Roar for More: Event review- Roar Parties as a Single Woman

Not every kink and BDSM event screams ‘class’, but this one does. Dirty dungeons and debasement have their place, but for those with a finer eye for luxury and sophistication, seeking an event that is more Fifty Shades aesthetic than late-night channel 5 documentary, you couldn’t do better in London than to join the beautiful, elegant Rusé and her adorable husband, Lion, for an evening of safe, sane and consensual kink at one of the loveliest and most unique BDSM evenings in London: the Frills & Thrills Roar V party.

woman in black lingerie and suspender belt with stockings kneels on a bed

Rarely does a couple on the kink scene command so much adoration. Rusé, from the American South, with her long strawberry blonde hair, model physique and air of cultured, sophisticated femininity, pairs beautifully with Lion, the rugged, huggable, dominant scotsman with a devilish twinkle in the eye, with such a synergy that one can say more than ‘couple goals’. They vibe so well individually and together that it’s enough to make even the most adamantly ‘no couples’ policy ex-unicorn soften her thinking.

Roar Parties, on this occasion, was held at the all-new Blue Door Dungeon; a cleaner, classier, and more spacious remake of the original Blue Door, near Angel. Greeted by the beautiful, charming Rusé on entry, I was shown space to change and put my things. Upstairs was a glorious 4 poster bed with fresh sheets, just off the well kitted-out medical play room. Descend below, and there was a great socialising space, with Prosecco in an ice bucket and little snacks. People were mingling, chatting, dressed in the classy all-black lacy attire that the event dress-code required. Through this space was the dungeon itself- the walls hung with every sort of BDSM toy imaginable: masks, floggers, whips, electrical toys like the E-stim, CBT and sensory toys, scratchers, pinwheels and breath-play devices. Spanking benches were scattered through the floor space, and a cage lay beneath possibly one of the rarest torture devices one sees in a working dungeon: The stretching rack.

glass dildos and champagne in an ice bucket

After mingling and chatting with people, some of them familiar faces on the scene but a lot of them new to me, play began with the indomitable Lion demonstrating his strong, sensual dom skills on some eager participants. To watch Lion work is always a thing of beauty. One of the few truly excellent, professional male dominants I have had the pleasure to meet, he describes himself as a service dom, and truly knows how to give a safe yet wild journey of creative sensory, sexual and submissive exploration. Skilled sadist in the dungeon; strong, Scottish vision of manly kindness and respectability in the street, he’s a true gentleman even when engaging in the dark arts of BDSM, always ensuring his submissive is well cared for, and playing the delightful dance of pleasure and pain in combination.

Lion Rouge, king of Roar Parties, sits on a throne in front of a red velvet curtain, holding a gold and wood cane and wearing a grey suit

The women looked beautiful, mostly in corsets and lace, and the men’s behaviour was exemplary. Being a BDSM-based event with exhaustive vetting procedures (even yours truly had to fill in a form- something I may have got a little sarcastic about), the understanding of enthusiastic, informed, and continuous consent is woven into the very fabric of being of the lucky guests who made the cut. Rusé was the elegant hostess with the mostess, ever chatting with the guests and making sure they were having a wonderful time, with the grace and hospitality the Deep South is famous for. Yet she is no mere 1950’s dream of the perfect wife: despite being a devoted submissive with her owner, dominant and husband (and to see them together is absolutely mesmerising), she is a powerful, intelligent and independent force to be reckoned with, social queen of the BDSM scene, with experience and great skill at impact play, sensory domming, double domming with Lion, and many other womanly arts.

Rusé Rouge, Queen of Roar Parties, reclines in black lingerie with strawberry blonde hair to the side

In the medical room, a beautiful woman lay for intricate needle-play, her leg held up with fine strings to the frame of the bed, attached to sterile needles inserted in a row just below the skin from ankle to hip, turned into a human harp. In the dungeon, the benches rapidly filled up with happy BDSM fiends experiencing the delights of sensory play, with pinwheels, scratching, blindfolding, flogging, nipple clamping and biting. Later in the evening, things turned more sexual, with some of the guests pairing off to unleash the sexual tension built through the evening with more conventional erotic play.

Needle play to the leg of a happy volunteer in the medical fetish play room at the new Blue Door Dungeon

Who would Roar parties be good for?

-Someone who wants to learn and expand their repetoire in the BDSM scene, in a safe environment with good instruction

-Someone who wants to experience the classier, more sensual and luxurious side of BDSM

-Someone who likes to combine sexual and BDSM play

-Someone with a good understanding of consent and appropriate behaviour, who values how lucky they are to be allowed to attend such an intimate, quality event.

Rusé Rouge of Roar PArties reclines in black fishnet stockings with Roar business cards scattered over her


😊 GUESTS ARE APPROACHABLE. Though some people knew each other, there were a lot who didn’t and it wasn’t intimidating or cliquey, despite the elegance of the event
😊 ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE (The women especially, looked amazing, though there is no set body type or age requirement- it is inclusive)
😊 KINK FRIENDLY (In a well equipped dungeon, with several professional dommes and doms in attendance). it’s firmly a BDSM event
😊  TRANS-INCLUSIVE. All gender identities are welcome and the bathrooms are gender neutral. cross-dressing accepted.
😊 BODY SHAPE INCLUSIVE. there were beautiful people of different shapes and sizes, all looking amazing
😊 AGE INCLUSIVE (adults only, age 21 and over. ranged from 20s to 50’s average age about 30)
😊  COUPLES – there is a mix of couples and many singles. There is no couples-privilege pricing. existing personal/romantic arrangements are completely respected.
😊 SINGLE WOMEN (plenty, looking amazing in corsets, lingerie and kink-wear)
😊 single men (allowed, unrestricted, no gender pricing, exemplary behaviour)
😊 AFFORDABLE AND VALUE FOR MONEY – up to 6 hours of playtime. tickets are £20 per person, and you bring your own alcohol, which makes for an inexpensive evening overall.
😊 SAFE – it is completely secure, in a basement complex with no access to anyone unless they are allowed in by the organisers, with a pre-vetted ticketed system
😊  SPACIOUS – there was plenty of space to mingle, walk around, play in different ways, and had 2 bathrooms, for which there was no queue. Numerous spanking benches, St Andrew’s cross and large kink equipment to play on, plus medical room, 4 poster bed and socialising space
😊 swinging friendly – though not specifically a swingers’ event, sexual play is permitted and there are no restrictions as to location, nudity, etc.
😊 WELL EQUIPped – Prosecco, snacks, large and small dungeon equipment. You can also bring your own toys
😒 ROCK UP LAST MINUTE WITH A FRIEND? not a chance. You need to apply in advance, fill out a form and be vetted. It’s pretty strict, so plan well ahead. The events usually sell out
😒 EASY TO GET A MEMBERSHIP? apply online by contacting the hosts well in advance. there are multiple stages to the process, but it is not elitist of based on looks, rather behaviour and understanding of BDSM and consent. No membership fee, but once approved you will be informed of upcoming events and not have to re-apply for vetting
😊 TRANSPORT- this one was 10 minutes walk from the nearest tube station, no allocated parking but available on the street nearby. other locations will apply for different events by roar parties.
😒 Accessibility – there are two levels with stairs to descend, so this location would not have been great for those with ACCESSIBILITY issues

Would you like to find out more about Roar parties and join the guest list?

Contact the wonderful Lion and Rusé here:

Instagram Roar.Parties

Roar Parties Website

LionRouge on Fetlife

RuseRouge on Fetlife

RoarParties on Fetlife

RoarParties on Twitter

With special thanks to Mr. F for his insights and deliciously deviant nature, in writing this review

*All images and descriptions contained herein are enthusiastically, consensually made, with no persons injured.  It is not recommended that you try any of the scenes shown or described alone, or before undertaking professional instruction and supervision.  The BDSM community exists for a reason, and that reason is safety and support.

*All images are property of Roar Parties and used here with explicit consent