Feeld App Review- Feeld as a single female (extract)

Why the Feeld review? Dating apps have come a long way.  For every niche interest, there seems to be one.  Or ten.  A few days ago, I joined Feeld as a single female.  Lest you think I was performing some sort of seductive trickery, allow me to clarify.  My profile picture was an overexposed silhouette of my face with shades on in the sunshine, so I’m glowing like a featureless alien.  My profile states exactly what I’m doing there.


In less than 12 hours, I had over 1800 ‘curiosities’ (people waiting to match with me).  A couple of days later, I’m up to 2881.  Every person I swiped right on was an instant match.  I got up to 65 active matches before it became too unwieldy to manage the conversations.  Sorry to those who got frustrated and left before I could speak to them, I’d need a whole team of secretaries to stay on top of the apparent 10-30 minute window of expectation many had of a reply.  As a good and wise friend of mine said recently, ‘It’s fine to be intense, but you can still be rational.’….

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Single men and couples often complain about the lack or response from single women on apps. Have you ever wondered why so few respond? Though a number of threesome, swinging and hookup apps exist, are they really a great investment of your time, compared to sex parties, socials and other in-person events? Why do the women never reply? This chapter reviews the threesome app Feeld, from the perspective of what it’s like to use as a single woman.

Is Feeld the app for you? Why it’s awesome, and some reasons it’s less awesome.

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