Couples’ profiles: what the single women see

So, you want to make a couples profile.  And why not?  Declare your intentions, do some universal ordering, and bag your goal, right?

Of course, you should.  Absolutely.

Yet you may want to set yourself apart from the crowd a little.

Just for fun, my lovely ladies and I have created a merged, generic, couples profile, from the hundreds we get approaching us.  Let’s play a little game.


See anything familiar?


What we are talking about here, my baby ducklings, is ‘Couple’s privilege‘.

What Couple Privilege Is:

The culturally entrenched priority, and measure of value, given to couples by society, both in public perception of them, and the legal status of them.

And ‘Male privilege‘.

‘The one penis policy is not actually protecting anyone’s feelings.’

Don’t be like that, my darlings.  Be someone individual; be someone spectacular.


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Written with Lady Rope and Miss Roxette.

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  1. […] This interview with a happy polyamorous unicorn crosses the bridge between swinging and poly. Swingers and polys rarely mix, despite what people may think. The polys tend to dislike their romantic lives being equated with promiscuous sex, and the swingers are usually about ticking off their sexual goal list, rather than forming relationships with the people. For this reason, the term ‘unicorn hunter‘ is considered fair enough on the swing scene and makes up the majority of the swinger couples you’ll meet. In the world or poly, however, it’s a term of derision. There are a lot of former poly ‘unicorns‘ who will tell you exactly how and why unicorn hunting upsets them so much. It’s also discussed later in the blog, with ‘Couple Profiles: What the single women see‘. […]