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Professional fetish model? Kinky amateur? Just getting started? Is the place for you to get seen and be one of our models or photographers?

Where will my photos feature? focussed on the swinger, kink, LGBTQIA+ and alternative scene in London UK, providing ideas, guidance, event reviews and top tips from people of note in the wonderful world of kink and swinging. The blog posts are free to access, free for the people who feature and devoid of commercial interests, advertising BS and ways to grab your money. We don’t sell your data, spam you or farm your info in any way. How is this possible? Because the site is NON COMMERCIAL.

You can click an affiliate link, buy a book or even some UHB merchandise if you want to support its existence, but you don’t have to. In a world where big promoters would have you believe everyone at their event is a supermodel, UHB aims to show the scene as it really is. The good, the bad, and sometimes the tragically sad. UHB seeks to push back against the sensationalism and ‘freak show’ filter the mainstream media uses to portray those who have chosen an alternative life. A life of polyamory, BDSM, unconventional sexual desires and connections. Our community. Our friendships.

loving girlfriend hugging black boyfriend on bridge
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The ways we love and support each other and try to build a world that is inclusive. A world that is fair. A world that is safe. A better world than the vanillas have made.

What kind of content does carry?

The blog posts vary from interviews to event reviews, from pick up tips for swingers to mental health issues on the scene. From unicorn hunting to hotwifing. From LGBT to BDSM. This blog seeks to help those who struggle with issues that come up, rationalise some of the pitfalls and devise ways to find fun, joy and meaning in the little world we have created. It is a record of the reality, a celebration of the wonderful people who make this scene what it is, right here and now, and an attempt to stand on the right side of history by making choices that support and include people.

The blog posts are illustrated with photos- some are from volunteers, some are from Ai, some are heavily edited (to change age, gender, etc), some are collaborative, some are used with permission from the events and people featured, and some are simply stock images.

Green eyed woman in black jumper with long hair
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How can there be an anti-capitalist website?

Because UHB is non-commercial (and we don’t charge anyone to feature- so it’s a great way to find out about new and upcoming events-they just have to be a good, fun event) we don’t make money and we don’t pay contributors for writing or photos.

two women play wrestling in a cage

What’s the benefits of letting UHB use my photos if I model?

What do you get? You get credit and a link to your social media or website, which can help you build followers and improve your SEO. You get to keep ownership of your image, and you are welcome to reuse it elsewhere. You get to help make this site representative of the real community- age, ethnicity, body shape, disability. And you get to be part of the record of the real alternative scene in London, in an era when the mainstream media is hell-bent on mocking and demonising.

hand made flogger chains worn by model for photo

What should the model photos be of?

Photos can be of many things. Mainly, arty photos of adult humans.

-Emotive images showing a feeling, such as joy, rage, desire, sorrow or lonliness

-Images that include kinkwear, alt looks and other signs that you belong to the kink community

-Images with 3 or more people of mixed genders, showing emotional intimacy or dramatic feelings

-Artwork you have created as an alternative to photos

-Images which help promote diversity, LGBT visibility, body positivity, sex positivity and kink positivity. Representation matters.

There are some limits for models and photos:

-You have to have ownership of the photo. You will keep ownership, but grant UHB the right to show the image, with credit, in perpetuity. Some blog posts may be removed (if a reviewed event has closed down, for example), and some will be there for a long time. Images may be used in different blog posts on different topics within the theme of the site, to illustrate thoughts, feelings and situations where appropriate to the text. It is not possible to run the context of each topic or their position within it past every model each time.

fishnet stockings and cuffs on model in photo

-Images all have to be consenting adults (over 18), who are happy to be in the photo in this context.

-There are limits to nudity and how graphic they can be- if Facebook wouldn’t like it, it won’t be suitable. Equally, BDSM injuries, however consensual, cannot feature. It isn’t a porn site, it is a guidance site.

heavily altered image with facemask in phot of model

-Faces, though not always necessary, are helpful. A blurred out face or cropped head loses the expressions, and also makes the person look objectified– that is not the aim. As an alternative, feel free to Facetune the image until you are no longer recognisable, if you wish. Though Ai and Photoshop have some bad press, on UHB we consider it just another form of art, which comes with its own skills, and allows a range of creativity that could not be easily expressed with classic photography

-Links to sites or social media given should be expected to last a long time- though nobody knows the future, checking for broken links or having to remove things involves a lot of extra work

tall black man with party mask and handcuffs. A great model!
Shadow Dimitri in a collaborative photo- a wonderful model!

Is it instant fame to model for UHB?

Images may not be used immediately- this does not mean they are not good or not appreciated, but it means that they will be stored for use when a topic comes up that they fit into naturally

We will not sell on your pictures to anyone

Snippets of the blog post, including photos, may be included when each blog post is released, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to help encourage people to read it

You are welcome to link to any blog post you feature in on your own site or social media, so your followers can see how you have featured and build your portfolio.

Is UHB expecting free labour and ‘work for exposure’ from models?

No, I’m offering you free advertising for your skills, if you want it. I’d love to be able to hire people, but then someone, somewhere, has to be charged to generate the funding. And then UHB would lose its freedom to be honest, in the quest for the almighty pound. It’s nice to be able to help great people, great events and great businesses get started, even when they are small and don’t have the money to promote the way large (and often crappy) ones do. Our quest for utopia outside of conventional living needs a different mindset.

I feel like I’d like more coverage from my model photos

Do an interview, write about your venue, event, business or give top tips, advice and 101‘s to the UHB community. It’s free!

Alice Hunter sometimes does collaborations, paid and unpaid, for other sites. Your photos will not be used for these, and only be used for UHB.

Drop me a message on Instagram for more details

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