The silver bullet: How to fool a unicorn (extract)

I’ve talked about insights into the unicorn mind.  I’ve given little tips, I’ve quoted some general strategy.  Here is where I tell you how to take down the hard to capture unicorn. Executed correctly, it is ruthlessly effective.  It is also, in its whole, though not necessarily its parts, very dishonest.  This is the strategy for the couple who are all about the hunt. For whom the intellectual and primal challenge are the motivator, rather than necessarily the end product.  It is completely unethical in its construction, yet if done right, everyone goes away happier than any other strategy I know of.  Sorry, my unicorns, here is where I expose your Achilles’ heel.

Why would I do this?  There are a few reasons.  I’ve set out to teach you what I know, and I know this works.  It is also already a strategy that is widely used, yet poorly pulled off. If you do it wrong, you will do people damage.  So rather than have you blunder into it, I will tell you how to do it right.  If we base ethics on outcomes, rather than actions, it is a virtuous strategy.  I’ve had it tried on me many times, but poorly done.  Done right, it will take down anything from a novice to an experienced and wary unicorn.  Even me.  There is another reason; I’m not always a very nice person.  Not any more.

Let’s get evil.

To do this effectively, here is what you need:

You and your partner must be a relatively attractive heterosexual couple, who are both intent on this goal…

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Unicorns and How to Hunt Them: How to score threesomes like a pro

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So you’ve had a bit of background. You know that unicorns are not as simple as they seem on adult videos. What can you do? half the thrill is in the hunt, but sometimes it’s nice to have an easy way to bag the prize. This is a strategy I have seen used by many, many couples. Yet it is almost executed very poorly and backfires. This chapter tells you how to do it right. Done right, it is almost 100% successful. What are the ethics of this? That’s for you to decide. The silver-bullet strategy is high stakes. Do you have what it takes to hunt unicorns in this way? You’ve got two ways you can go, hunting single women for MFF. This is the other one.