Event review: Little Black Book as a single woman

Two French Maids and a Spartan Warrior at Little Black Book Parties, March 2019

The London scene is, more than ever, blossoming wonderful underground parties. Away from the media spin and marketing budgets of the commercial events organisers, the back-thrust of grass-roots party hosts, with ethics and ideals beyond the almighty buck, are entrenching themselves in the soul and geography of the big smoke of 2019.

Attending an event as a single woman is always a roll of the dice. Will you be safe? Will you be respected? Will you be there as a customer or as bait to draw their real customers in?

The single woman party reviews are an opportunity to explore the less commercial side of the London swing and kink scene, as the most prized yet vulnerable of guests. The single woman. The unicorn reviews exist only to recommend safe and empowering spaces for women to be. If an event doesn’t meet these criteria, it won’t get a review. Where women are safe and empowered, we all are. We hunt the unicorn of equality.

a woman in black lingerie stands with shadows of blinds falling on her skin

Let’s have a look at Little Black Book parties. Led by our host Logan, fun and reassuring in equal measure, we hear the whisper of Little Black Book:

At Little Black Book we host private adult parties in different locations across London.

30 lovely guests (singles and couples), one private apartment, lots of music, drinks and sexy vibes πŸ™‚

We do not ignore the heteronormative nature of the swinging scene so we aim to create a safe environment for all people to have fun. Our intimacy is what makes us unique.

We are all about fun first. We don’t want the elite guests, we want the fun ones.

β€œBecause debauchery needs company.”

Logan, Organiser of Little Black Books

What a delightfully mysterious yet alluring ethos. Who could resist?

The Little Black Books party host and honoured guest in costume as a killer clown and a dark angel

A request to join, followed by a carefully thought out vetting form, which enables the hosts to match up a perfect fit of guest interests and preferences, the parties walk the line between selectively intimate and jovial social occasions. The material in the lead up is well thought through. Reassuring. The final day details of the address even have a photo of the door, a blessed grace in the age of London’s infamous treasure hunt to actually locate the venue, tottering in heels.

There’s an option to join a kik group before the event and talk to your fellow party goers. We joke around, flirt and discuss costume ideas. We see beautiful profile pictures and whet our appetite for the new delights the night will hold.

I arrive with my fellow single lady friend, greeted at the door by a beautiful lady I recognise from years ago, dressed as a French maid who takes our coats and shows us around. We slip into a side room, where I change into my catwoman costume with latex dress, abundant lubricant and dextrous friend helping me to slide into it. Mask on, and we are ready!

The venue is comfortable, well lit and clean. It has the vibe of a happy house party, some guests in the kitchen preparing drinks and chatting away. Costumes abound, a few superheroes join me in my marvel/DC league. We may have a movie in the making?

Throughout the night, guests are attractive, personable and friendly. Whether the host has a knack for picking fun mellow souls, or like attracts like, one can only speculate. He appears, white contact lenses for his costume making me jump slightly (killer clown phobia?) but throughout the night he’s active, about, chatting and running the party with a cool relaxed decorum that anyone who’s run even a single party would enviously wish to emulate.

Though the parties are not about a person or single personality, one cannot but help feel the influence of the host. It feels safe, welcoming and respectful. The men are far from pushy, yet chat happily when approached. There is no sniff of trouble or bad vibes; it’s a happy, friendly house party of the kind you might wish to have been invited to as an 18 year old, yet with a naughty, kinky twist.

A table laid out with kink toys at Little Black Book parties

Between dancing to the music (each guest gets to pick two songs), the entertaining costumes, the popcorn on the table and the mix of old and new friends, there is plenty of opportunity to slip away into the bedrooms. I see some threesomes taking place, pre-positioned kink toys at the ready on the table. Great traditional British hospitality is not left at the door just because kink is welcome. Far from it. Never has a spanking paddle and rope set been set out more like a traditional tea tray.

A beautiful lady I know has come dressed as a boxer, complete with gloves and gives me (at my request) my first experience of a little impact play with boxing gloves- very enjoyable indeed!

A sexy friend has come as Black Widow, BDSM restraints temporarily re-purposed as toy gun holsters. The vibe is cheeky, naughty, happily relaxed and above all, friendly. Never has a place seemed easier to walk up to a stranger and open a conversation that feels bonding. I end up giving a complete stranger a back massage by the end of the evening.

Is Little Black Book the place for you? It’s not the most kinky or extreme event I’ve seen, yet it is happy and it is fun. It would be a great place to go if you are a cool and friendly person, who likes a bit of swinging or some light kink in the mix, and likes a very safe, happy social vibe with a high number of conventionally attractive guests. I’d happily go every Saturday night, but alas, they are not quite so frequent.

black and white photo of male and female body entwined

😊 GUESTS ARE APPROACHABLE – Really friendly and mellow vibes

😊 ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE – DEFINITELY. A variety of looks, backgrounds, nationalities. There’s no set appearance requirement during vetting, the host just has a knack for drawing in hotties.


😊 KINK FRIENDLY (Light equipment, ATTITUDES, AND ATTIRE.  Kink play permitted but not necessarily expected)

😊 AGE INCLUSIVE. Ages at this party were 20’s to 50’s, but nobody appeared to be over 40.

😊  TRANS-INCLUSIVE – though I did not see any (identifiable) transgender people at this night. Nights are made up of suitable mixtures of people who will play well together. The vetting form allows you to clarify your sexual preferences and is not exclusionary of any groups, including bi men (and I do so love my bi men!)

😊 COUPLES (Probably around 15% of the guests at this event were couples. Tickets are sold as individuals. No couples-privilege in evidence.

😊  SINGLE GUYS (Allowed and plentiful, standard of behaviour was great)

😊 AFFORDABLE AND VALUE FOR MONEY (all tickets priced the same, at £20-40 each depending on size and venue, which is great value, especially for single men. BYOB drinks and mixers help to make it a great-priced evening. Up to 6 hours of playtime.

😊 SAFE (Security by the host, who has the exact mixture of calm confident presence and symmetrical undamaged features that suggest he’s never lost a fight), greeted on the door, coat-rail with beautiful french maid to greet you on entry, bags were put together and nothing was taken, though there are no lockers and no manned coat room. Excellent respectful behaviour and well-monitored party

😊 NICE VENUE –house parties at different locations. this was a spacious 2 bedroom flat in central London with a big dancing area in the living room and a large kitchen. Unfortunately the balcony was not open on the night I went.

😊 Plenty of space to move, play and dance. Some light kink equipment available for general use. Light snacks available. Parties are limited to 30 people, which ensures there is always plenty of room and an intimate atmosphere



😊 Chat group available to get to know the other guests before you arrive

😐 EASY TO GET IN? All new guests are vetted by the host and rules are made clear in advance. Guests must be aged 21+. Easy to find from the directions. Was up some stairs so may not have been great for disabled access.

😊 ROCK UP LAST MINUTE WITH A FRIEND? Maybe. If you have been fully vetted and can vouch for your friend. Be aware, the parties usually sell out well in advance, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

😊 TRANSPORT – There was free parking right outside and the tube station would have been minutes to walk from. Locations vary, but are in Zone 1 or 2, London

Little Black Book is now also running FREE socials, where you can mix and mingle with other LBB party-goers in a relaxed social setting before trying a full play party.

Want to cast your hat in the ring to be a part of it? Contact Little Black Book Parties here:

Kik: littleblackbookparty

Fetlife: little_blackbook

Instagram: littleblackbookparty

**update: Little Black Book Party is an adults-only event in London and is in no way affiliated to the book series of a similar name or other brands using this description for their events.

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