Sex ban?

Th U.K. yesterday passed legislation that effectively prevents casual sex in your own home.

Please follow the link above to sign the petition to have this legislation reviewed and issue guidance that isn’t a violation of our human rights and basic animal needs, but follows scientific knowledge as to actual risk.


      • So, what – the police are gonna just come into someone’s home, count heads, and hand out fines if there’s more than two people there?

        Here in the US, a lot of states have social distancing rules in place but I wondered if they really applied to, say, households; I’m lying in bed with my lady and we sure as hell ain’t six feet or more apart and we aren’t when we’re both in the kitchen or even sitting down for dinner. TV spots about social distancing talk about not touching each other and, okay, I can see that if you’re out in public… but in the privacy of your own home? If you’re at home and having sex, how are they gonna find out you did? Or are they just gonna assume that you weren’t social distancing and stop by to hand out fines to everyone with more than two people in the residence?

        How the hell can they enforce such a thing? I’m thinking most of the UK is going to be piling up a lot of fines…

        • Not more than 2- it’s 2. You can’t invite one person inside your home. But they can walk through the house to the back garden and go inside to use the bathroom. Unless they move in. Then that fine. Or work for you. Or are a professional athlete.

          • Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you find out that you haven’t. If you’re having sex, what are they gonna do? Be peeping in your window?

          • Well technically police don’t have the right to enter unless they have reasonable cause that a serious crime is being committed. We have seen, so far, that very little is actually enforced. Where it has been, it has been done badly and with clear racial prejudice

          • That’s pretty much what I thought: Probable cause is needed and, as such, this should be unenforceable since you can’t arrest everyone in the UK just because you think they’re screwing.

          • Although how and when it is enforced is an unknown, the fact remains that they have just made casual sex illegal. That’s not something anyone should have to risk a record for.

          • Yet I’ll wager a lot of people are gonna put it to the test. And wouldn’t that make relationship sex illegal as well?

          • Wow. I wish you could see my face and the look I have! So you couldn’t have a boy (or girlfriend), are living apart, and can’t have sex in your place or theirs? Wow.