Happy February 14th: The Valentine’s Day Poem for Swingers

Feeling like the libertine lifestyle has left you a little lonely on Valentine’s day? Here is a special poem, from me to you.

Wilted rose 🥀

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I used to quite like someone

Maybe that’s you.

Bruises are blue

And corpses are green,

A scatter of fractured hearts

Litter the scene.

Souls turn to black

And tears run to red,

A hundred more follies

Climb into my bed.

Minds break like glass

And love turns to dust,

We can’t quite stop choosing

The one we can’t trust.

Fire turns to ashes

And dreams turn to smoke

No one can fix all 

The people they broke.

The tables of restaurants

All laid for two,

Sold out in the crush to shout,

‘We’re valued too!’

Cards sell for money

And flowers wilt fast,

Our culture projects us

At dreams that won’t last.

Fools turn to comfort

And cowards to shame,

The righteous will always

Need someone to blame.

“The angels have fallen;

They lie in the dust,

In circles of feathers,

Condemned by their lust!

“The outcasts are devils,

You see by their tale;

Their evil has destined them

Always to fail!”

Yet thorns turn to roses

And snow turns to sun,

As one story ends then

Another’s begun.

The skies are for angels,

The sunlight, and sparrows;

Not struck down by chubby

Young toddlers with arrows.

In three weeks I promise you

softness and sweet

No grieving for loss

Nor a life incomplete.

The emptiness filled

With a pleasure divine

As earthly delights have their

High holy time.

So take it in slowly-

Slip it inside.

Taste more of this delicate,

Sensual bride.

For lemons are yellow

And honey is gold;

And pancake day’s just as good

When all is told.

Happy February my fallen angels. You are beautiful just as you are.  


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  1. What a fine way with words you have my fair young lady.

    On this day of fake romance
    I’ll raise my champagne glass,
    To evenings in our AP pants,
    And warm days to collapse
    On big beds in The Bush,
    With gorgeous men, perhaps?

    The highs and the lows,
    Endorphins aplenty,
    Throughout together anastomose.
    The men they may have come and gone,
    But from that a friendship grows.

    And so to my lovely A
    I wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
    May the Cupids be shot down from the sky,
    And the roses wilt, wither and die.
    The M&S meals burn in the oven,
    And all the men who wronged us never be forgiven.


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