Unicorn interviews 4 (extract)

Naughty Naturist, over 40, predatory unicorn

Would you describe yourself as a unicorn?

Suppose so.

How did your first experience with a couple come to happen?

I have actually never done a couple.  Maybe I don’t count as a unicorn?

Please describe what you enjoy doing.

I like group sex.  Especially when there are more guys than girls.  Best scenario- 3 guys, me and one other girl, or me and 2-3 guys

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unicorns and how to hunt them ebook on swinging, threesomes and sex parties

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This interview with a feminist unicorn features in Unicorns and How to Hunt Them. Far from being a passive third wheel, she’s a rock-solid intellectual who sees sex parties for what they are. You can’t hunt her, she’ll be the one hunting you if she wants you! You are there for her enjoyment. She’s nobody’s spare F.