Events review: Friday night at Future Parties as a Single Woman


It’s one of the few events, even these days, that I’d comfortably attend completely alone as a woman.

Future Parties has carved a little niche for itself in the diverse and somewhat congested  London swing and kink scenes, for walking the line with panache, between savvy, professional flair and intimate gathering of close, sexy friends.  They marked their one-year anniversary and host’s birthday this September weekend, with a ‘Back to school’ themed dress-up house-party.

The invitations and publicity have a home-spun feel, nothing like the huge media budgets that large commercial swinger events plough into making their image feel glamorous to new customers.  Rather than a website, there’s a private Instagram and Fetlife account; all slightly cool and underground.

Usually fetish attire, this party gave a cheeky nod to the season and a classic retro swinger party theme – school uniforms.  After all, what ties in better with a little recreational corporal punishment between consenting adults? Dressed for the part in tartan mini-skirt, black leather harness and with hair in bunches,  I was all set to dive into the Future Parties anniversary kink night.

The Future Parties rules are simple, and work really well:  Absolutely everything requires explicit consent.  Never interrupt a ‘scene’.  Don’t behave like a knob.

A large breasted dark haired woman looks sidelong at the camera

The house windows were lit with a seductive red glow that told me I was in the right place.  Coming in, I was greeted by a beautiful young lady who checked my ticket and directed me where to go, and the stunning birthday girl (and one of the party organizers), Mistress Sarah.  She was dressed in a shiny black PVC cincher, black lace top with pencil skirt and killer heels, every inch the strict sexy teacher of any submissive’s fantasy.

The guests were all creatively dressed to the theme, with lots of suits, mortarboards, checked skirts and every humorous, sexy or latex permutation to the outfit that one might imagine.  The St. Andrew’s Cross and spanking benches stood in one room with their guest DJ of the night playing, one of the House Doms presenting his hand-made chain mail floggers for admiration.

Spanking bench with tools

The kink world is one in which you often meet people who you admire for their dedication.  Whether it’s the impact Dom who trains 4 times a week to have the right level of strength and control, the Shibari rope-tying expert, who takes weekly lessons and practices constantly for years to safely master the art form, or the craftsman who designs and creates their own floggers or fetish-wear, often taking months of love and sweat to turn out a single piece.  Kink parties are as much a place to share and show your skill and love for your hobby as they are anything else.  It is always wonderful to see a thing of beauty, carefully crafted by someone so passionate about their fetish.

beautiful red haired woman being flogged against a cross by a dominant bearded man
Lion and Rusé Rouge of Roar Parties demonstrate some skilled impact play

I asked Master Scott to try out these chain mail floggers on me as the house photographer asked my consent to take a photo.  Master Scott agreed and I stood at the St. Andrew’s cross feeling the weight of the lovingly crafted floggers on my skin, like cold, heavy fingers.  It was interesting.

Bearded man shows chains

It’s a great place to learn about all sorts of people and different kinks.  It’s a really safe and caring space.

In the kitchen, along with a table full of the BYOB, were what I consider the signs of love and care from the hosts: bowls of sweets, and the favourite food of swingers everywhere, hot chicken wings.  Future Parties normally run for 8 hours, which flies by but still leaves one glad of sustenance, especially if partaking in more energetic frolics.

A red haired woman lies on a spanking bench while her face is caressed by a dom
Photo by PKK photography

Upstairs were three ‘red rooms’ – playrooms with large beds for more conventional sex, and one with a spanking bench which had a most entertaining Spanish newbie tied to it, giggling and occasionally shrieking rapidly in Spanish as a beautiful milky-skinned lady lightly spanked his bare bottom.  She had a little arena of watchers on the sofas in a circle around her, riveted by the antics.  I was quite transfixed by this myself, more by the comedy value than the kink.  I later found out that the sofa space there eventually turned into a big cuddle pile, which I was disappointed not to have been a part of.

Future Parties is really friendly.  everyone is equal as an individual and everyone is welcome.

One of the nicer aspects of the general kink scene and Future Parties particularly, is that people tend to stick around for longer.  Any self-respecting deviant doesn’t nip on and off the scene like they might as a vanilla swinger, when they are single or dating a conventional type.  They haven’t come to kink events to tick a box, generally speaking.  They have come to find their people- their own kind.  People who accept them as they are.  Who support them.  Who see their kinks as charmingly unique at least, a shared passion to bond over at best.  They’ve come to make friends.

a pair of large breasts in a corset top decorated with wax droplets and braided hair
Wax play

I spoke to a tall, dark-haired chap with a nice smile who had come alone to his first party, as the friends who invited him were running late.  I saw him again at the end of the night and asked him what he thought, as he reassembled his attire, ready to leave.  “Really friendly.  Welcoming.  Fun.”

Having been before, I’ve noticed that although there are always plenty of new people, there are also always lots of regulars who gradually build friendships and connections with you.  Pretty soon, coming to an event isn’t just about trying out something spicy and excitingly dangerous- it’s a reunion with all your best friends.  It’s coming home.

I saw one such lady tonight, looking amazing in her latex dress, as always, beaming with happiness and soft, beautiful skin as she was transitioning.  Future Parties is explicitly trans-inclusive.  It’s specifically created to be welcoming to anyone, with good behaviour being the main criteria.  I must say, I found respect and adherence to the rules to be exemplary.  Nobody was rude, pushy or came anywhere near me without invitation and explicit, continuous consent.

A smiling woman with lipstick and braided hair in a harness top
Miss Genie

Other familiar faces showed up all through the night, an endless stream of happy memories, sexy outfits, and kisses from everyone.  Mistress Genie , the other half of the sizzling Future Parties duo, with her hair in bunches and looking wickedly divine in her Head Girl costume, was flitting merrily between the guests.  Endlessly upbeat with what must surely be the world’s best perfume, dazzling smile and husky laugh, she has the kind of happy, sexy energy that you wish you could bottle and drink.

Confident bearded man in latex waistcoat with arms crossed

One special treat this evening was an opportunity to witness the skills of Master Avi, house Dominant at Future Parties, and probably half the London fetish scene.  Good male dominants are rare, and professional male dominants tend to be seen and treated like rock stars once they gain a little notoriety.  Getting an opportunity to scene with a well-known dom is, therefore, quite a rarity.  They are endlessly booked up at events, from start to finish, and often well in advance of their arrival.  I believe I’d originally requested to scene sometime back in April.

Patience, today at least, paid off and I was finally whisked onto the spanking bench and exposed to a variety of expertly controlled impact play with a variety of high caliber, professional tools that I cannot even name.  Such was the level of expertise that I must have sunk into sub-space, because I cannot recount the details and took quite some time after to return to earth.

A lot of swinger events, especially the entry-level commercial ones, are relatively tame, only allowing a very narrow range of potential activities; Full swap couples, threesomes with a woman, a little light exhibitionism.  The kink scene is a lot more open and accepting than this, though however widespread certain fetishes may be, most events will have quite strict rules about what may and may not take place – some do not even permit sex or nudity.  Very few will allow things like needle-play.

Photo by PKK Photography

Future Parties is different.  Although sex and swinging are allowed, it is primarily a kink night and you will see a lot of sensory domination and impact play, rope and toys. Because different fetishes and sexual orientations are catered for so well, it’s possible that at some events the less experienced or more tender-minded guest might see something they weren’t expecting.  Well, suck it up, buttercup.  Future Parties is a little more than a kink event; its name harks to a subtle utopian movement towards a society of equality and acceptance for all.  If witnessing someone else’s sexuality or tastes take you out of your comfort zone just because they are different from yours, then it’s time you made your world a little bigger.

Overall, Future Parties do friendly, welcoming and diverse kink and swing events that are for everyone, have a little of everything and provide outstanding value for money.

😊Guests are approachable – prides itself on being friendly
😊 Attractive people – definitely
😊 Swinging friendly (provision, attitudes)
😊 Kink friendly (dungeon equipment, attitudes, and attire.  Allows more kink variety than almost any other party venue)
😊 Trans-inclusive – extremely.  Not only inclusive but also dressing is positively encouraged on invitations
😊 Body shape inclusive
😊 Age inclusive (generally 20s-50s)
😊 Couples (probably about 30-50% of attendees are couples.  Poly situations also catered for, tickets are sold for individuals).
😊 Single women (allowed and plentiful)
😊 Single guys (allowed)
😊Affordable and value for money (all tickets are priced the same for everyone.  Some of the parties have earlybird options which are the cheapest, from £15 previously.  Extremely good value event for single men.  You also bring your own drinks and alcohol which makes it a cheap night.  Nights generally have up to 8 hours of playtime, which means transport is running when you leave in the morning as well)
😊 Safe (security, greeters on the door, manned cloakroom, excellent behaviour standards)
😊 Nice venues – vary from opulent mansions with heated pool and hot tub to full dungeon premises to house parties
😊 Well equiped and staffed (furniture, large dungeon equipment, experienced house doms, riggers and serving subs on hand)
😊NO differential gender pricing
😊 NO differential couples pricing
😊 Options to chat online with other guests to make friends and get to know people before you arrive
😣Rock up last minute with a friend? Nope.  All tickets are sold in advance, and often sell out well ahead.  Parties are usually once every couple of months on a Friday
😐Easy to get in? All new attendees are admitted on the recommendation of a regular guest, or must be vetted directly by the hosts
😐Transport – as locations vary, so does transport.  Instructions as to the most sensible route by public transport or where to park are sent with invitations.  Locations are generally between zones 2 and 5 in North-East, West or South London.  Previous locations have sometimes been tricky to spot, however, this has been improved at recent nights

Want to cast your hat in the ring to be a part of it?


Twitter: FutureParties

Fetlife:  Future_Parties

Instagram: Future Parties

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