Le Boudoir- Friday as a single woman -the best?

Friday nights at Le Boudoir – are they worth it?

**UPDATE – Le Boudoir has new premises! This was written a couple of years ago, and I’ll be attending their new venue soon to update you on what the new place is like!

woman in lingerie - would love to meet her at Le Boudoir!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll have noticed that in-person events are really where it’s at when it comes to meeting people, making connections and fulfilling your fantasies.  The swing and kink scene is experiencing the most popular revival as a lifestyle since the swinging sixties and everything underground is blossoming at the surface, with apps, websites and events easier to find and access than ever before.  The variety of venue styles, speciality niche kinks and how to access events encompasses a mind-boggling array.  If you are somewhere remote, you’ll probably need to travel to find the right place for you – but this is London.  In London, the choice is overwhelming.  One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and you might hate one venue and love another.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at one of my favourite places.  I returned after a year’s absence, with a group of friends after a social (drinks and chat meeting for swingers.  If it was a kink social it would be called a munch) nearby, and brought the fresh eyes of one of my lovely single lady friends who hadn’t been before.  So how was the night?

‘It’s super classy and they give you free mixers!’

How to get in at Le Boudoir, London

No spur of the moment adventures at Le Boudoir!  You need to be a member, fully signed up well in advance online, as a couple, single male or single female, and pay an annual membership.  You’ll also have to reserve your spot on the guest list for that night in advance, or you won’t be allowed in.  Places often sell out before the event and if you are a single male there will only be a restricted number allowed in. 

You’ll need to send a full-length photo (not looking like a scruffbag) and use your real name and address- ID will be required on your first visit.  This is strictly a member’s only club.  If you want to bring a guest they will need to go through the same vetting.  That being said, there is no set age limit or appearance that is expected, unlike many places that market themselves as ‘elite’.  It’s trans-friendly, kink-friendly, bi-friendly and well…just a friendly place.

Gentlemen will need to wear a shirt with a collar to come in.  There’s a lovely big changing room with lockers, a large mirror, great lighting and even a shower, so if you want to be head to toe in rubber, you don’t need to worry about arriving indiscreetly.

How to find Le Boudoir

As with most things of interest in London, the hidden speak-easy style of the exterior and figuring out if you are in the right place is all part of the challenge.  Having been before, I knew where it was.  It’s near Aldgate station.  The rest, my darlings, is up to you.

How was the night at Le Boudoir

My friend came to lose her LB virginity with our group on the Friday, and as she walked in she said ‘I love it already!’

There was a subtle exotic perfume in the foyer, white feathered lampshades and a certain promise of sensual exploits to be had beyond the next door.  I saw the owner, Dave, who greeted us along with some lovely ladies behind the desk and we were passed into the capable hands of their ‘House Dom’ complete with tuxedo, who greeted us with sparkly collars with our names on.  The new house dom was actually a chap I’d met a few years before at my friend’s birthday, where I’d arranged for her birthday present to be to lap-dance for cash from all the attendees – which she loved, but that night is a different story.

‘A cheap, fun night out, the clientele is really good’

The layout at Le Boudoir

We went through the doors into the main room, a disco-lounge area with leather sofas, dance floor, stripper pole, and music; everything already well underway with a buzzing atmosphere as people mingled, flirted and had some drinks before deciding which frolics they were going to enjoy that evening.  A beautiful woman who was clearly an off-duty professional dancer ascended the pole and performed spontaneously, mesmerizing the crowd with her skill. 

We put our alcohol in the fridge (the bar is self-service: you bring your own alcohol and label it, but soft drinks and ice are available.  It certainly makes for a saving compared to most events!) and went through to change into our selected attire.  My friend wore a lacy body stocking with corset, I wore suspenders and a black rubber dress, my new ‘Miss Alice’ collar around my neck.  As I knew the venue I took my friend on a little tour, something the House Dom would normally do for new patrons.

The place was laid out over four floors, with a little outside area for people to sit and smoke, snuggly blankets hanging up by the door so as not to freeze our delicate derrieres in lingerie.  A striking, tall, black, security man popped in and out around the club, chatting to the guests and making sure all was well.  He’s quite an approachable chap, despite his imposing presence, and laughingly allowed me to examine his pecs for firmness.  I gave him full points.

Going down at Le Boudoir

Down the spiral staircase was an Austin-Powers style round bed, with a ‘wand’ vibrator plugged into the wall, presumably for general use.  Tucked into the corner was the ‘headmaster’s room’, decorated as a library with a school desk and cane.  The door was locked as I went past though, so I assume someone had already commandeered it for private frolics.

Down more stairs, we descended into the bowels of the building:  The dungeon zone!  A darkened hallway had a series of little rooms to either side; doors with glory holes along one side, the ‘dark room’ and the dungeon on the other.  I peered into the dark room and couldn’t see anyone, but being rather choosy about who I will play with, I felt it might not be the room for me. 

Into the dungeon we went, and there stood a crowd in a semi-circle, watching as a beautiful woman slid into subspace on a spanking bench, the expert attentions of her dom and his floggers pinking her exposed cheeks.  The dungeon was well laid out, St Andrew’s Cross, benches, cages and even a sex swing in the corner.  Any piece of large dungeon equipment you might want was there, yet in terms of smaller toys guests are expected to bring their own.  It was deliciously dark in the dungeon, a slight reddish glow the only illumination, setting the mood.

Getting high at Le Boudoir

We moved on to the ‘Tantric room’, as I believe it is called, right up the stairs to the top floor. It’s a quieter room to talk to people, among other things, with soft, low lighting that would make the most body-conscious of people lose their inhibitions, where a number of seats are arranged and three double beds are laid out, as well as one giant bed with a mirrored ceiling, specifically suggestive of exhibitionistic group sex.  It was empty for now, but later I’d be on it, with a dryly sarcastic new acquaintance I met that night. 

I do love a bit of dry humour.  The cute face and defined eight-pack of his torso was really just a nice bonus, as was his stunning girth that unfortunately managed to split 2 extra-large condoms in the space of 5 minutes, calling a halt to our frolics with a lovely auburn-haired friend of mine.  Despite the inclusiveness of the event, or perhaps because of it, it is possible to find some conventionally very attractive people at LB nights; at least as many as those events that market themselves as ‘under 35’, ‘elite’ or ‘exclusive’.

What is the Friday Like?

Friday night is ‘single guy night’, and a number of single men are allowed to attend.  It is substantially more expensive for them than to attend than a single woman (£10) and there are many couples.  I was approached by two single men I’d chatted to earlier while at play on the bed.  I told them that it was a private play session and they backed off and went away.  For me, an element of exhibitionism and public play adds to the fun, however, had I wanted to, there are several private lockable rooms with beds near the dance floor area downstairs, clean, equipped and with full air conditioning.

Friday night is cheaper for couples to attend than the Saturday, however, if a couple is new to swinging and concerned that they might feel intimidated by the presence of single men, they should start with the Saturday.  Saturday is couples and single women only, so your classic aspiring unicorn hunters will likely feel more comfortable.  As a single woman, however, or hotwife/cuckold/stag setup (as some good friends of mine that night were), Friday nights are your best bet. 

The venue hosts other nights as well, such as ‘Bi-night’ on some Wednesdays, which is especially TG/TS/TV/CD friendly and is a quieter evening where people with the same interests can focus on what they have come to do.  There are different themed nights, put on in association with some of the swinger apps, so check the website and make sure that the night you are attending is the one that will best meet your tastes.

How do I sign up for Le Boudoir?


The evening truly does fly by in a blur of conversation, dancing, dungeon play or sex, depending on what you have decided on.  My night ended with a somewhat forlorn look from a delicious dark-haired man in glasses that I’d been talking to, but not progressed things with, as he left the venue.  I had given him my card to contact me.  Call me dude?

My friend, the LB virgin, disappeared off to get better acquainted with a tall, suave silver fox who took her to the dungeon, much to her delight.  We met up again at the end of the night, her flushed in post-orgasmic glow and gushing about sexual exploits around the venue.  I have the feeling she’ll be back.

‘It’s a great place to dip your feet into everything because there’s a little bit of everything there!’

Evaluation of Le Boudoir:

😊Guests are approachable 
😊 Attractive people (I’m choosy and I found a fair few)
😊 Swinging friendly (provision, attitudes) 
😊 Kink friendly (dungeon, attitudes and attire)
😊 Trans-inclusive 
😊 Body shape inclusive 
😊 Age inclusive (generally 20s-40s on the night I went)
😊 Couples (allowed and plentiful)
😊 Single women (allowed and plentiful)
😊 Single guys (only some nights)
😊Affordable and value for money (‘single guy’ is the most expensive option, as with most events.  Bringing alcohol still makes it a cheaper night.  Up to 6 hours of party time if you arrive promptly)
😊 Safe (lockers, security, front desk, secure cloakroom, no public access to venue)
😊 Spacious (4 floors, multiple rooms, not overcrowded)
😊 Well equipt (central socialising room, separate private rooms, play rooms, dungeon, facilities)
😣 differential gender pricing
😣 differential couples pricing
😣Rock up last minute with a friend? Not a chance.  Must be a member and place reserved for the night
😐Easy to get a membership (yes for single women and couples, not always for single men- also check hairstyles and appearance guidelines
😐Transport (easy by tube, free overnight parking is on some side roads but you have to look around for space)

LB is an amazing place!  When you think of a sex club, you think there’s potential to be seedy and sleazy but that’s not the case.  First you walk in and the smell is amazing (whatever candle they use, I want it!)

Written with thanks to Spartan Warrior Sub for her fresh eyes and quotes

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