love back into you. 😉

Happy hunting my baby ducklings


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  1. Be sure to pick a playlist that will last the entirety of your party. Never let your guests fuck with the music. Nothing kills a carefully curated vibe faster than some twat putting on Be’Witched.

  2. Baz … absolutely right. We’d also say ‘Your Party, Your Playlist’, tweak the playlist for what makes YOU feel right and in the right frame of mind … if the hosts are happy, then you’re going to happy guests. If the guests aren’t happy, then they’re not the right people for your party.

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