Nothing but the horn: Unicorn stereotyping (extract)

white unicorn head costume
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Everyone’s guilty of making assumptions at some time….judgement is human nature, it’s a survival tactic…so you can’t be too hard on people about it…just put them right when they make an assumption of you, if you care enough to…mostly I don’t care enough about other people’s opinions of me…the time I care is when I actually care about the person making the assumption.

Miss Genie, 30’s, sexually liberated woman

As humans, we rely on our ability to spot patterns and use them to interpret the world around us.  The more we are exposed to a certain collection of information, the more our brains are able to find this pattern and give meaning to it, from the face of Jesus on our toast, to shapes in clouds, to the interpretation of what other people think and feel from a small series of cues.  Our minds learn to block out the anomalies- the pieces of data which don’t fit the…

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Are single women who swing just insatiable sexually? Is being a sex unicorn really all about the sex for a single woman, or is there something more? Do we judge women who are sexually liberated? Is this judgement accurate? Why would a woman choose to be on the swing scene as a single female, knowing what people will assume about her? Do we approach single women in the right way, based on our beliefs?