Unicorn Interviews: 1 (extract)

Interview with Miss Paradise, 32, open-minded female

Would you describe yourself as a unicorn?

I don’t know what to call myself. I’m very open, I’m a slow burner as well.  I know what I like when I like it, so it could be anything, it could be dominating men, it could be playing with girls, playing with couples, a single guy, it could be having a playmate which is what I’ve got now.  I’ve been playing with someone for over a year.

Do you guys pick up single girls together or do you just play together with your playmate?…

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Miss Paradise discusses her experiences as a happy sex unicorn, playing with couples. She talks about what she likes, the best way to approach and some really bad moves that people have made, putting her off. When you make a mistake in your approach, the unicorn will not usually tell you. They have hundreds of other couples and single men messaging them,. so they can afford to be choosy. The MFF threesome is as much about meeting the needs of the single woman as it is about meeting your wishes as a couple. Get your approach right and win over the single women. Get it wrong and they will vanish.