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Why Swinging Downunder (Wanderlust Swingers)? Unicornhunting.blog is based in London, UK, yet any swing-scene lifestyler will quickly want to explore further afield and benefit from the diversity of frolics and fun in the sun to be had with international sexploration. We therefore take the Naked Interviews down-under, where we ask the lovely swing scene podcasters, C&D, for advice on how to be sultans of swinging downunder (as well as up-top and sideways) with an international perspective.

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Welcome to the naked interview with Swinging DownUnder…

Wanna learn about the Swinging Lifestyle from an Aussie perspective? C&D of Swinging Downunder (now Wanderlust swingers) started their Swinging Lifestyle Podcast back in 2014 and since then have had so much fun helping curious couples and singles navigate their way around the consensual non-monogamous lifestyle. If you’re interested in hearing more about Hotwifing, Swinging, Solo Play, Open Marriages and crazy swinging around the world antics than you’ve come to the right place.

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How did you first come to the swing scene?

We were hanging out at home discussing life, the universe and everything when Darrell asked what my sexual fantasies were. I couldn’t answer him, so being the nerd that I am, I started researching. I found different types of porn, made a porn nest (another story) and we watched some swingers TV shows and then started to explore Non-Monogamy our way.

How would you describe the swing scene in Australia?

Flourishing… Australians have always been pretty open individuals, we’re just a curious country and now in 2019 we’re seeing swinging being talked about in mainstream media. We have a few clubs in each major city and house parties most every weekend. We’ve noticed a big uptake in Aussies looking into alternate lifestyles in the past few years!

The UK swing scene has a fair share of Australians. Do you think it is more accepted there?

I think we have always been a bit out there as a country, granted there are pockets around the country and there will always be people who don’t accept us. Generally speaking, yeah, we’re coming into our own.

What advice would you give a British swinger going to Australia for the first time?

Definitely check on the club scene in your local city (or private parties) We are generally only swinging on weekends so that is something to consider. And, shameful plug for two great Aussie companies company up… Sign up for RedHotPie dating Site + visit Our Secret Spot in Sydney

How are the British viewed by Australians on the swing scene?

I’d say just as good as anyone else down there, possibly slightly better than other countries because of our history with the UK. We have similar personalities and humour so often times you’ll find an Aussie and a British person (walking into a pub.. nah jokes) just getting along pretty easy.

What are the best clubs, apps and places to go?

Ha, you beat me to this, I was shamefully plugging them above! RedHotPIe is the hands down best dating site in Australia, that is where all the clubs, parties, events and people are located. It also has more class than the other sites.. nothing minging on the profile photos!

If you happen to be in Sydney please also stop by club Our Secret Spot, run and owned by Jess and Lawrence. They have done a great job at bringing some class to the swinger club scene in Sydney.

Are there any unspoken rules or terms a swinging Brit in Australia should know?

Just your usual rules of engagement to be honest, we don’t have as much of a BDSM scene in Aus as you have in the UK but it is present and growing. Clubs and events are generally only on the weekend so plan your travel appropriately. All of our clubs are also BYO booze as our country doesn’t allow the sale of alcohol where there is sex on premise.

Do you feel there is an international difference in the vibe of the swing scene in the different countries you’ve visited?

OMG Yes, I could literally write a book on this! It’s different everywhere we’ve been. Some countries around Asia it is 100% ILLEGAL to be a swinger, some countries it’s not illegal but certainly frowned upon. We’ve also found a big difference in how people engage, in Australia there’s a lot of socio-sexual swingers whereas in Asia there are a lot of gangbangs / take no names kind of play.

What made you decide on a podcast?

We started our podcast back when there were only a few live and no Aussie voices to be found! We wanted to try and showcase the journey we were having as a couple outside the USA and hopefully help the other Aussies to join the lifestyle. Since then, it has been an absolute whirlwind, we’ve managed to meet some of the other podcasters that helped our journey. It truly is amazing. We also wanted to document our stories, our struggles and have something that we can listen back to fondly when we’re older. What an amazing ride.

What makes you happiest to hear from your listeners?

When they resonate with our stories and mostly when we’ve either sparked some conversation between partners or self. We especially love it when people reach out after we’ve had some slips, trips or falls and tell us that our story made them feel less isolated or alone. We also love meeting people so when we get an email that someone is coming to a M&G or an event it lights us up like a Christmas tree because now, we get the chance to hear our listeners stories!

What is your top sex tip?

Don’t be afraid to think about what you want sexually and give it a go, that goes for singles too! For people with partners, don’t be ashamed of what you might be interested in, talk about it with your partner, be vulnerable and open up.

And buy lots of sex toys, experiment and practice some good old fashion self-love! Try new things!!

What is your pet peeve on the swing scene?

I have three major peeves when it comes to the lifestyle. One is when people take themselves too seriously, another is when consent boundaries are broken. Finally, I hate it when LS people act a fool and set us all back from people believing that we are just regular people.

How do you see the swing scene developing in 10 years?

We’re finding the word swinging is slowly being removed from the non-monogamous vocab and being replaced with things like ethical Non-Monogamy, consensual non monogamy, or just no label at all. As people become more self-aware and acknowledge that lifestyles are different we think that the lifestyle will become more accepted and therefore have more people take the leap.

What is the one message you wish you could tell the world and have them really take on board?

We are regular people, we are Doctors, Teachers, Pilots, Factory Workers, Admin Assistants who just happen to have an alternate view on relationships and that’s not bad. That we aren’t all depraved monsters and that we have a place in society.

Do you feel swinging is a positive act for singles and couples to engage in, and why?

If it’s right for them yes, I find one thing that the LS sometimes does is back kick monogamous people. We aren’t saying we’re better or that we’re right, we should just desire acceptance.

For some people, entering the lifestyle can be positive for you and your relationship. We’ve personally grown as a couple with a better understanding of each other and ability to communicate our desires more effectively. We’ve also grown professionally; the ability to network, speak up, communicate and flirt with people can be courage you can move over to presentations, pay rises etc.

What is your favourite style of swinging?

We joke that we are ethically non-monogamous, socio-sexual people…. Yeah #OverKill

But honestly, we enjoy finding people that can be pants on and off friends with us, people who we can enjoy the company of over a glass of wine, a boardgame and then go and have some sex on our sex swing…

What is it you like best about your adventures on the swing scene?

Meeting amazing, diverse people from all over the world and having something in common.

What do you feel you have learned in the last 4 years?

To have a voice and to think about what makes me happy in life. I wouldn’t have had the courage to quit my job earlier this year without the LS. It has given me so much spirit that I refuse to waste time doing something for money that I’m not passionate about.

What is next for Swinging Downunder?

Gosh, so much! We are really taking a leap of faith in 2020 with a few events (some I cannot speak about just yet- hint hint we’re Jamaica bound).

Recently, we have launched an event in Miami in 2020 and bought an entire hotel out for a 3 night / 4 day event called Podcast-A-Palooza. It is a big step for us and hopefully a fantastic and fresh vibe to lifestyle events.

We upgraded our recording equipment in January this year and we’re about to launch a video channel soon.

Where should people go to find you/follow you/contact you?

Our website is the best contact method where all our podcast, blogs, events and newsletters are hosted check us out on www.swingingdownunder.com

We’d love you to follow us on socials as well Twitter + Instagram

Finally, you can find our podcast on most major catchers as “Swinging Downunder” we’re on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify… just search us

With thanks to the delightful and hilarious Swinging Downunder Podcasting team!


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