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Want to be part of the awesome new club for adult writers? Just fill in your details here to feature yourself on Sexy Ink. at and get a link to your own content. The new Sexy Ink. website is coming soon, which will have loads of features you can access, including discussion forums, another link from the website and the opportunity to join social events, workshops, and get or provide support and mentoring!

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✔ I’m a writer who creates content that is classified as ‘adult’. I want to sign up to Sexy Ink. and have be listed as a Sexy Ink. writer on, have access to a private area for adult writers to discuss issues, chat and make plans, and access the Sexy Ink. resources for adult writers.

Please be patient! Your site will be manually checked for quality before posting your link. Check your spam folder, just in case 😉 Soon you will also be listed on the full Sexy Ink. writers of adult content page too, and have access to forums, events, workshops and social events. Be sure to upload the Sexy Ink logo with a hyperlink as sent in the email, to somewhere it’s easy to find on your site (maybe the home page). It helps spread the word and verifies you as site owner so you can be listed.

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Service Providers for Adult Writers

I provide writer services to people who produce adult content, and I’d like to be listed as a resource for Sexy Ink. writers to find me. Note: you must be happy to work with ‘adult’ content!

You’ll be sent an email. Your site will manually be checked for quality. Please be patient! Check your spam folder just in case 😉 Be sure to upload the Sexy Ink. logo and hyperlink sent in the email to somewhere on your site it will be easy to find. This allows you to be verified as the site owner. Soon, you’ll also be listed on the Sexy Ink. website too, with access to forums and events designed for those who work with adult content. In future, service providers will be able to pay to sign up to be part of the Sexy Ink. writers club, but you can temporarily sign up here and be listed for free!