The New Age of Decadence: Event Review- Lustful Creatures as a Single Woman

The rise and rise of genuinely woman-led parties within the swing scene, by those who participate, work as an act of love as part of the alternative sexual lifestyles community and make the world feel a friendly, loving and inclusive place for all, has been one of the best things to come out of the new London swing scene in the last few years. A new event, Lustful Creatures, is setting out to fill the gap between the luxury of some of the high-cost, commercial ‘elite’ parties and the warm, friendly and inclusive community of happy kinksters, polyamorous couples, swingers and other delightful deviants of the underground London party world. Started by Genie, superstar of the BDSM scene, one of the innovative Future Parties founders, and all-round high-energy, happy social queen, you know even before you arrive that it’s going to be good.

A large goblet filled with lights
The venue at Lustful Creatures is beautifully lit and decorated

Breaking down barriers between the swinger and kink communities, Genie has a strong history of standing for sexual equality and inclusion, as one of the members of the ‘Porn Pedallers’ cyclist charity of those working in and around the UK adult entertainment industry, raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Widely known and trusted as a host of truly amazing parties, Lustful Creatures looks set to become a firm favourite on the London calendar.

A dark haired woman stands in a rubber dress holding a sissy in rubber by a chain
The party host and a lucky volunteer
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Entering the property, it becomes clear that this venue would be a dream house for any sociable swinger – complete with discrete end-of-garden chalet, walls to prevent being overlooked outside, a hot tub and a glorious, spacious open-plan downstairs, it is clearly a place to entertain and be entertained.

Lights glint off a jacuzzi
A quiet jacuzzi with lights twinkling at the start of the evening

Coming into the party was like a star-studded who’s who of the swing and BDSM scene. At the door is the wonderful female body-builder, personal trainer and women’s empowerment motivational coach, Sadistic Coach; a beautiful, strong woman who mixes an impressive presence and no-nonsense attitude with a gentle love for building community and inspiring those around her. The bar nearby runs on a token system, a drink of your choice working out at around £5, which is extremely reasonable for London.

A goody bag from Jo Divine held in a hand with a pearl bracelet

Coming through, we reach the outdoor space; chilly in November but still filled with little circles of smokers who can’t quite kick the habit, while a lovingly crafted artistic outbuilding at the end of the garden luxuriates with seating around a log burning stove. I catch the twinkle of lights dancing off the surface of a warm, 8 person jacuzzi under cover, and note the fun this sleeping beast could have in store for the evening.

A hot tub full of people
There’s no party like a hot tub party!
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Inside is our lovely host, exuberantly chatting to her friends and guests, a vision in a rubber dress and sparkling purple 6 inch heels that she goes on to dance all night in. I’ve come early, but some of the guests are already here, chatting and flirting with friends and new faces alike. The owners of Jo Divine are present, gloriously presented in full tuxedo and black lace, where they are raffling off high-end sex toys to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Raffle prizes by Jo Divine
Lots of luxury toys, courtesy of Jo Divine
Image by Joanna Armstrong

The beautiful Sarah, Future Parties co-owner is there, as is the host of Little Black Books Parties, my favourite hotwifing couple, friendly singles, mellow swinger couples, BDSM fiends, the amazing Secrets (Fire-play expert) and a number of very well known, popular characters from the world of BDSM and swinging who shall remain discretely unnamed.

Secrets performs fire play on a volunteer
Some sexy, sensual fireplay with Secrets and a happy volunteer
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Off to the side is a room with a large double bed and chairs, and opposite is a cosy corner with log burning fire, chairs and little reclining seats that look purpose designed for play. Towards the hot tub, more guests are lounging on long sofas, looking dashing in suits, dressed in their finest latex with a glamorous nod towards Halloween and the corsetry and cocktail dresses that scream ‘party time’ to those in the lifestyle. Myself? I have come as the devil, in a nod of appreciation towards my Twitter trolls. What can I say? The shoe fits well, and damn it looks good on me.

I note the jacuzzi is warm but empty, and decide to be the first one in, where I frolic around naked for a while, receiving many compliments but no joiners, until the glorious Lola Vavoom slips in next to me in white lace lingerie. A beautiful burlesque cabaret performer, this pin-up style vision of womanhood, with her sexy European accent, makes me feel like I’ve somehow ended up in a 1960’s Hollywood film. We stay a while, enjoying the warm water jets on our skin and admiring glances, until I brave the icy air to dry off and reassemble myself. Later the hot tub will fill with bodies, enjoying the warm water and the embrace of friends and friendly strangers, but for now it is quiet, a little taste of luxury at the start of my evening.

A man and two women stand smiling
Everyone looking glamorous at Lustful Creatures
Image by Joanna Armstrong

A burlesque striptease has been arranged, with the beautiful Victoria Rose. The guests gather and watch with appreciation as she performs the classical, beautiful artform before us to music, her sparkling choker glittering as she swirls and teases the crowd with the vintage allure that only burlesque can invoke.

A woman in a rubber dress holds her latex sissy by a chain while a lingerie clad woman with cat ears and a man in a top hat stand nearby
Lots of fun at Lustful Creatures
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Just when I think the night can’t get any more promising, a familiar smell arises: there are hot chicken wings, brought around on a tray by a volunteer butler with naked torso, but the traditional collar and cuffs. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: chicken wings are love. Not only is there a running trope that all swingers love chicken wings (it seems to be 99% true), somehow, with a long evening (and the party ran until gone 5am) to be presented with warm, tasty little morsels, free throughout the night, just shows a kind of caring friendship and comfort that re-energises body and soul. Not a chicken person? There were vegan samosas too. How’s that for inclusivity?

A birthday cake with sparkler fountains is presented to Secrets, a blonde woman, with others in the background
Nothing but glamour for the sensual feasts at Lustful Creatures
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Gradually the night became more playful, with visions of pairings and groupings appearing at play throughout the venue. Lustful Creatures they were indeed! I lost count of how many people I saw some of the more advanced swingers play with, but it appears a very good night was had by most. There were some little spanking sessions, a couple who came Dom/sub with her on a lead, and even a (consensual) play fight or two involving naked wrestling with chains, but it was light-hearted and the event was more swing/kink crossover with a strongly social and luxury vibe, than hardcore BDSM.

Will there be more Lustful Creatures? I certainly hope so.


😊 GUESTS ARE APPROACHABLE. There were a mix of swing and BDSM royalty, popular, experienced characters and complete newbies. A highly social, chatty vibe with dancing, food and drinks
😊 ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE – yes. Though selection is not based on age or body shape, people made an effort, turned out in tuxedos and stylish cocktail dresses, and there were many very conventionally attractive people there, including many well known and very sexually successful faces. truly, the kings and queens of the swing and BDSM world were in attendance.
😊 KINK FRIENDLY- definitely. Though there was not a dungeon or large BDSM play equipment there, people brought their own toys, and bdsm play was both permitted and not out of place
😊  TRANS-INCLUSIVE. All gender identities are welcome and there were several people dressed.
😊 BODY SHAPE INCLUSIVE. there were beautiful people of different shapes and sizes, all looking amazing, but I did not see any firmly BBW or BHM on this occasion
😊 AGE INCLUSIVE (adults only, age 21 and over. ranged from 20s to 60’s, average age about 30-45)
😊  COUPLES – there is a mix of high quality, full swap mellow couples and many singles. There is no couples-privilege pricing.
😊 SINGLE WOMEN (plenty, good safe environment, women felt empowered, many different looks)
😊 single men (allowed, unrestricted,no gender pricing)
😊 AFFORDABLE AND VALUE FOR MONEY – up to 8 hours of playtime. tickets are £45 per person (earlybird rates are less), and the bar is inexpensive. several people went home with hundreds of pounds worth of sex toys from the raffle, which was £1 a ticket. free snack food, free entertainment, free hot tub. cloak room £1 per item
😊 SAFE – it is in a private house, with high walled garden and no access via the back. there was front of house security and a room monitor, but also largely self-policing, by experienced, empowered people who understand appropriate behaviour and consent.
😊  SPACIOUS – there was plenty of space to mingle, dance, smoke outside, sit and relax. the hot tub was huge.
😊 swinging friendly – was definitely a luxury event for friendly, experienced swingers who like their naughtiness without drama. newbies are welcome but are expected to know and follow the rules and etiquette regarding behaviour and consent. there are rules against joining play without being asked AND INTRUSIVE MASTURBATION near people.
😐 WELL EQUIPped – LOTS OF SEATS, GREAT FOOD, GOOD BAR, Large hot tub, small outdoor play nook with curtain (glory hole?), NICE VENUE. no large bdsm play furniture or provision of bdsm toys to share, but you can bring your own. THERE WERE MOMENTS WHEN IT COULD HAVE DONE WITH ANOTHER BED FOR PLAY OR ANOTHER BATHROOM, BUT UNDOUBTEDLY THIS WILL BE improved FOR FUTURE EVENTS
😒 ROCK UP LAST MINUTE WITH A FRIEND? nope. you’ll need to be vetted in advance and given a password to buy a ticket.
😐 EASY TO GET A MEMBERSHIP? you’ll need to contact the host in advance to be vetted or vouched for by someone already experienced and approved, who will then be responsible for your and your behaviour. once this is done, and provided you behave well, accessing other parties will be quicker. the process is not overly drawn out, but you will want to get signed up well in advance as tickets sell out fast
😊 TRANSPORT- this venue in south east london was accessible by train then bus (or taxi), but i got an uber as my particular route would have taken hours on public transport. parking available on roadside in residential area. other venues may be different
😐 Accessibility – there party was on ground level throughout, though the entrance to the main building and to the bar each had a step which would have been difficult for a wheelchair user. largely open plan, navigation would have been simple once inside. accepting of neurodiversity, providing behaviour meets the standards. all sexualities welcome.
Two women stand with a bunch of flowers with others in the background
A little bit of love at Lustful Creatures
Image by Joanna Armstrong

Want to join the fun and get vetted for next time?

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A woman in a rubber dress and a man in a mask and rubber attire stand together
Lots of latex at Lustful Creatures
Image by Joanna Armstrong