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Are you a person who writes adult content, erotica, books, sex positive blogs or other things that mean you can’t advertise on Facebook, Amazon or run Google Adsense?

At, we feel your pain. The life of an adult content writer is indeed a tricky one- navigating an industry where you can be blocked and thwarted at every turn, declined monetisation of content on YouTube, banned by professional book review and marketing sites and finding your social media accounts suddenly deleted.

Add to that the flurry of entitled messages (with or without photos) and it can feel like a lonely world, uphill struggle and possibly even a lost cause.

Yet fear not! One thing writers are great at doing is supporting each other. We know each other’s struggles, we can laugh at the shared ridiculous moments and we can promote each other. We aren’t in competition. Together, we are stronger, and a force to move the world forward in a positive way.

Sexy Ink. is many things- a free support group for writers of adult content, a place to promote yourself and have a backlink to your work from and a place where we can make connections, share tips about websites, adult-content friendly freelancers (for those nasty little tech issues, finding a good publisher, marketing avenues and more). Experienced writers can mentor those up and coming, we can arrange workshops, in person social events and share our discoveries on the arduous journey from amateur to professional.

The full Sexy Ink. website is coming soon, where you can have yet another backlink to your content, a repository of professional services who are experienced in, and happy to work with adult content (Sexy Inked-in) all in one place and easy to contact, forums for discussion, workshops, social events and more! Join now for free.

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