Playing away with Jo Divine

Jo Divine? Although is, and remains, non-commercial, Alice Hunter has acquired a frisky bit on the side.

Exactly what is, and is not, promotional can be a bit of a grey area in a blog of this nature. Reviews of events and apps are not paid for, there are no sponsors. Everything on here is arranged to be free of such influence.

Yet I kind of want to brag a bit. So I’m saying here that I’ve written two posts for them, and there should be more to come. The posts won’t be on, they will only be on Jo Divine. Unicornhunting continues unchanged.

Jo Divine is a wonderful, supportive, open minded and inclusive sex accessory and toy retailer who campaign to promote sexual pleasure and empowerment for all, including advising those who are new to buying toys and lubricants, those who have disabilities, health issues and have experienced surgery.

I’ve therefore teamed up with them to do some blogs on their site.

-My author profile and introductory blog is here: Alice Hunter Comes to Play

-And my first full blog post for them is here: seducing vegans

As well as quotes by my usual band of sexual deviants, swingers and friends, there is a special vegan love potion recipe created by the beautiful vegan chef and youtuber Tytania Rose, just for us. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Please do have a read, my lovely libertines


Jo Divine Sex Toys, accessories and lubricants website logo and link

Update on the Jo Divine writing

I ended up writing quite a few articles for Jo Divine, covering topics from swinging to kink to sexual technique advice and even a little evolutionary biology!  You can check out the Jo Divine blog posts by Alice Hunter here.

If you want to hire Alice Hunter to write blogs, content, edit, proofread or do some SEO, please get in contact. remains non-commercial, however Alice Hunter is definitely for rent.

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