Fire Workshop at the Gatwick Dungeon – Wax and Fire play

Want to learn about the beautiful BDSM niche kink of wax play and fire play? There’s one safe way. With the expert, at a workshop, in a dungeon: A fire workshop.

A flaming shape is made on the back of a volunteer as part of a fireplay workshop by Secrets
Photo courtesy of Dreamvisions

All persons in the images and descriptions contained within this article are partaking with informed, explicit and enthusiastic consent, and no persons were harmed. The acts performed are by a skilled expert and you are advised not to attempt to replicate these acts without first taking professional instruction.

I have often joked, when someone arranges a party beyond the reaches of the London Underground, that Londoners burst into flames when they try to cross the M25. Yet I did both. And it was no bad thing.

Photo courtesy of Dreamvisions

Secrets’ Intermediate level temperature play workshop was indeed beyond the realms of the M25, down in the green pastures of Sussex, hidden away in the Gatwick Dungeon. I arrived to a crew of subtle and overt kinksters already assembled, impact toys displayed for sale in the foyer. Into the dungeon I went, kink furniture temporarily re-purposed as seating, to see what I would learn about this rare and spectacular form of BDSM. Not beginners, mind you. Not basic entry-level 101 of fire play- no. Today, we were ‘intermediate’.

Photo courtesy of Dreamvisions

Secrets is a compelling teacher. Self-described ‘fluffy sadist’, she not only demonstrates the wonders of fire play, safety measures and how to build and buy your equipment, store it and prepare it, but does it all with a charming and easy-to follow narrative. If it wasn’t for the fact she was teaching you how to do some seriously adult, hard-core kink, the workshop would be great at a children’s birthday party.

Photo courtesy of Dreamvisions

In addition to the demonstrations with eager volunteers, the workshop is a hands-on opportunity to try for yourself and learn the subtle touches, techniques and flourishes that make fire play such a spectacular form of kink play. We saw the fire wands. The ‘fire bombs’, with isopropyl alcohol spray. The flash cotton. The fire trails, running like a river of flame across the skin before being deftly extinguished by an experienced hand. The ways to up the torment, the complexity. The predicament play of hot wax candles positioned along the body, ready to spill onto the skin with the slightest motion. The beauty of the wax pouring.

Alice Hunter tries a little fireplay A

For someone with a high pain threshold or a lot of experience, wax play can seem a little dull. They need something more to drift them into sub space. Or so you might think. The workshop showed ways to up the intensity of wax play- make the sensations stronger and combine it with other play forms to really bring it to an exquisite experience at the forefront.

Alice Hunter prepares for a little impact play with a happy volunteer at the after party

Throughout all, there is a focus on the sensuous, and the sensation. How to control, increase and intensify the experience for the person bottoming for you. How to control, position safely and seamlessly, and integrate the highly technical aspects of the play into the scene as a whole.

How the removal of wax, sometimes seen as an irritating clean up, can be made into a thrilling and sensuous experience with the use of the right tools, expertly wielded. How it melds beautifully with knife play.

Shibari bound volunteer submits for wax play
Wax play demonstration
Photo Courtesy of Dreamvisions

It is a workshop where you come away instantly wanting to find and buy all sorts of things, to practice your new-found skills.

Then, of course, there was the private after-party.

Secrets caresses a shibari-tied demonstration volunteer with a vampire glove
Photo courtesy of Dreamvisions

The next Temperature Play workshop is in 2023. Space is limited so book early to secure your place or get on the waiting list.

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