Ai poetry about swinging, kink & polyamory-can you do better?

Ai poetry? Apparently Ai is going to replace writers, artists and content producers with its instantaneous, SEO enabled copy. Can it replicate feelings yet? Can it be relatable? Chat GPT was used to drum up some poetic content on a few topics I write about. I don’t do a lot of poetry (mostly they are darkly humorous private odes to friends of how they are adored) but I’ve done a little poetic and lyrical writing. Let’s see if Ai can capture a feeling. Images, obviously, by Ai at nightcafe

Dominant man worshipped by submissive woman by Ai

A poem about unrequited love on the swing scene by Ai – Ai poetry by Chat GPT

In shadows’ dance, a tale unfolds,

Of love’s desire that remains untold.

A heart, entwined in passion’s sway,

Longing for a love that cannot stay.

A swinger, bold, his charm a flame,

Enchanting souls, playing love’s game.

But in his eyes, a wandering gaze,

Unaware of the heart he left ablaze.

With each caress, a fleeting thrill,

Yet love’s depth he cannot fulfill.

Submissive woman with dominant man by Ai.  Image to illustrate Ai poetry by Chat GPT

An unrequited flame, burning bright,

Lost in shadows of the endless night.

Oh, swinger of hearts, your touch so sweet,

Yet my love for you a bittersweet feat

Yet my love for you, a bittersweet feat.

For in this dance, I am but a fool,

Forever yearning, but never your jewel.

Verdict on the Ai poetry on swinger love:

Not terrible, but a little saccharine and self-abandoning.

Wilted rose by Ai
A wilted rose by Ai

Ai was asked to make a poem with dark humour about a swinger feeling alone on valentine’s day – Ai poetry by Chat GPT

In the realm of love, on Valentine’s night,

A swinger found himself in a gloomy plight,

Amidst the passion and desire that swirled,

He felt an emptiness, his heart uncurled.

His friends all paired up, in couples they danced,

While he, in his solo journey, felt entranced,

The swinging lifestyle, adventurous and bold,

Yet on this day of love, he felt the cold.

lonely man by Ai.  Image for Ai poetry by chat GPT, image by nightcafe Ai

The couples embraced, their kisses so sweet,

But he stood alone, no partner to meet,

In this sea of passion, he felt adrift,

His heart yearned for a love he could uplift.

He looked around, a glimmer of despair,

As lovebirds exchanged gifts with tender care,

While he, a swinger, was left on his own,

His bed unshared, his heart aching, unknown.

Couple together by Ai.  Poem by Chat GPT on being a swinger alone on valentine's day

Yet in the darkness, his humor did rise,

A twist of fate, a grin upon his eyes,

He chuckled, “Oh, Valentine’s, cruel jest,

To leave me feeling like a lonely guest.”

To leave me feeling like a lonely guest

He raised his glass, a toast to the night,

“To those who swing, love’s out of sight,

But let us laugh and revel in the gloom,

For in this madness, we find our own bloom.”

In this madness we find our own bloom

So, dear swinger, fear not the Valentine’s sway,

For life’s adventures are not bound by this day,

Embrace the laughter, the dark irony,

And remember, love’s diverse, as we can see.

Verdict on the Ai poetry on being lonely as a swinger:

It’s not the worst poetry I’ve seen. You can compare it to my rendition of this topic here: Happy February 14th: the poem for single swingers. Not saying I’m Wordsworth.

Dominant man being worshipped by submissive woman by Ai.  For Ai generated poem about worshiping a dominant on the BDSM scene.  Ai does okay, but is it relatable?

Ai writes a BDSM themed poem from submissive to dominant, I asked for dark humour

In the realm of love, where ropes entwine,

A submissive heart beats, oh so fine.

To my dominant, my beloved guide,

Let’s journey together, side by side.

In chains and cuffs, our love’s delight,

You hold the paddle, with all your might.

You hold the paddle with all your might

Woman worshiping promiscuous man by Ai.  Generated by nightcafe, to illustrate Ai poetry about kink and BDSM relationships

With safe words whispered, our trust secure,

You push my limits, make me endure.

You’re my Sir, my Master, my kinky muse,

With a wink and a smirk, you light my fuse.

You wield the flogger, your touch divine,

I’m bound to your will, completely entwined.

But beneath the leather, the whips, the chains,

A love story blooms, with no restraints.

lonely woman created by Ai, Nightcafe.  Illustrating poem by Ai to see whetehr Ai poetry can handle non-vanilla topics

For in your dominance, I find my peace,

In your tender care, all worries cease.

You see beyond the masks we wear,

Our souls laid bare, in your loving stare.

Our souls are laid bare in your loving stare

Transwoman by Ai, to illustrate Ai poem

You cherish my submission, my gift to you,

A dance of pleasure, where passion’s true.

In the dungeon’s depths, our hearts collide,

A symphony of love, we cannot hide.

For you understand my secret desires,

Igniting flames that burn like fires.

You guide me gently, with a firm hand,

Our love story written in ways so grand.

Through pleasure and pain, we find our way,

Bound by love, every night and day.

So, to my dominant, with love I say,

Thank you for lighting up my darkest gray.

Thank you for lighting up my darkest gray

In your arms, I find solace and glee,

Forever yours, bound eternally.

In the world of BDSM, we have found,

A love so profound, it knows no bound.

With every touch, every word you speak,

Our love thrives, unique and so sleek.

So, my dominant, let’s continue this dance,

Our love story written in leather and chance.

In this realm of passion, we’ll forever roam,

In your dominance, I’ve found my home.

Verdict on the Ai poetry on BDSM love:

I give it a C. The sentiment feels real, but the wordsmithing sucks.

Poly love by Ai.  For Ai generated Chat GPT polyamourous love poem

I requested a love poem for a poly triad from Chat GPT Ai

In a world of love, where three hearts entwine,

A polyamorous triad, truly divine.

A tale of romance, beyond the norm,

Let’s celebrate this love, in a playful form.

Together we navigate the realm of affection,

A trio bonded by deep connection.

In this unconventional dance we sway,

Finding joy in love’s intricate display.

Couple with single woman by Ai.  Ai illustration to Ai poetry about kink, swinging and polyamory- does Ai do poetry well?

With laughter and cuddles, our days begin,

Three souls entwined, from within.

Sharing our hearts, with open embrace,

Love multiplied, in this sacred space.

One brings the humor, a jester so clever,

With quips and jokes that last forever.

The other is nurturing, a gentle embrace,

Wrapping us in warmth, a loving grace.

And the third, the dreamer, with visions so bright,

Inspiring us all, with their radiant light.

Cute couple created by Ai.  Nightcafe Ai image to illustrate Ai poetry about polyamory.  Polyamorous triad poetry

We cherish the differences, we celebrate each soul,

In this triad of love, we are truly whole.

Navigating emotions, we communicate true,

Honoring the boundaries that we all value.

Through tears and laughter, we grow as a team,

A polyamorous dream, like a vibrant sunbeam.

So, let’s raise a toast, to this love so grand,

With three hearts entwined, hand in hand.

In this triad of love, we find our way,

Embracing the unconventional, day by day.

Embracing the unconventional, day by day

With laughter as our anthem, and love as our guide,

We cherish the moments, side by side.

In this polyamorous tale, our hearts take flight,

A love story painted with colors so bright.

Verdict on the Ai poetry on polyamorous love:

It’s not terrible, but it does feel like it went with the first rhyming word that presented itself.

Do you feel touched and understood by the words? I mean, we are teaching a robot to love here. Or replicate it. Can Ai really write things that are non-vanilla without inserting implicit caveats about it? Maybe not yet. The vanilla phrasings that are allowed also restrict the detail. Emotions yes, actions and fact, no. Nothing explicit. Keep it vague. Keep it general. Keep it moralistic in a subtle way.

I’ve drummed you up some Ai imagery to go with it. Hope you enjoy. It was quite a task. Given that words like ‘fetish’ and ‘sexy’ were banned, but when I asked for an attractive couple it would present me with constructed images of an 80 year old with a young child, I think it still has some learning to do. I’ve put in the best 10%. I hear Ai is moving on fast, and that a lot of the very realistic images we see now are faux, but as a non-commercial site I’m not shelling out for the top-spec things just to explore a notion for our amusement.

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