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Here’s another one for all the budding swing scene and sex bloggers as well as those readers who love to find the best collection of sexy articles about the swinging lifestyle.  Let’s talk to the Sex Blog Directory (@SexBlogTopList); a Canadian-based, yet international collection of adult themed blogs from around the internet.

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-What is Sex Blog Directory all about?

When you peel back the layers, you soon discover that the swinger sex scene is much more intricate than one would think. There are full-swap swingers, soft swingers, single swingers, unicorn hunters, on-premises clubs, off-premises clubs – and the list goes on!

This is why it’s important to follow swingers who also happen to be sex bloggers to learn more about the lifestyle and get the latest information on new clubs, resorts and conventions. And maybe a tad of advice along the way.

The articles are of interest to both rookie and seasoned swingers – and maybe even those thinking of swinging for the first time. They offer insight and advice on the latest trends in the wonderful world of ethical non-monogamy.

-Do you list podcasts, and why?

Swingers are amazing story tellers. And trust us, their stories are always sexy, exciting and often quite humorous.

We feature a listing of some of the top-rated swinger and polyamory podcasts that will keep you entertained for hours, like being the ultimate fly on the wall. You can live vicariously through the voices of seasoned swingers, find out what swinger parties are really like, go behind the scenes at swinger resorts and find out why swinger cruises are the real love boats!

-Do you list sex videos?

Being a swinger often means being a tad of an exhibitionist as well. 

We feature a nice collection of homemade threesomes (and moresomes!) recorded by the swingers themselves. These videos offer a nice behind the scenes perspective of what group sex is really like in real life.

-What is your top advice for a person who decides they want to get started in the swinger lifestyle?

Yes, some swingers are single. It’s much more fun to swing as a couple, but before you can do that, you need to find a partner who’s as open minded about sex as you are.

One way to connect with other open-minded, sex-positive adults is to find an erotic massage partner through adult personals. One article (how to find a sex massage exchange partner) is a step-by-step guide which can help you meet other locals who share your passion for the tantric touch.

-How would you advise people interested in the swinging lifestyle to get more involved?

If you live in any mid-sized or large city, chances are there is an active swinger community you can connect with. But let’s face it, swingers like to keep to themselves, and their events are more often than not kept on the down-low, or need-to-know basis.

Fortunately, there are lots of forums and message boards that were created to help members of the swinging community keep in touch with each other. This article (how to use adultfriendfinder to find local sex parties) shows you how you can use one such community to find local sex parties and swinger clubs.

-What’s something new you’ve learned as a result of running Sex Blog Directory?

Fact: There are a lot more swingers in your city than you’re probably aware of. 

This article (sex by the numbers- USA Swinger Statistics) will be of interest to American readers. It’s an analysis of how many swingers have active ads on AdultFriendFinder, broken down by state.

Takeaway – the most “swinging” state probably isn’t the one you were thinking of. Well worth a read.

-Thank you Sex Blog Directory!

The SexBlogDirectory site itself is full of the best adult blogs, broken down by category: from sex toy reviews and educational blogs to sex worker rights, LGTB sex blogs, erotica writing blogs and video blogs from the porn industry.  It’s a great place to learn a little and diversify, as well as discover great new talent and connect with others who share your passions.  If you are starting out as a writer on adult or sex-related issues, you’ll find it’s a really great free community resource; inclusive and, of course, sex-positive!

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