The sparkle to draw the unicorns in (extract)

The world is a changing place; I think more and more people will be open to non conventional relationships.  I think many unicorns wish to be captured.  It’s remarkably common.  We just find more and more single girls approach us and in normal settings – not just sex parties.  I would say most weekends a girl approaches us with the intention of some mischief.  My other half is very striking though, she is 6 foot – 6’4 or 6’5 in heels.  When we are out we are clearly having a good time.  I think that’s the main attraction.  My partner would say that the girls want to be with me but are going through her…but I think they actually want to be with her.  I would say that I get a lot of attention BECAUSE of my partner.  We both draw attention I suppose.  Hard not to notice us…For quite some time we suppressed our erotic side.  I don’t actually think our erotic side is ‘dark’.  I think when we are out we just look like we are happy together…but also playful with others.  We were at one masquerade party in Dublin in April- now it wasn’t a sex party – five separate girls asked if they could come home with us.  One would not accept no for an answer, as she was besotted with my lady.

Dark Knight & Lady Darkness, 43, Sapiosexual couple on a mind exploration journey

Standard pick up theory that men use to acquire vanilla girls, talks a lot about projecting an image and becoming the alpha male in the room.  Though a lot of pickup theory ceases to be relevant, or is turned on its head (for example, demonstrating value as a one-off sexual partner rather than as a general partner) when in the swing scene, there are elements of it that are still helpful to have in your arsenal.  For this reason, here we have a little overlap of worlds…..

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unicorns and how to hunt them ebook on swinging, threesomes and sex parties

Read Unicorns and How to Hunt Them, by Alice Hunter, to learn how you can lean to pick up the elusive spare F in MFF with ease

In this chapter we talk about the magic trick of all pick-up artistry. Whether it’s online or in person, whether you are single or in a couple, this is a chapter on how to grow your glow. In a world where unicorns have a lot of couples and single men to choose from, how do you stand out? What’s the magic that makes some people seem irresistible? It’s all in here.

Thinking it’s simply a numbers game is going to waste your time and energy. People don’t choose who to have sex with based on numbers! They want something special. More than good looks, chiselled abs or a Rolex. More than a message saying ‘Hi’. More than a naked picture. Women want to feel they are connecting with someone who is of high value, who is happy, charismatic and fun. How do you show them this? Can it be learned? Of course it can. the best pick-up artist instructors are not those that felt they had natural charisma. They are those who have learned, worked on it and treated it as a skill. Like learning guitar, nobody can just start and do well. There is a process, practice and key tenets to learn right from the start.

As a former pick-up artist instructor, I’m well aware that hunting unicorns for MFF threesomes or practising pickup at sex parties is well outside most people’s sphere of experience. Things are a little different: The goals are different. The rules are different. How do you shine with confidence when you are in such an alien world? You learn the basics, and you practice.