Welcome, generally-offended person

I’d like to provide you with some options to effectively vent your displeasure.

  1. Feel free to troll correct the error of my ways on Twitter. It’s @unicornhuntingb – Probably the fastest way to get hold of me is to name drop this twitter handle in one of your posts, explaining with a link to show me what you didn’t like and an explanation of why. This will get my attention much faster than a private message. We can have a lovely discussion about it and you can explain to me and the world all the ways I’ve done something wrong, so that I can be very ashamed and change it.
  2. You can post a comment directly to the blog or page that has offended you, clarifying why you disagree. This will ensure that all future readers of the blog know how strongly you dislike the post. Although there is a spam and curse word filter on it, I will almost always allow comments from people with opposing opinions to be posted. After all, discussion is the tool of the civilised mind. Maybe you will give me and all the readers a new take on things that they hadn’t considered. You should be easily able to navigate back to the post you want from the menu and ‘add comment’ at the bottom of the page.
  3. You can take the offending piece to a subreddit, of whatever groups you feel most comfortable in, and show the piece to your friends who will undoubtedly join you and agree with your thoughts and give me a good roasting behind my back, if you are feeling non-confrontational. Here you go: Blast Alice Hunter and unicornhunting.blog on Reddit.

After all, who is going to keep the world safe and right-thinking, if we don’t immediately express our displeasure on the internet?