Swingers in Mykonos – the naked Interview: New luxury holiday

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Swingers in Mykonos? What is it, who is it for and why should you try it? After a very long, very dull year for swingers, where travel, parties and sexual frolics of any nature have been massively curtailed, we are looking to the future with a glimmer of hope, a year’s pent sexual frustrations and for some, a party fund that has been burning a hole in our pockets, no less our pants. Swingers in Mykonos is a new luxury Greek holiday option, just for swingers. We talk to them, and find out more about what to expect, and reveal our latest naked interview with theses tantalising purveyors of a blissful week immersed in high-end debauchery.

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What is Swingers in Mykonos?

Swingers Event in Mykonos 2021, is an event exclusively for swinger couples. It will take place in Mykonos island in Greece, on October 4-11 in 2021, in 2 luxurious villas with a breathtaking sea view that consists of a total of 20 bedrooms. Both Villas have 2 pools, gym, helipad, fully equipped kitchen, A/C, room & bath amenities and free WiFi.

One of the venues has a a private club and tennis court. The couples that are interested in participation can choose the room type of their preference on our website www.yourdesires.gr, which includes every day breakfast, 4 dinner meals cooked by a private chef, daily themed play parties, playrooms, personal hostess, 24/7 concierge service and, of course, 24/7 security services to guarantee the privacy and safety of our guests. In addition, we have organized a daily programme with some additional events such as “sex on the boat tour,” “sex on the beach tour” and “sunset party on board” specifically for the event. 

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Is this your first swinger event in Mykonos or is it annual?

This is our first swinger event and we are planning to make it bigger and annual!

What are the Covid regulations in Mykonos expected to be in October, and are there any tests or precautions?

Greek Government respects the Tourism Industry and will act in terms of their safety. October is considered a good weather month in Greece and, as last year, we anticipate that the island will still be full of visitors. The official opening for tourists will be on May 15th when obligatory quarantine will cease. We do not have any official travel instructions yet, but a negative Covid-test might apply for some countries.

Swingers in Mykonos holiday villa room for October 2021

You list prices for couples.  Is it possible to attend Swingers in Mykonos as a single woman or single man?

The event is planned for 32 swinger couples, although it is under consideration to apply an entrance fee for single women and men to just attend the theme parties.

Do couples have to be ‘real’ couples or can people come to Swingers in Mykonos who are just playmates?

We will not ask for any marriage papers if that’s what you’re asking 🙂

Swingers in Mykonos room with a view - swinger holiday October 2021 Greece

Do you allow same-gender couples?

The particular event will be available only for straight couples due to its size. However, we are planning to organize more events, as well as events for gay swingers.

The island is already famous as a gay friendly destination and we are planning an event for gay couples & singles during the Exclesior week, a very famous gay event that takes place in Mykonos every year on August 18-25.

What is the access like at Swingers in Mykonos for those with limited mobility?

The Villas accommodate indoor and outdoor stairways that unfortunately are not accessible for those with limited mobility.

Swinger in Mykonos Greece room in villa for greek swinger holiday island getaway

Is the event trans-friendly?

As mentioned before, this event is designed for straight couples, but we promise to organize events for everyone. It is why we created Your Desires.

Are there any appearance/age/body-type criteria to be accepted for acceptance to the Swingers in Mykonos event?

Everyone is more than welcome to join.

What are the rules and etiquette at the Swingers in Mykonos holiday event?

Respect is mandatory for this type of gathering. Each couple will have the privacy of their room and make the acquaintance of other couples at their convenience. As in all communities, everyone’s consent is the basic ingredient for enjoyable moments.

Swingers in Mykonos holiday villa room for swinger holiday in Greece

Is the event kink-friendly?

It is at the individual discretion of our guests.

What kind of people would enjoy Swingers in Mykonos?

The kind of people that enjoy exploring their sexuality and meeting new people!

What should people pack to bring with them for this week long swingers event?

We suggest their sexy underwear (or none at all), their favourite sex toys and their good mood!

Image of pool.at swingers in mykonos holiday villa

How early do you need to book to secure a space at Swingers in Mykonos?

As the event will be available for 32 couples, it is better to book as soon as possible!

Is there a function for people who are going to Swingers in Mykonos to chat online before they arrive to build friendships and feel comfortable?

We are going to make a group chat on Whatsapp or on our webpage.

Outdoor space and view at swingers in mykonos holiday

Are flights, transfers and food included in the Swingers in Mykonos package?

The package includes the arrival and departure transfers from the airport, breakfast and 4 dinner meals. The flights must be booked individually by each couple.

How would you suggest people get the most out of their week, make connections with others and have lots of fun sex?

We have scheduled a daily program which includes free time for play, dinner reservations at local restaurants and specially customized boat tours. Booze on board and secret beaches are ideal for getting loose and getting to know each other under the sunny sky.

Surrounding landscape at swingers in mykonos holiday villa greece

How do you ensure the safety of your guests at Swingers in Mykonos?

Both villas will be guarded by a security company 24/7 to supervise the safety and privacy of the couples.

What makes Swingers in Mykonos special compared to other swinger holiday packages?

Mykonos is known from ancient times for the free spirit and the amazing energy. It’s where the ancient Greek orgies took place on the week of Mystery Cults of the Olympus God, Dionysus. The event is an opportunity to experience the island’s traditions and luxury lifestyle with competitive prices.

Woman with champagne glass in hot tub.  Not actually taken in Mykonos as they haven't done their first swinger event yet, but could be good lifestyle inspiration

Are you swingers yourselves?   

Everyone in the team has their own orientations!

How did Swingers in Mykonos get started?

We thought it was about time to bring back the essence of freedom to the island! It started as a simple idea and got every one of our team hooked on organizing events for all kinds of entertainment. More of them are coming soon!

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What advice would you give to someone who wanted to host their own swinger holiday event?

Your Desires can assist you to plan your event according to your needs. You can simply check our webpage https://yourdesires.gr/services/ and send us your request to info@yourdesires.gr

We are a Property Managing and Concierge Services Company with a portofolio of 7 Villas, and we have created Your Desires to focus on adult tourism.

Are booking fees protected under a scheme in case the event is
cancelled (due to Covid or other factors?)

In case of travel bans due to covid-19 a voucher will be offered for our next event.

Where can people learn more about Swingers in Mykonos and book their holiday?

www.yourdesires.gr or contact us to info@yourdesires.gr

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Do you need to be able to speak Greek well to get the most out of
this holiday?

We speak English and Russian as well.

How does Swingers in Mykonos compare to other swinger holiday events like Cap D’Ague?

Nothing is comparable to Cap D’Ague! We guarantee that our “spicy” package will be exciting and everyone who participates in our tours will have a unique experience. The beauties of the island are what made Mykonos the most cosmopolitan island in the Aegean Sea despite its small size.

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What does a typical day at Swingers in Mykonos involve?

After having breakfast, couples will have some free playtime around the Villa. Later on, they can join a “sex on the beach” tour, where they can enjoy the privacy of a secret beach and dive into in their fantasies! The ride to the magical beach will be by a private boat, where we have organized a private party only for them, with playful decoration, music to dance to, finger food to keep them going & drinks to party. A dinner will be cooked and served by our private chef when they return to the Villa. At night, a special theme party “Back to school” will create the perfect close to the day.

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How should people contact you?

For any additional information or questions please contact us to info@yourdesires.gr . We look forward to meeting you!

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