7 Types of Orgasms and How to Have Them

By Sarah Duke

Having an orgasm is an integral part of the sexual experience. But talking about them can be seen as taboo. This has caused some people to think that there is only one type of orgasm that they can experience. This isn’t true. There are actually multiple types of orgasms and plenty of ways to achieve them.

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1.      Clitoral Orgasms

Let’s start by talking about one of the most common types of orgasms. These orgasms come from stimulating the clitoris. They usually will involve involuntary pelvic contractions. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. You might use a hand, or your partner can use their tongue. Usually, you’ll need to experiment to find the type of strokes that create the most pleasure for you.

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2.      G-Spot Orgasms

One of the most pleasurable experiences that you can have is a G-spot orgasm. It can trigger a powerful release. To have this type of orgasm, you will first need to find the G-spot. Gently feel along the vagina wall with your finger. As you do this, you should come across a ridged or spongy zone. Gently touching this area will trigger a strong orgasm.

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3.      Erogenous Zones

One of the most sensitive types of experiences that you can have is an erogenous zone orgasm. Interestingly, these don’t have to be triggered by sexual experiences. An erogenous zone is a sensitive part of your body. This could be your chest, ears, or lips. Stimulating these areas can produce a sensation that is similar to the one felt during an orgasm.

There are a few ways you can have this type of orgasm. You might want to get your partner to kiss these areas. Or you can ask that they gently stroke them. Whatever brings you the most pleasure. This can be a great way to build your physical intimacy with your partner, without needing to be sexual.

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4.      Anal Orgasms

Interestingly, anal sex can also trigger an orgasm. This is because of the perineum. This is the sensitive layer of skin that lies between the vagina and the clitoris. During anal sex, this area gets stimulated. This can produce intense orgasms. This is why a lot of people enjoy having anal sex. Interestingly, men can also orgasm using this method. The key is locating the prostate. When stimulated in the right way, it can produce very powerful orgasms.

There are a few ways that you can experience an anal orgasm. You might want to use a penis or a dildo. However, another good choice is to use a prostate massager. If you are interested in trying this for yourself, check out this guide to prostate massagers to tell you what you should be looking for.

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5.      Female Ejaculation

During sex, some women might feel like they need to urinate. Often, this occurs when you are stimulating the G-spot. This could be a sign that you are about to have a female ejaculation. Experiencing this type of orgasm is easy. When you feel this sensation, let go. This will result in the release of a fluid. For some women, this can be a powerful spray, for others a few drops. All that matters is that it pleases you.

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6.      Pelvic Orgasm

One of the most powerful types of male orgasms you can experience is known as a pelvic orgasm. The best way to do this is by bringing yourself to the verge of ejaculation. Then, stopping the stimulation. The more you do this, the more powerful it will feel when you do allow yourself to release.

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7.      Combination Orgasm

Finally, you might want to try a combination orgasm. As the name suggests, this combines multiple orgasms together. The best way to achieve this by having multiple types of orgasms in the same session. For example, you might want to start with some foreplay. During this, you might have an erogenous zone orgasm. Then, you can move on to clitoral, G-spot, or anal orgasms.

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There are dozens of ways that you will be able to get an orgasm. This goes for both men and women. This shows the benefits of being able to experiment in the bedroom. Trying new sexual activities will bring new types of orgasms, opening up the potential for a new world of pleasure.

My name is Sarah Duke, I’m a writer/journalist working on several sites dedicated to gardening, home, health, sex. I am 28 years old and I am a mother of two. My husband is very understanding, we’ve been together for 8 years. We always talk openly about sex, about our desires, which is very useful for mutual satisfaction. This was not always the case, and at the beginning of our relationship, I was shy. My husband had a hard time in my emancipation. But then I myself became interested in sexual self-development. To this day, I study scientific articles on sexuality, enlightening my friends and readers.

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