OnlyFans: the last refuge from social media censorship?

Why OnlyFans? Censorship. We hear about it all the time. We are told that it protects people from damaging content. Mysterious key words flag your content as ‘too adult’ and them bam! Your post is removed, you get a sanction, a warning, an account deletion or have your posts limited.

The Evil Censorship of my Social Media – why OnlyFans

I have social media accounts a fair few places. Here’s where the are, and what they’ve done.


(@unicornhuntingpro): Banned from paying them to advertise, forever, for promoting my book, Unicorns and How to Hunt Them. Deleted my link to an interview with JustSwingers, hid all my posts for 2 weeks and has said I’m at risk of having my account deleted. Sanctioned for posting interview with swinger app 3fun

unicorns and how to hunt them kindle book image.  Too adult not to be hit by the censor.  Moving to OnlyFans


Banned from advertising as a swinger guidance book is classified as ‘too adult’. Bodice rippers are fine of course.


(@unicornhuntingb): Mercifully doesn’t seem to ban anything at all, yet fills my feed with hardcore porn videos, bot followers and buries posts every 5 minutes in a torrent of other stuff.


(@unicornhuntingblog): Took down a story post I made asking people NOT to send me nudes. Deletes about 1 in 5 pieces of content I make (with no violence, no nudity and not even any naughty words). Has limited my account, visibility and banned me from doing livestream for posting a story that simply said people could go to my OnlyFans to see content that Instagram kept removing- also devoid of nudity!


(@unicornhuntingblog): Remember a few years ago when everyone left Tumblr in disgust for their change of rules and censorship? What a joke. It’s probably the only place that never took down my content, and I regularly see some pretty hardcore porn on there too. Probably now the LEAST censoring of the social media.


Randomly blocks content. I now label almost everything as over 18 only, which means it won’t play as an embedded video directly in my blog, and this was pretty much the whole reason I even use it in the first place. Refuses text and links, including hyperlinks to My own site!

3 fun image, dating swinger app site. Apparently enough for the censor.  Time for Onlyfans!
Apparently the interview upset the censor

Why am I censored except on OnlyFans?

Now, lovely libertines, you may have noticed there are many things this blog site is not. It is not a hookup app. It is not porn. It is devoid of violence, graphic sex scenes and anything else you might imagine would count it as hard core. It’s a free, unbiased information site. An anthropological study of the urban alternative sexuality scene. A little community space where people can share the reality of their world, passions and record their lived experience within it.

Yet it’s ‘too adult’ for GoogleAds (who wants ads anyway), almost any monetisation features, and won’t show if you have your kiddy filter on the wifi. Despite the fact that it would barely be a PG12 if it was rated as a movie.

Censorship from unsplash.  Censor?  Off to onlyfans!
Silencing women is a longstanding issue

Beating the Censors

If you are a writer or content producer in this world of vaguely adult themes, anything that promotes non-monogamy, sexual empowerment or sex positivity, you’ll totally feel my pain with this. For this reason, I’ve done the following:

I’ve made an OnlyFans page (and verification for some reason took about 8 tries- because, unsurprisingly, I don’t show full face on my social media?) This is where I’m going to be able to talk in more detail about things, without having to make vague references like some sort of Victorian novelist. I’m not planning on getting naked. And you can sign up totally free.

What’s on my OnlyFans?

I’ll make you regular video content about the swing scene, in just the way I’d have like to be able to everywhere else. For those who want something advanced, and to really know my secrets? I’ll run some premium content by message weekly, that you can choose to view or not. If not, no payment. Regular, old fashioned pick up tuition (like I used to teach) will cost you upwards of £3000 a course. My content is set to minimum pricing.

Alice Hunterlooking saucy in a mask about to beat the censors
Some women view being silenced as a challenge

It will be a course that will take you through a series of exercises to teach you my own personal method of pickup. No negging, no alpha male posturing, no set steps to remember. The less of an alpha male you are? The better this will work for you. And the more you’ll enjoy it.

Why teach pickup on OnlyFans?

I used to teach men conventional pickup. This is my own, better way. This is how I, previously shy, introverted, slightly depressing, awkward, borderline incel woman that I was, with no special looks or natural social skill, pick up women. Especially women who aren’t even gay. Women for threesomes. Women for group. Women for parties. Women who set out that evening with no plan that I would be part of the night. Pickup, the art of the approach, is just a tool. Whether you use it for good or evil is up to you.

So, lovely libertines, sexy writers and content creators, to join me both at Sexy Ink. and on OnlyFans. Because I’m really tired of not being able to say ‘cock’ online. New adventures are beginning, I want to share them. Share the insights. Share the experience. Share the joy and the pitfalls. So follow me on OnlyFans and we can finally have the conversations that we really should have been having all along. Though I did type in a description for a video saying ‘how to get people on dating apps to meet you‘ and it told me I couldn’t use the word meet. Perhaps censorship really is everywhere after all.

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